Marleau to be Habs most wanted big center ?

As most of Habs fans know, we have been looking for years to add a big center to our lineup. Finally, we may find him in San Jose.

For years, Habs have been looking for this big scoring center. With the presumed failed attempts to get Lecavalier to shine in Montréal (André Savard once refused to accept a Vinny for Théo deal, you imagine that?), other options have been considered out of time, the latest being the signing of UFA Jason Arnott during last year’s offseason. Arnott got a 5 M, 5 year deal in Nashville and I think Bob was right to pass on this one. Montreal also participated in the Peter Forsberg derby but were once again beaten by soon-to-be Hamilton’s Predators.

With the miserable condition of Montreal 5 on 5 play this year, it is obvious Gainey has to do something. By “something”, I do not mean only getting rid of Samsonov – and maybe Kovalev – and graduate a few Bulldogs. I am thinking about a good or a great player that can help this team by leading the youngsters to be better players. In my opinion, it is unlikely that Gomez, Brière or Drury will sign in Montreal.

There is strong rumors that are sending Marleau to Montréal these days. Apparently, he had a fight or disaggrement with his coach and was blamed for SJ’s playoff elimination. Also, it is obvious SJ won’t be able to retain both Marleau and Thornton after the next season (they will be UFA). One possibility would be a 3 teams deal involving Boston. Boston would get a goalie from San Jose (Nabokov) and send them Glen Murray. We know Montreal are interested in Boston’s Bergeron, but I can’t imagine the Habs getting their hands on both Bergeron and Marleau, except if San Jose is interested in Koivu, and Boston in Kovalev. But this looks more like pure delirium than reasonable prediction. Still, the Marleau to Montreal deal rumors are very hot. From a Montreal perspective, it would make a lot of sense.

But again, the question is, who would have to leave ?
Any chance SJ is interested in Kovalev ?
Any possibility of a sign and trade with Sourray ?
Would Ryder, Halak and a pick would be enough ? (that is, assuming SJ trades one of their goalie and could be looking for a decent backup.)

Please, don’t throw me this usual crap “Higgins, Komisarek, Price, and a pick”. Bod is not stupid and if this rumor is true, he will work a decent deal out.
So what are your thinking ?

Would Marleau make a huge impact on Montreal’s offense. Can we afford him ? What will it take to land him ? Is there any possibility to manage a trade for Marleau and still sing Souray ?