Malkin Fires Agent – Again

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Evgeni Malkin has fired his agent, again. What does this mean for his status this fall? Hopefully he’ll still be in a Pens uni!

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17 Responses to Malkin Fires Agent – Again

  1. DEViLs4liFE says:

    does anyone know what number jersey he is supossed to have in pit? I want my Malkin jersey already

  2. canaan says:

    the penguins system page on their website lists him as number 71. This is his number in the RSL because 17, his preffered number, is retired in league play. He also has used number 18 on occasion. When he finally dons a penguins uniform, he will most assuredly be wearing number 17

  3. PensinWpg says:

    Yeeeeeah, I personally would have made a deal with Don Baizley and acquired a top draft pick in the upcoming agent draft or some future considerations.

    Yawn. Just get the contract signed Evgeni, us Pens fans are going to have stroke soon enough…

  4. blarneylad says:

    this guy better be good…i hear so much about him you’d think that he was the next superstar. is he supposed to be an elite?

  5. Waffles says:

    He’s supposed to be a less physical Ovechkin. Pfft

  6. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    thats a joke, right?

  7. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    He out scored Ovechkin at the World Championships last spring. Can’t be too much of a joke.

  8. canaan says:

    totally the real deal…great vision on both ends of the ice and a force offensively…literally the best player outside of the league, and will be one of the best players in the league when all this nonsense is complete

  9. PensinWpg says:

    He is more complete than Ovechkin, outstanding offensive abilities, vision, playmaking combined with a defensive upside. He is much more physical than Ovechkin.

    An amazing goal

    Some more Malkins highlights for those that have never seen him play. Check out the Malkin clips.

  10. Williams1505 says:

    what does that have to do with anything? just because he…scores more…doesn’t mean he don’t hit?

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Yup, easily the best player outside of the NHL. I remember watching this goal on the Pens website when it first happened.

    It’s kinda funny how there was almost no media attention on it outside of Russia.

  12. PensFansRejoice says:

    Ovechkin’s highlight goal vs the Coyotes puts that to shame….

  13. Francis10 says:

    World Championships mean nothing.

  14. Francis10 says:

    45 of Ovie’s goals put that one to shame

  15. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    the guy is 9 times more physical than Ovechkin. Thats the joke.

  16. PensinWpg says:

    Yes, Ovechkins goal is one that will live on forever.

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