Maple Leafs still interested in Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo

The Toronto Maple Leafs remain interested in acquiring the services of Roberto Luongo.

According to TVA Sports hockey analyst Enrico Ciccone, Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke contacted his Vancouver Canucks counterpart, Mike Gillis, about the 33-year-old goaltender last weekend.

This is not the first time Luongo has been linked to trade talks with Toronto. In April, the Leafs were among a group of teams that showed interest in the veteran netminder.

Luongo has played 727 games in the NHL and has spent the past six seasons in Vancouver.

Last season, the emergence of Canucks backup Cory Schneider has put Luongo’s status as the club’s No. 1 goalie in doubt.

The Canucks signed Schneider to a three-year, $12-million contract this off-season, leading to speculation that Luongo, who has 10 years left on a 12-year, $64-million contract, would be traded over the summer

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  1. Shoelesshobo says:

    Funny how Toronto has just fired Roberto Louongo’s guy and instead brought in the guy who has worked with Schneider and Lack. So are we sure Lou is the actual target?

  2. Gambo says:

    There are many capable starting goalies that will be UFAs come next season.

    N. Backstrom (34)
    T. Thomas (38)
    E. Nabakov (39)
    M. Smith (30)
    J. Howard (28)
    L. Theodore (36)

    I think the best option for the leafs would be to sign Backstrom to a 1 or 2 year deal, but would anyone else consider throwing Howard (if he makes it to UFA) a long term contract worth a lot of money? It would be pretty risky, but it’s not like we’re giving away 1st rounders or top prospects for him cough Raycroft, cough Toskala..

    • 93killer93 says:

      As much as I hate missing hockey, this was probably the best thing for Burke. He gets an extra year to build the team. They’ll likely get a high pick, I doubt they will get 1st overall I think that will go to Columbus. Max Domi is a guy I want the team to draft, either by getting another 1st or trading down if we don’t have a shot at Mackinnon or Barkov.
      Then looking at free agency with Komisarek heading into his last year, Burke should be able to move him. which would leave the Leafs with about 33 million, with only Lupul, Kadri, MacArthur and Gunnarsson.
      The 2 big holes are a top centre and a number 1 goalie. Burke can address that through free agency. With the CBA likely getting rid of the lifetime contracts we’ve been seeing Burke has no excuse this time. He has to choose a goalie to go after and make a play for Getzlaf and Perry.

      • mojo19 says:

        The universe is full of balance. In the 6 years leading up to the 2005 lockout the Leafs advanced to the Conference Finals twice, 2nd round 3 times, and once eliminated in the 1st round.

        During the lockout, with the cap implemented and a lot of our veteran players UFA we lost Mogilny to NJ, Leetch to Boston, Niewy and Roberts to Florida, Ron Francis retired, Reichel and Renberg went to Europe and Owen Nolan was bought out to fit under the cap. We were never the same despite additions such as Lindros, Allison, Peca over the next couple years.

        Maybe our fortunes will change after another lockout. Could you imagine, after another year in Junior Morgan Rielly stepping up next year, and maybe Blacker and/or Percy making the jump. We could have one of the best young group of d-men in the league with Gardiner in there and Phaneuf, Gunner, and Franson all part of the unit.

    • mojo19 says:

      And Gambo, you’re right. As far as goaltenders go, another goalie will always come along. That’s part of what I was trying to say when I was against trading for Luongo. Why get a stop-gap guy who will have to be bought out or demoted in 2 or 3 years, maybe if were lucky he lasts 4 years. There are always options, guys become available every year.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        My dream scenario when it comes to the NHL draft is not Mackinnon. Ideally I want Sean Monahan. He is exactly what Toronto needs. He is an Ontario native who is 6.02 (according to Hockey DB.) He plays a similar game to Toews and he is exactly what a guy like Kessel needs. Also would not mind Barkov but then again I always like the Europeens so I assume that was expected.

        • reinjosh says:

          I love Monahan but you don’t turn down MacKinnon ever. He’s a franchise guy through and through. He’s by far the best player in the draft and still a center. He dominates in ever aspect of the game. While he isn’t big like Monahan, his skill is just that much higher. I get what you’re saying about Monahan being a perfect fit, but that’s not enough to take him over MacKinnon. I hate to use this example but we’re talking Bobby Ryan to Sidney Crosby. That’s the sort of skill difference.

          For me it goes



        • Gambo says:

          Yup I agree that Monahan would be the perfect center with Kessel, he has size, speed and is really smart with the puck. But like reinjosh said, no way can you pass on Mackinnon, he’s “the next, next one”.

          • reinjosh says:

            I actually think Barkov would be a better fit 😛

            But Monahan wouldn’t be half bad 😛

            Call it my European bias haha

            • reinjosh says:

              To be perfectly honest, while everyone is saying Seth Jones could compete with MacKinnon for number 1 overall, I actually think the only player who has a shot of competing with MacKinnon is Barkov. Kid has it all. He’s gonna be a phenom.

  3. Gambo says:

    Great point by mojo up there.

    I was just thinking about this a while ago actually, how the last lockout completely destroyed the leafs. Like mojo said, we lost a huge core of our players and the other core players were aging which definitely was no help to the new NHL where speed was more important than ever.

    Let’s face it, the leafs wouldn’t make the playoffs this year, but they wouldn’t do as bad which would leave them with a 1st round pick that would probably be a 2nd line forward in 4 or 5 years.

    With the lockout, they would be able to turn everything around and make the playoffs for the next 7+ years(or whenever the next lockout is).
    Killer mentioned how we would be able to clear up space since Lombardi and Connolly would be UFAs, they would have more money to attempt to grab big names.

    A few random things:
    -Does anyone think that Kessel will want to resign when his contract is up? I can’t decide on my opinion of this, parts of me says he would stay, but a part of me thinks there is no way.

    -I’m curious to see if Franson can develop a strong defensive game. He has the size, if he can learn to throw his body around and be solid defensively, he could be a stud back there.

    -Can Biggs and/or Ross make the team? It would be nice to get some aggression on that 3rd line, not sure if they’ll get the opportunity this quickly though.

    • toronto77 says:

      What had really screwed us over was years and years of Pat Quinn selling our future for present help when he was the GM. In the new NHL straight out of the lockout is when becoming a much more younger faster team became A LOT more popular around the league. Tampa showed the first glimpse of that when they won the cup just before the lockout.

      it’s fair to say that of all the teams that were consistently at the top of the league from let’s say 1998 to 2004 were Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, Ottawa, New Jersey, Dallas, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Washington, San Jose, St.Louis and maybe Vancouver.

      While all of those teams were being successful, they were all building for the future at the same time, with the exception of Toronto and maybe a couple others. And it definitely showed right after the lockout. The leafs best prospects were Stajan who turned out to be nothing better than a 3rd line player, Steen who has actually turned out to be a half decent top 6 forward for st.louis, Coliacovo who has been a fairly decent d-man for st.louis and even for the leafs when once in a blue moon he was healthy. and just before the lockout they managed to draft Rask.

      JFJ did a pretty decent job of drafting players but much like Quinn did not to a good job of trading. That being said, he still did a better job of trading than Quinn. JFJ was trying to get us younger but in his defence Quinn left him absolutely nothing to start with in terms of young players or prospects.

      One thing that JFJ cannot blame Quinn on is the Raycroft and Toskala trades. However I do not blame his gamble. Unlike Quinn who traded picks and young players for old farts, JFJ traded young players for younger players.

      When he traded for Raycroft, it was a few short years after he had just won the Calder Cup and was a young goalie with still a lot of potential. it’s unfortunate it blew up in his face.

      In short, 1. it was Quinn as GM that lead this team to a poor future.

      2. It was the Salary Cap, so now the leafs could not spend money on all the most expensive decent and experienced players.

      3. Long Term deals were handed out to most of the best players which made Free Agency a weak piece of crap. There were literally no players available that you could sign to help turn around your team. from 2005-to now there were a couple great players every year and that was it. Look at the list this year after Parise and Suter….

      I have a felling Kessel won’t resign. Maybe Parise and Suter are enough to get him to go back to as close to his hometown as possible in Wisconsin to play in Minnesota. But adding JVR should help Kessel with the leafs.

      Biggs and Ross definitely won’t play with the leafs this season even if there weren’t a lockout right now, Ross I hear will play with the Marlies but Biggs will play with the Generals. If one of the two were ready for the NHL, it would def be Ross. Not because he is 1 year older and drafted 1 year before, it’s because he plays a real tough physical game and despite his small size he handles himself pretty well and is destined to be the next Darcy Tucker that we had after the lockout. Pre-lockout he was more of a 10-15 goal 3rd line checker, post lockout Tucker was a more flashy but still gritty 20-25 goal scorer and that’s exactly Ross.

      I would hate a full season lockout but maybe it’s the best for the leafs. They will prob get another top 5 pick which is huge. And players like Gardiner, Kadri, Colborne, Frattin, Biggs, Ross, D’Amigo, Rielly, Ashton and McKegg get an extra full year to develop with absolutely noooo pressure because they no there is no chance of them being called up to play for the leafs because of the lockout, so it let’s them play a little more relaxed and just be themselves.

      Next season(2013-2014) the leafs could be known as the only team that did not make the playoffs from one lockout to the other, but immediately after this one they could heavily compete for a playoff spot if they manage to get a goalie.

      • blaze says:

        Quinn made a push for the Cup, recognizing the team was in the middle of their window. Can’t blame him for that.

        JFJ had his hands tied but still made some questionable decisions. The Sundin fiasco didn’t help. The salary Cup ultimately crippled Toronto combined with a lack of managerial foresight.

        As for Biggs and Ross I’m not sure exactly how you justify Ross making it over Biggs next season. A year older with the extra development will be why he makes it ahead of Biggs not grittiness.

        Biggs has twice the grit Ross does. Ross is an agitater, a shit disturber. A useful piece for sure but Biggs is a tough power forward with above average NHL size already and knockout power he could likely already hang with current NHL middleweights.

        • Shoelesshobo says:

          Have you seen Tyler Biggs compared to the people he is playing in the OHL? Seriously he looks like a giant compared to them. According to HF he stands at 6’2 weighing in at 210 lbs. A lot of hockey scouts are comparing the guy to a Milan Lucic type player and to me that is a HELL of a lot scarier than Tucker ever was. I mean Don’t get me wrong I love Ross and all but in the end I give the edge to Biggs because he is just that much bigger and meaner something our team is sorely missing. I mean Imagine the following…

          Biggs – Colborne – Kulemin All of which are above 6’1 all of which are above 210 pounds. They can all throw their weight if needed and can play defensively. Not too mention they all have shown a scoring flare.

          • blaze says:

            I like Biggs because he’s mean. The Leafs havn’t had a capable mean guy in forever. For a little while Tucker was a pretty damn good scrapper but he was a smaller guy.

            My hope for Biggs is Lucic-light.I’d really like a guy in the top 9 who’s not just gritty or even tough, I want a guy who can beat the shit out of you.

  4. Gambo says:

    *Brian Burke fired*

    New GM isn’t afraid to spend the owners money and has balls like Holmgren.

    -Signs Iginla 3 years, 30m.
    -Signs Morrow 3 years, 15m.
    -Trades Grabovski for Lecavlier.
    -Trades Macarthur and a 2nd for Luongo.
    -Trades Kessel, 2013 1st(Seth Jones) for Yakupov!?




    Yes, my roommates and I have been playing a lot of NHL13 lately, no we did not try these trades there to see if it would work.

    Just bored and sick so did this pointless thing.

    • mojo19 says:

      Love the whole thing except for Luongo, and I don’t know if we need to move Kessel and a 1st for Yakupov. But pretty sweet.

      If we got Iggy, Morrow, and Lecavalier I would be in heaven.

      • dumbassdoorman says:

        signing/trading for those guys at this stage of their carrers after a lengthy lockout would a huge mistake, IMO. One maybe two, but not all, the cap will not be high enough and it still doesn’t answer our longterm #1 centere issue IMO.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          Lecavalier solves our no.1 center issue for the next 3-5 years, more than enough time to develop one if we draft / trade for a few of them like Buffalo did.

          If we were only a Lecavalier away from being a cup contender I would be all for going after him but considering his contract he isn’t even close to worth it if we miss the playoffs and are stuck with him.

          Also considering his contract I get the feeling we would either pay less than Grabovski or get more than just Lecavalier in a deal. Especially if Tampa wants to go after Luongo.

          • mojo19 says:

            Lecavalier and Grabo would ne a solid 1-2, but we would still need a 3rd guy to be good. Maybe Colborne. Iggy has q lot of great hockey left in him, Morrow on the decline is still good. And we need a couple top end veterans imo.

            • Shoelesshobo says:

              For iggy sake I wish only two things happen to him.

              1. Returns with the Flames and plays out the rest of his career. Goes down as a legend for that organization.

              2. Takes his shot at the cup. Signs with a NYR, PIT, LAK, BOS, ETC.

              I really like Iggy I just don’t want to see the Toronto media ruin his legacy.

              • mojo19 says:

                Iginla is one of the best players of his generation. I think he should go to Detroit and play with Datsyuk. I really feel they would be money together.

                I don’t know if Detroit can be considered a powerhouse anymore with Lidstrom and Stuart now off their blueline, Rafalski retired a year ago, and now its basically Kronwall and a bunch of decent guys, no real studs.

                But I still have a lot of belief in that organization. They’ll make the necessary moves and remain a contender.

  5. blaze says:

    Well this whole lockout bullshit is depressing. I guess I’ll be looking forward to the Marlies this year.

    Does anyone know if they play to stream Marlies games? The AHL will probably be a good watch this year. The Marlies should be interesting for sure. Gardiner, Kadri, Colborne, Ashton, D’Amigo, Blacker, McKegg, Ross and Holzer. Even the AHL star Aucoin.

    It’s too bad Scrivens and Frattin can’t play because of waiver

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