Major trades, coaching changes, teams playing spoiler and their possible impact on predicting wins

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Over the course of the next month or so many hockey players are likely to change teams.  Some of the players include Hemsky, Miller, Mike Cammalleri amongst others.  One of the interesting things about player trades besides the fact that there are some teams gearing up for the cup and others selling players to make their team better is the notion of how trades may effect sports betting, hockey in particular.

Are you more likely to bet on a team that has just made a significant trade. One of the things that I have discovered over the years is that trades can have an effect to lift a teams play for the short term. This improvement in play may be because players are excited to have new teammates, are showing off for new teams or because they do not want to be the next to go.

While not a trade, but  the recent coaching change in Winnipeg is a classic example of how a change can impact a team. While Noel is a good coach it seems that the addition of Paul Maurice was able to  give the Jets an immediate lift as the Jets blew out the Coyotes on Tuesday night 5-1.

So the question that I propose is, are you more likely to bet on a hockey team (that has just recently fired their coach or made a big trade) on sites such as;? Do you agree that a significant change to a team can have a significant impact on a team and increase the likelihood that a team will win their next few games?

Although not a time of a big trade or a coaching change, it seems that at times near the end of the season teams who are out of the playoffs have nothing to loose when they player teams and often like to play “the spoiler?”  Do all teams play the spoiler role or do you think that there are times that you can predict who will play the spoiler in a particular game?

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  1. mojo19 says:

    If Dallas is trading Whitney and Gonchar, what do you think they would expect in return? I’d take a shot at Ray Whitney as a deadline move. I know he’s 40, but he’s still good, could be a nice addition for the playoffs.

    • LN91 says:

      How does he fit in the lineup and salary?

      I think it would be absolutely stupid and a waste of assets for a team like the Leafs to grab him.

      • Gambo says:

        I like his veteran presence, but yeah I agree. No room on the lineup to be wasting assets on him.

        • leafy says:

          Although I agree, here’s a different perspective. The East is wide open. The Leafs have sucked since October and are still in 5th place!!!

          • mojo19 says:

            Ya, that’s right. We could still catch Montreal too. I’m hoping Bolland returns after the Olympic break and will give us a big enough boost down the stretch. A trade deadline pick up or two would go a long way.

            I’d grab a veteran winger and defenceman. If a deal is there to grab a stud dman or high end centre, then of course that would be ideal. But if it’s not, I still would like to see us buy.

            Picking up a guy like Ray Whitney might seem like a redundant move, until Joffrey Lupul gets hurt in the first round (just an example, God forbid.) I think the Leafs are well built for the playoffs in a soft Eastern Conference. If we could get past one of Boston or Pittsburgh there’s not much else, I think we can all agree on that.

  2. toronto77 says:

    Well duh, the leafs will need a centre if they trade Kadri, but I will wait untill next years trade deadline to trade him. Kadri’s biggest issue is consistency, but when he is on his game their is no centremen that even comes close to him. He is way better than Bozak but I don’t know why Kadri can’t play well with JVR and Kessel, maybe they don’t like Kadri? chemistry and confidence is a strange thing and maybe JVR and Kessel like playing with Bozak for whatever reason and play better knowing he’s there?

    I keep repeating myself that Bozak was arguably the worst forward for the leafs in the playoffs last year, a side from that goal he scored in game 5 he was awful all series! and Kadri was absolutely electric with Kessel in game 6 and 7!

    Bozak is playing much better now since he returned from injury, but Kadri has such elite talent and brings a little bit of everything. Maybe through maturity he will be more consistent.

    I don’t know why people are saying that holland is challenging kadri for a spot because they are kind of different players, why not holland and kadri?. holland’s game is more similar to bolland and bozak style of play. with his excellent two-way game maybe holland challenges bozak if that line ever starts to stumble.

    like I said holland, bolland and bozak are all fairly similar in the way they play, but kadri is in his own class, “WHEN” he is on his game, he brings a completely different element, unless you think connor brown can step into the NHL next year and make an impact, Kadri goes nowhere!

    Give this guy at least ONE full 82 game season, don’t screw around with a player with that much talent!

    • LN91 says:

      You say Kadri brings a little bit of everything…What else does he bring then elite offensive skill? It’s hard to be one-dimensional in this league these days.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Am I retarded? I seem to be the only one (other than josh) that isn’t in full out panic mode about Kadri. Last year was basically he’s rookie year, that is to say the first year he was given consistent minutes. It seems that the moment Sportsnet or TSN ‘doubt’ a player in Toronto, the smart marks run him out of town (remember when the Kessel deal was the worst deal in NHL history?).

      Kadri is in the midst of a sophomore jinx, let him f’ing breath already. Move him to the wing, scratch him, cut his minutes but abandon him??? Ok, if we can get better back but I seriously doubt it. Kadri has been used as tissue paper since Burke/Wilson buried (emphasized buried the savior to the rebuild from the ‘deep’ draft, you don’t when we could have traded Kaberle with the pick that ended up being Kadri for Kessel and Burke said ‘fu Lispy, you’re drafting Cowan and we’re drafting Kadri) and now he’s buried again. Would you rather have traded him in a package for Luongo. He was labeled a ‘busted prospect’.

      So the argument that the Leafs have developed this guy/offered him every chance or that Kadri lacks character is laughable IMO. He’s actually responded to Leaf Nation typical group think and managements criticism (like Wilson blaming Kadri for his short comings, Sven Baertschi comes to mind as Burke has to ‘motivate’ him). It reminds me of Spezza being forced to light up the AHL for two years in Ottawa. I’m not saying Kadri = Spezza but I’m surprised Spezza committed to an organization that tried to bury him. Let’s be honest Kadri has the most potential in this organization at center at the moment. Do we want to pretend Holland has a future? Or Bozak will keep this pace? Do we want to live in a fishbowl and write off this entire team because they didn’t dominate between months of December to mid January (giant middle finger to the smart marks here). Maybe, maybe, we take a collective deep breath and wait till the end of the season to evaluate the Leafs roster? Then make adjustments as opposed to panicking. Just my 2 cent but it’s fashionable to bash Kadri, so trade him for nothing to pat yourself on the back.

      • doorman says:

        First off, as a fan it is my right to bash Kadri IF I want too, lol. Next, not all of us have said to trade him for nothing. All players are always tradebait IMO, period. My problem with Kadri isn’t that he isn’t putting up stellar numbers but his attitude. I have never seen a player more happy with his game then he is. I am not saying confidence isn’t good, but you also have to accept responsibility for how you play. If the effort matched the cockiness he would be awesome, until then he will always be average.

        • mojo19 says:

          Kadri = Derek Roy, Mike Ribeiro.

          There’s a place for a guy like this on your team. But he’s not a core piece, because of his one dimensional game. Kadri is a really good complimentary piece.

          So I say keep him for now. I think the “potential” train has left and we won’t be able to sell him on that anymore. But if he puts in another solid year and pads his resume with more quality NHL hockey, then his trade value will be up next year.

          So I’m in no rush to trade him. I liked Lieweke’s comments about how we’re such a young team and this is a long term plan.

          Love Nonis’ alleged comments too. Kadri and Gardiner can stay for now unless a deal for an equally young player can be made. No Kadri for 30+ year old type of deals.

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