Markov's setback casts pall over camp

The health of defenceman Andrei Markov is the No. 1 concern as the Canadiens gather at their training facility in Brossard on Friday for the start of their main training camp.

Physicals and fitness testing are on the schedule for Day One and a setback in his rehabilitation from knee surgery will limit Markov’s participation when the players hit the ice Sunday.

Markov, who underwent his second major ACL reconstruction on his right knee in December, skated on his own in Brossard on Thursday and it was obvious that he’s far from 100 per cent.

General manager Pierre Gauthier acknowledged as much when he addressed the media at the team’s golf tournament Wednesday, but he put on optimistic spin on the situation while preaching patience.

“It’s always a risk when you sign older players, first, and it’s a bigger risk when you sign older players who have had injuries,” said Gauthier, who gave Markov a threeyear deal worth $17.5 million. “But you evaluate that as a calculated risk, and you also evaluate what your options are. In the case of Mr. Markov, he’s such a professional, such a hard working person,” Gauthier added.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    A lot of people are excited for the Russian Duo of Grigorenko and Yakupov. They both look like they could be the next potential generational talents, or barring that, be the next superstars. This draft year is looking crazy with Galchenyuk and a plethora of dman with some crazy talent, but I digress. What I'm trying to get at is a weird little coincidence that is occurring.

    Next year for the 2013 draft, there is a prospect that is making waves and has been hyped for a while in prospect circles. Nathan Mackinnon is a 16 year old rookie in the Q. In three games (which I realize isn't a lot) he has 1 goal and 8 point already. He's displaying talent, vision and composure beyond his years and specifically reminiscent of Crosby. 
    What the weird coincidence is, is as follows. In 2004, two super Russians went 1-2 in the draft. As we all know that was Ovechkin-Malkin and both have proven they went that high for good reason. The year after, one super Canadian went number 1 overall, and as we all know it was Crosby. 
    Now the next two drafts are shaping up to go almost identically. Two super-Russians are looking like they are going 1-2 this year, and the year after another super Canadian is looking like he will go number 1 (even more odd, both Crosby and MacKinnon are from Nova Scotia) and all three look like they could be the next big superstars in the game. 
  2. LeafsNation4Ever says:


    Well, we'll see when it comes.

     Montreal has to be one or if not the fastest team in the league up-front,but they have a defense core with a lot of potential but not much experience, I think that they should of tried to resigned Hamrlik as Markov doesn't seems like he's ready, Gorges missed a lot of games last year and he will need a lot of time to get back to where he was, Yemelin and Diaz haven't played one NHL game yet, I love Gill but he isn't a top four nor is he getting faster, Spacek…….what can i say about Spacek. I really like Weber and I think that this year he will have a spot on the top four. As for Subban if he keeps up the way he plays they're shoulkd be no problem, btw I really like the Budaj signing should give Price a bit of a break at times.

    Here are my lines




     hopefully Markov will comeback soon as the defensive core looks bellow average without him. I also think that the habs still need to go get a forward in case of injury.

  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah, Mackinnon has been on the radar for a long time now. I think he's even from Cole Harbour as well (or at least somewhere very close) and went to Shattuck Saint Mary's like Crosby.

    2012 is looking stacked for sure. Galchenyuk is actually has Russian citizenship too.

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    Why split up Subban and Gill?


     If Markov is out Gill becomes our second best d-men, I know its weird to say but like I said we haven't seen Yemelin or Diaz play, Spacek is horrible, Wowitka is a career AHLer and I'm not sure Gorges will be 100% at the season opener. To me it looks like Gill our 2nd best(most reliable) defenseman at this time so I think we should spread until guys get better. Imagine pairings like these


     the 2nd and 3rd pairing look terrible and wouldn't have a chance, now Imagine one of those guys getting injured?

  7. reinjosh says:

    I've heard he might be from Cole Harbour too although he's listed as being from Halifax. He did go to Shattuck's though which makes it a little more weird. 

    I don't even know what to call Galchenyuk lol. He was born in the US and spent most of his time in the States, but he does have his Russian citizenship. However, I think I'd consider him an American. He's already played for them in Ivan Ilinka tourney so I figure its a safe bet to say he's American. 
  8. lafleur10 says:

    hey notorious it's been a long time buddy! how are you? i like the look of the team this year cole will add much needed size and pacioretty will be fine and can't wait to watch him become a 30 goal man!the defnce is a little underated ,with diaz and emelin i think emelin will be a huge assest back there like volchenkov was in ottawa! diaz is an unknown but will provide offensive with weber on the second p.p. unit! i too wish he would've re-sined hamrlik! the markov set back doesn't scare me because the knee is fine it was just over worked abit! but if it does appear to be worse than reported or expected and he goes on l.t.i that will ive us more money under the cap to work wirth and add a big name defenceman(ryan suter) and i think we can also expect a.kostitsyn to br traded for a defenceman as well! i really like p.k. subban as he will be a superstar and a norris trophhy winner! he's drew doughty of the eastern conference!i don't like ill all that much! i'm glad gorges is back! no worries with price as he will be as good as last year! i too like the budaj signing my lines are a little different than yours1 i'd have pacioretty with plekanec and cammalleri,cole with gionta and gomez dasharnais with eller and white


     I dont know if Paciorretty will play RW and I know Cammalleri wont play RW but yes the ideal 2 top lines would be


     But I think that Yemelin's coming will help Andrei Kostitsyn, I wouldn't want to be the guy who will trade Andrei Kostitsyn, you can say whatever you want about AK but try to find someone else in this league who gets stats like AK by playing on the 3rd and 4th line, average ice time around 10 minutes a game??? The social skills of our coaches over the past few years has been horrible and for some reason they've all kind of put less importance on Andrei's case than others??? What Martin is doing right now by only punishing AK most nights while a LOT of other players are underperforming is unfair and disrespectful, My opinion is they should of went with Muller but…..

     But anyway Yemelin looks pretty tough and shows exactly what people though about him but it's only training camp, can't wait to see whst he does against other teams.

     I don't think any of the forwards in Hamilton are ready to make the big jump, i don't know who they would bring up if any injury(ies)???

  10. mapleleafsfan says:

    Pk is no drew doughty.. He's very good, but he's not on that level. 

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