Eight million per season for P.K. Subban?

According to information obtained by La Presse, Montreal negotiations between the club and the defender of 24 years for a new contract progresses, the two parties wishing to come to a long-term agreement .

According to a source familiar with the matter well , who wanted to preserve the anonymity so as not to interfere with ongoing discussions , the next contract awarded to the young defender ‘s only a matter of time .

“The management of Canadian wants to come to an agreement with Subban , said our informant . We’re talking about a long-term agreement , at least for six seasons. There is no rush in the short term , but the Canadian leaders want a deal before the end of the season. ”

According to this it was possible to learn, the young defender could become a very rich man at the end of these discussions.

” If it is a 6-year contract , Subban will probably get about $ 50 million … I expect he gets a salary of more than 8 million per season