Minimal Cap Room

Okay, as it stands now, the accumulated Salary for the Habs is…43 mil 779 thousand. This being said, not much room is left for emergencies. I’m going to stick my head out and say that Gainey will make a trade to free up some cap space by Christmas. Everyone keeps saying that Souray will be traded, I hope not, he may have some inconsistency issues, but he’s a big gun and with the right coaching he’ll be fine.

The overpaid salaries are pretty self explained. Most of our D-men are making at least 2 mil a season, our goalies are both getting paid a fair amount, and obviously you have the superstars getting a large chunk. The most obviously overpaid player right now is Bonk.

My guess would be to see Bonk traded along with a defenseman, and possibly a Goalie, depending on how that battle works out. I’m not saying that it will all be one trade, but I think a trade of some sort is necessary. I trust Bob will make the right decision, my guess would be to acquire a young buck on the point with huge possibilities, and possibly an energetic second line center.

Although, with the chemistry Plek has been having with the Russians, it looks like he is our 2nd line center, so I hope he keeps it up because I like him.

Go Habs Go

Enjoy the Season All