Mojo 640 reporting Roberts is on his way home.

According to Mojo Radio 640, the Leafs Panthers deal has been finalized for Gary Roberts. Awaiting News media to confirm this as it was reported about 3 hours ago.

They could be working out final details, more details to come….

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  1. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Not sure if I’m keen on this move…..

  2. vindictiveb says:


    This is not good news!!

    Damit JFJ

  3. Turnbull says:

    Be interesting to see if the leafs send any salary back to Florida.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    probably draft picks (3rd or 4th round), but it would be nice to get rid of Antropov, though he’s not signed yet is he? Going to arbitration I think…

  5. navajo says:

    Antropov, what a useless dick. And the twit will get like a mil this year…wtf?

  6. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Nvm Antropov, atleast we could still get some use out of him….more like move belak….or some of the buyout contracts…

  7. 92-93 says:

    do you get roberts for one year left at 2.25 that you can dispose of at the end of the year?

    or do you sign Shanny or Carter for a little bit more than that that might go beyond one year?

    or do you say no to all of this and keep that cap space available for the remainder of the year and see what Suglobov, Williams, etc. can do for a bit?

    i’d prefer the latter option. but we’ll see.

  8. 92-93 says:

    if there is salary going back the other way, it better be someone like Belak (not Antropov or Coliacovo or someone like that as some have speculated).

    heck i would even throw Gill the other way – that is how little i think of him on the leafs … but i know some leaf fans here would hate to see that happen because they think Gill is useful.

  9. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I would like to see the Leafs sign a Samsonov, Carter or a Shanahan, even a Friesen isn’t a bad idea.

  10. DJTOKid says:

    only way its a good deal is if belak is going the other way

  11. Doctor says:

    it’s too late. you guys have hit the roof with your ridiculous signings this off season. i actually can’t think of anybody worse to sign than gill and roberts. the goalie swap is a nightmare, as you gave up a top prospect for a twig and kubina is questionable.

    i am not cracking on the leafs, i am just saying jfj is an idiot. a huge idiot.

  12. 92-93 says:

    i think its too early to tell but my instincts are telling me that you are totally right.

    we’ll see.

  13. Doctor says:

    I have to be this honest, but as long as JFJ is in office the leafs will never get to the finals. Ever.

    Look above for my comments about this offseason’s moves and why they are going to be entirely detrimental to your team. As if you need an explanation.

    I don’t hate the leafs, but every move they’ve made this summer is just ridiculous. I feel like JFJ is taking some sort of medication. Really.

  14. leafs4cup says:



  15. leafs4cup says:

    getting Roberts back aint that bad, not my first choice but at least its not long term.he might help Oneill get his game back as oneill’s best seasons came playing with roberts in carolina and he’s a better fit on the first line than that waste Antropov.i just hope that we dumped some salary like belak or telly or better yet Antropov.

  16. DJTOKid says:

    Hey doctor, know one cares about your comments on the leafs. We leafs fans know we missed the playoffs by two points, and that was with injuries out the butt and questionable goaltending. We also went throught the year with no defence and a second line center that was slower then the zamboni. If you look at the aquisitions on the blueline the leafs are better. If you look at how the goaltending situation was addressed, cap and youth wise it makes the leafs better. I think the leafs bring over Roberts add a second line winger and roll with all the way too the playoffs, where anything can happen:-)


  17. Les-Habitants says:

    Well, let me just say off the bat that I might not be the biggest leaf fan out there…*cough* *cough*….

    that being said, a good friend of mine is (I’m still trying to show him the right path, but it’s taking time). Roberts, from all accounts, really was the backbone of your team, especially in a certain playoff run. He is still a capable hockey player, one who would be playing for Florida regularaly if he hadn’t asked for a trade to be back. Why someone would want to come back to toronto once they’ve escaped….

    Roberts would bring a great element back to the leafs, some heart that is now lacking. I wouldn’t be surprised if a) JFJ does it and b) if it turns out to be one of his smarter moves.

  18. samcal17 says:

    I dont know why Antropov is so hated. He finished 2nd on the team last year with a plus 15 and is a fairly good penalty killer. For some reason no one looks at his stats and just say he sucks for no reason that I can figure out. For what he gets paid he is a good addition to this team and I hope he comes back this year.

  19. bpoz16 says:

    While 2.25 mil may seem a little expensive, what Roberts brings to the dressing room is priceless. He has great leadership qualities (what a lot of people claim that Mats is missing,) and his dedication to physical fitness and hard work will hopefully rub off on some of the younger guys. I hope this deal gets done – it’d be great to see him back in a Leafs uniform.

  20. danodd9 says:

    I hear ya! Kubina hasn’t even stepped foot in the city yet and he is written off! His name is on the cup and I remember him being a warrior in that run…I will give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance. As far as Gill….well he definitely wasn’t brought in to be a game breaker…he is here to be physical and get in the way of forwards…he is after all a HUGE body and will have some intimidation factor no question…anybody who has actually played the game will admit that! And Roberts well I would have like to pass on him and his 2.25 mill BUT its not like it hurt us on the ice….he was the heart and soul of this squad not to long ago…and kodos to JFJ who made more of a “helping” decision than a $ decision. Gary was desperate and Fergi helped him out….in turn repaying him for the wonderful service he gave this club…and we get that heart and soul for another year…not too shabby!

  21. Enigma says:

    Mojo 640 isn’t exactly a reliable source.

    I believe they were the ones that reported the lindros deal was finalized with toronto (back when he was with philly) Amognst many other blunders.

    Anyway if the leafs have indeed traded for him it’s a bad move in my opinion. I’d rather they go a little harder after Shanahan. He brings many similar things to the plate, only you don’t give up anything except money, and he’s a bit less of an injury prone player.

  22. vindictiveb says:



    Its all th3e same to me

    hes not worth it

  23. 92-93 says:

    taking a look at the former Leafs who became UFAs over the past few days, and I think its pretty clear that JFJ has let the right players go:

    Jul 2, 2006: David Turon – Became Unrestricted Free Agent (Not tendered a qualifying offer)

    Jul 2, 2006: Mike Hoffman – Became Unrestricted Free Agent (Not tendered a qualifying offer)

    Jul 1, 2006: Maxim Galanov – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Alexander Khavanov – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Luke Richardson – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Aki Berg – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Lonny Bohonos – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Brad Leeb – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Jason Allison – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Eric Lindros – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Mikael Hakansson – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Marc Moro – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jul 1, 2006: Clarke Wilm – Became Unrestricted Free Agent

    Jun 30, 2006: Ed Belfour – Became Unrestricted Free Agent (Declined to exercise team option)

    Jun 30, 2006: Tie Domi – Became Unrestricted Free Agent (Contract bought out by team


    so props go out to JFJ for getting rid of the necessary players. maybe some room can be made for the young guys.

    in other news, no news … on the Roberts or Carter or Shanahan fronts. perhaps this is good news. there is a hole in each of the LW (Poni, Steen, Kilger), C (Sundin, Wellwood, Stajan), and RW (O’Neill, Antropov, Tucker) positions.

    the right side might be filled out by the likes of Carter, or younger guys like Suglobov and Pohl.

    the left side could be filled by Roberts, Shanahan, or other younger players. if the leafs are going to sign or trade for someone, it seems to make more sense to fill out this left side so that Kilger can play on the fourth line where he belongs (as opposed being moved up to a 2nd or 3rd line role).

    the Centre position could be filled out by one of Lindros, or Allison, who are both now UFAs, or Jeremy Williams, which is an intriguing possibility. if Roberts does come to Toronto, I would like to see him beside a young centre like Wellwood or Williams.

  24. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Wow we still owned the rights on Bohonos?????? What did he do to Pat Quinn to black list him like that….?

    Don’t forget Bates Bataglia signed a 2 way deal with the Leafs a few days ago when the re-upped Pohl.

  25. danodd9 says:

    Huh…I thought Moro was highly regarded by Maurice….what gives?

  26. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If the Leafs are seriously thinking about making this deal then they should send belak the other way with that mid level pick for Roberts and then sign either Dingman, Laraques, Barnaby or Worrell for their enforcer role at league minimum of 450 k per year. This will save you 200 k on the enforcer role while you are accomodating mr. roberts and his familial needs.

    Personally I would like to see more useless salary go floridas way but there isn’t much now as there was before domi and Belfour were bought out. Does anyone know if you can trade buy out contracts? For example, say move Domi’s buyout contract and Belak plus the pick to Florida for Roberts? Is something like that possible?

  27. 92-93 says:

    i dont think the leafs need an enforcer.

    i keep hearing about Bryan McGratton and how oh so bad it is for the leafs not to have someone match up with him. forget it. enforcers are a dying breed.

    the leafs have Gill and other smaller guys like Kilger and Tucker and Ondrus who can fight but dont always fight. but there are guys who can stand up for each other.

  28. UWSensFan says:

    Agreed. I’d rather see someone that can play and stand up for his teammates than someone that can just fight and nothing else. I’m sure I’m not the only one that noticed how little ice time McGratton got in the playoffs 😛

  29. 92-93 says:


    and i remember how big of a deal and how ‘symbolic’ the McGratton fight with Domi was for so many here on this site and in the media. the fact of the matter is that it was like a little skirmish in the big scheme of things.

    the odd fight will still occur, but the golden era of hockey fights is long gone and Domi and Probert, etc. were lucky to be the kings during their day. now guys like McGratton and Orr have missed that era.

    the speed and the skill and the wide open hitting is whats going to drive this game and evolve this game forward. and the games really count, these are not the guys you look to.

    belak is so bad for taking dumb penalties and is such a bad player for the NHL, its quite pathetic to see him still signed with the leafs.

  30. Aetherial says:

    I think I first proposed Belak going the other way. I have a sneaky suspicion it will be Colaiacovo or Antropov though. Obviously we would all rather see Belak go.

    Even saving the .675 won’t help much against the cap. The Leafs are strapped against the cap now. I guess Sundin will never get his top line winger. Instead we have a 6’7″ pylon now on Defense.

    Do you still think Richardson was a bad idea? I don’t have a problem getting another experienced D-man since I don’t think you want to go with 4 young guys in the same year… but Richardson at 500K brings grit, experience and leadership to the D corps at a lot less money and he brings about the same stuff to the table as near as I can see.

  31. Aetherial says:

    No, he isn’t, not at this age. There has to be some salary going the other way.

    I suspect though that salary is NOT going the other way, just a pick or a kid … or, after seeing JFJ work, probably both 🙁

  32. Aetherial says:

    I have never been on the Antropov hate train. In fact, he played good hockey when he played with Sundin. I think they should have left him there.

  33. Aetherial says:

    I guess time will tell, but I think he has made some horrible mistakes also.

  34. koolcracker says:

    This is sometihng I ahve to say. I hate people who bash JFJ because they think they can do better. Sure, he signed McCabe for way too much, and some other things, but I will stand behind him. I am a real leaf fan, and this is why those people bug me. He is not a stupid guy, he ran the St. Louis farm team forever, and he was responsible for bringing over John Pohl. The General Manager position for the leafs would probably be the hardest in the league. You ahve to please so many fans, all of the media, and the board of directors. If I was to blame anyone it would be the board of directors. Leave JFJ alone.

  35. 92-93 says:

    yes i do think Richardson is still a bad idea. i just dont see how getting a younger but just-as-slow Gill is any better.

    and i dont like the fact that as a fan, i have to choose between Gill and Richardson considering what else was out there!!!

    i am glad Luke and Co. are gone.

  36. 92-93 says:

    standing behind JFJ = real leaf fan?

    and who am i, someone who has stood behind JFJ numerous times in the past (ask Nords) but has now had it with his signings … not a ‘real,’ ‘authentic,’ fan???

    you could have picked numerous other and much BETTER positives for JFJ. but you dont mention any of the negatives either.

    ‘just leave him alone’?

    why? the reasons you give are sentimental and compassionate and i respect that. but why should Leaf fans just ‘accept’ what goes on. thankfully, there are many who don’t and there are many who are also not knee-jerk reactionaries as you suggest (although some certainly are).

  37. Enigma says:

    Bohonos surprised me too, he had that one great playoffs and disappeared.

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