Mark Bell: Expected to be Reinstated

According to TSN and their sources; which are usually 100% reliable; Off-season acquisition Mark Bell will be reinstated sometime today; meaning that his 15-game suspension will begin counting.

This would mean that Bell is eligible to return on Nov. 6 against Ottawa.

Of similar news…
Bob McCoun of Rogers Sportsnet mentioned this on his show yesterday (not word for word)…

Does anyone find it interesting that Downie received a 20-game suspension for a blatant hit (probably intent – but it’s difficult to prove intent) and Mark Bell received 15 for an off-ice incident?

McCoun, Stephen Brunt and Groden Kirke debated this and came to a conclusion that PERHAPS because Bell’s incident was a felony, then Bell was suspended. McCoun notes that Bill Daly (NHL VP) did not confirm that the word “felony” was the magic word.

Of note, Jay Bouwmeester was charged with DUI, but because it was not a felony charge, it is believed that this is the reason why he was not suspended; ditto for the Staal’s, not felony charges.

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  1. the_word says:

    A lot as been made about the fact it was a felony charge, but the charge could have been pleaded down. 

  2. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    I believe the big difference here is that Mark Bell was suspended immediately upon his guilty verdict (he plead guilty in court)

    Jay Bouwmeester and the Staal's, if I am not mistaken, are still open charges that have not had their guilt or innocence determined yet.

  3. Rysto says:

    What the Staals did isn't in the same universe, let alone the same ballpark as what Bell did.  Come on?  Fines for disorderly conduct(ie being too loud) and underage drinking?  The Staals deserved what they got but it's absurd to argue that any kind of supplemental discipline from the league is needed.

    Bouwmeester is a different case — DUI is a serious matter.  I'm honestly not sure what should be done in his case.  Stage one of the substance abuse program, perhaps(although if that prevents him from drinking at all, that might be a bit harsh.  Drinking isn't necessarily the problem, drinking and driving is).

  4. leafy says:

    It was bound to happen.

  5. nonhl2005 says:

    I find it very interesting that a person can get 20 games for an event that happens in a game, proving intent is next to impossible in this incident.  Another player breaks the law with the DUI, breaks the law even further by rear ending another vehicle and then breaks another law by leaving the scene ( intent proven on the first account when he left the scene ) and he gets 15 games. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kabby-4-kaptian says:

    Join this 14 team hockey pool, pick and nhl team and there is your roster, no annoying drafts that take hours and hours. after everyone has a team we then can sign free agents from the remaining 16 teams.

  7. riseagainst says:

    don’t agree with the suspension. The guy did the crime and was set to do the time the courts felt was right, now the nhl comes in and decides to further the punishment. All I know is that if I work as a doctor or lawyer and I get a into the same situation my place of work doesn’t further the punishment. Plus consider the fact that since the incident Bell as been clean. Idunno maybe its because I’m a leafs fan that I’m defending the guy but the whole thing makes me mad.

  8. Gretzkin says:

    Heatley kills a guy going 1000 mph in a Ferrari, now he's going to make over 8.5 Mill on the open market (or with the Ottawa Bay Lightning). 

    Bertuzzi breaks a guy's neck in a somewhat of a suckerpunchy way and gets the same amount of games (Tied for 5th ever). And now is enjoying 1st line detail on the Champions, while Steve Moore is learning to walk again.
    Lemiuex (Claude) got what? 2 games for crushing Draper's face (and then beaten up by McCarty) in what was probably the greatest game of all time.
    Raffi Torres hit Jason Williams in almost the same fashion last year (though you couldn't debate the cleanliness, because it was nothing more than beauriful) and he received high fives from his teammates.
    Cam Janssen was suspended a handful of games for a devastating, yet legal and clean hit on a pass admiring Kaberle.
    Chris Neil is innocent…
    Gretzky didn't get called on the Highstick in Game 5… that was wrong, BUT THERE WERE 2 MORE GAMES!!!!
    So, am I now to assume that Steve Downie is as malicious and horrible as the likes of Marty McSorely and Todd Bertuzzi?
    For what? Nailing a guy admiring a pass in a professional sport that allows body checking and fighting while trying to get a spot on the roster???
    I just don't get it. 
    "He left his feet" – that's what you're thinking. Didn't your Mother teach you to follow through with a punch? It's the same thing. He didn't do some Leaping Lanny Poffo act on McAmmond, he simply nailed him when he wasn't looking.
    If he's lost the respect of the players for that hit, he'll get his come uppance in fists, all the time.
    If you don't think the guys aren't going to make life on this kid hard enough, you're delusional.
    Not only was he suspended 20 games in a League he has yet to play a single regular season game in, but he's also been suspended in the AHL for 1 Month…
    How will he ever make it to the bigs?
    I talk a lot of trash, and I agree and understand that the head hits are something that needs to be addressed, but they are making a very strange example with this particular hit… It's just silly.

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