McCabe Next On List?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that after the Leafs have signed defenseman Tomas Kaberle to a 5-year, 21.25 million dollar deal, one defenseman is on the Ferguson’s mind right now and that is Bryan McCabe.

“We have had preliminary talks with the Leafs and agreed to resume them at a later date,” McCabe’s agent, Jeff Solomon, told the Sun. “That in itself shows the team has interest.”

Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr. would like to re-sign

Bryan McCabe before the season is over.

“They both continue to demonstrate their worth to this club on and off the ice and we’ve got a plan in place that includes them both,” Ferguson told the paper. “Without getting into any specifics on any particular negotiations, Bryan continues to demonstrate his contribution to our club.”

McCabe is on pace for 79 points, and is earning 3.498 million dollars.

“I love it here,” McCabe said. “I’ve had success here. The contract will take care of itself.”

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  1. 92-93 says:

    Well hopefully they won’t sign McCabe for more than 5 million and not for more than 2 or 3 years. anyways – here are some interesting points from the globe and mail’s Shoalts(

    “At 30, McCabe is three years older than Kaberle and is currently the Leafs’ leading scorer, which gives him a leg up on Kaberle in the salary department. McCabe is making $3.458-million this season and could cost Ferguson about $5-million a year in a new contract.”

    “At present, Ferguson is on the hook for about $16.8-million to seven players: Mats Sundin, Kaberle, Darcy Tucker, Tie Domi, Jeff O’Neill, Mikael Tellqvist and Alexander Steen. He will also be charged something, probably between $1-million and $2-million by the league when he almost certainly buys out the last year of goaltender Ed Belfour’s contract. If the salary cap goes to $43-million next season, as expected, the Leafs will have between $24-million and $25-million to spend on free agents or players acquired in trades. But they must also sign younger players like Matt Stajan, Kyle Wellwood, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Carlo Colaiacovo and maybe even Nik Antropov out of that. None of them will be overly expensive, though.”

    “This is assuming Ferguson does not acquire anyone expensive at the Mar. 9 trading deadline. He is looking for an experienced defenceman and a winger who can play with Sundin. Neither of those commodities will be found in the bargain bin. Aside from Jason Allison, the other veteran Ferguson is shopping around is Domi. He has already been offered to the Phoenix Coyotes, who have demurred so far. Ferguson will also have to make a decision on Allison and Eric Lindros for next season. At this point, it does not look like either player will be offered a contract, but a strong finish by Lindros, if he can recover from that torn wrist ligament in time, might change things.”


    Hmmm. Well I find it interesting that Ferguson has actually been trying to trade Domi and it gives me hope that he’s smarter than he seems. but Domi isn’t going anywhere. I am surprised that Shoalts is so down on Allison but, like I’ve said all along, JFJ is going to have to make a decision on signing ONE of Lindros and Allison – and trading Allison for a decent defenceman now would make that choice a lot easier. Also, getting a young Centre like Arnason who – along with Wellwood – might also make parting with Lindros and Allison that much easier. I have a good feeling about Lindros IF he comes back and I think he will have a strong finish. but there are always too many questions surrounding the guy and his health.

  2. 92-93 says:

    “Despite the Leafs recent upswing, which has seen them actually win a couple of games in their last four, this team is going to be fighting for the last couple of playoff spots in the Eastern Conference at best. The most likely playoff outcome is an exit in the first round. There will be the usual bleatings from the fans to get someone right now for the run to the Stanley Cup. But why should Ferguson trade away his youth for, at best, a veteran who might, might, extend the Leafs’ survival this spring by one playoff round?”

    “In the next few weeks before the March 9 trading deadline, the market for defencemen, always a tough one, will get even more frenzied. Those few GMs with decent commodities will see their offers rise in quality as those who are lucky enough to be one player away from a serious run at the Cup try to outbid everyone else. […] Better that Ferguson should sit back and, as we seem to say almost weekly, look to next season.”

    “The play of his three rookie defencemen also argues against a trade. Jay Harrison, Andy Wozniewski and Staffan Kronwall have all filled in admirably for the injured Aki Berg, Ken Klee, Alexander Khavanov and their fellow rookie Carlo Colaiacovo. Let them get all of the experience they need and then, over the summer, get Bryan McCabe and Tomas Kaberle re-signed, add the right veteran or two through a trade or free-agency and reap the rewards next season when the entire roster should be strong enough to be a Cup contender.”

    “One sign the Leafs are a middling team at best is found in their scoring race. McCabe sits on top with 50 points in 45 games. It is rarely a good thing to have a defenceman lead your team in scoring. It is especially so in a league that dedicated itself to high-scoring hockey with new rules and a new standard of officiating. Yes, Mats Sundin missed a good portion of the season with a serious injury. But his 39 points in 42 games represents .928 points per game. Centre Jason Allison, who sits second in scoring with 46 points in 50 games, is producing .920 points per game. McCabe is cruising along at 1.1 points per game. Sundin and Allison have to pull ahead of him if the Leafs are to have any post-season success.”


    I totally agree with Shoalts statement about NOT TRADING AWAY THE YOUTH for a run at the playoffs this year. that would be the dumbest thing JFJ could do.

    Shoalts comments about the frenzy of other GMs going after a defenceman might have some implications for the Leafs’ own D – guys like Klee and Berg – who would make good depth additions for other teams (especially the former). I think Shoalts doesn’t go far enough with the young rookies on Defence, let them play – yes, but let them REPLACE Berg and Khavanov and Klee and maybe trade for or sign ONE other defenceman.

    I disagree with Shoalts comments about the Leafs’ offence. he is obviously ignoring the fact that if Sundin wasn’t injured, he would be leading the leafs in scoring but i do agree that Sundin and Allison need to get above the point-a-game clip for the leafs to have a shot at the playoffs (among other things). But when you take a step back and look at the Leafs offence (not their forwards’ defensive play but their scoring), the Leafs have tremendous depth – right up there with the Ottawas and Carolinas and Colorados.

    they have 4 guys with 40 or more points, 2 high scoring D-guys, Darcy Tucker leading in goals but fifth in scoring, Lindros is injured and when he comes back he adds to the offense. they also have 2 rookies with 30+ points, 8 guys with 30 or more points, 11 guys with 20 or more points (including Chad Kilger!!!), they have the best PK offense in the league right up there with Ottawa (Stajan, McCabe, Sundin, Poni), they have one of the best PP’s in the game, they have 9 guys with double-digits in goals, and 4 guys with 30 or more assists.

  3. 92-93 says:

    so yeah, the Leafs’ offense isn’t the problem. its their strength. what is their problem?

    – overall defensive play/defensive coverage


    – that fire is gone – what happened to all those great 3rd period comebacks from previous years?

    – they suck at shootouts

    – take dumb penalties – many due to lack of speed

    – play Belfour too much, play Telly too little

    – no quality wingers for Sundin

    – have too many coasters on the team (O’Neill, Domi, Czerkawski, etc.)

  4. goose says:

    all i have to say re-sign mccabe

  5. MaltE says:

    Re: McCabe Next On List?…

    No, McCabe is getting resigned… JFJ said himself he is making a plan for them both, Why would anyone start this topic..

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