Montreal and San Jose dealing?

According to a the Team990 radio station in Montreal, the Habs apparently offered Alexander Perezhogin, Andrei Markov and a 1st round pick to San Jose for center Patrick Marleau.

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  1. mannyg says:

    well that would be a ok trade because we would get offensive help, BUT it is not a good new with our bleuline because markov will be hard to replace

  2. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Ohh thats Bolonyyy!! Team 990 kinda isnt a good source i’ve got screwed by them… and no more dealing since Gainey said so yesterday during the presse conference of his contract extension, also written in the Gazette… therefore Rumor is dead!

  3. christos says:

    i doubt gainey thinks that he needs a center that badly…, could be interesting to see how the lines would match up, but giving away markov? people who think he is another malakhov are obviously lost in some other time zone, he is a great presence on the line. Trade dosnt really make sense… and thets not forget said gainey said he was done till camp, but then again, this is bob we are talkign about. lol, a 1st rounder ? and a prospect ? ok… he isn’t that good, lol, later!!!

  4. PolO780 says:

    If they had said Souray was in the deal I would have believed it but Markov isn’t believable. Gainey isn’t going to trade his best defenceman and possible superstar and a centre would have to go the other way so maybe Ribeiro because of his salary and the fact that they would need to unload some to fit Marleau’s.

    If that was the deal I could believe it because frankly they have no second line centre because Ribeiro’s a joke.

  5. blarneylad says:

    i like this deal however would marleau even stay once his current contract expires and he becomes a UFA? I think he’d be gone. We’d be without Markov, and a 1st round pick. perezogin can go because i think kostistyn is better and he’ll take his place

  6. marcan79 says:

    Here is my comments about that trade.That would be stupid.Yes, Marleau is an awesome player and he could be great with Samso and A-K but I think that Markov is one of the most important player in the team right now. He can realize many good plays offensively and he is very good in defense. Perezhogin can give more than last year to the team.So Bob, if you read this, DON’T TRADE MARKOV.

  7. robinson19 says:

    There is absolutely no way this deal was ever on the table. Gainey is too smart for that. This would’ve been the worst deal in Habs history. Markov is the future of this organization.

  8. EasternHockey says:

    It would have been one of the worst deals… but definately not the worst.

  9. NightHockey says:

    We all know that it is Markov last year in MTL, next year, he will be a unristricted player and it is obvious he won’t come back here. So, one year before isn’t that bad.

  10. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    I absolutely agree, we saw it last year when Markov got hurt the habs were pathetic (Ok granted they had Jose Open-Door in nets)… But the only way this deal makes any kind of logical sense is if Gainey has another one up his sleeve to improve our defensive corp. Because let’s say you lose Markov what is left on defence… Souray, Bouillon, Rivet, Dandenault, Komisarek and Streit/Cote… So who leads the Powerplays ? Souray with his shot on one of the two units and then what??? Streit on the other??? So Marleau would be awsome to get so that we can finally get rid of Ribeiro but this deal will only work if Gainey is two steps ahead and has another deal ready to go to get some serious help on defence. Of course with Bob anything is possible…

  11. NightHockey says:

    Markov is gone next year, don’t forget that!!!

  12. PolO780 says:

    Markov is not gone next season. Russians love Montreal because of it’s European flavour so if Gainey pony’s up enough money for a long term extension he will stay. He’s got plenty of Russian buddy’s to hang with on the team.

  13. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    gainey said his dealings are done for the summer,however if he sees an oportunity to help out the club he will jump on it. But honestly perezhogin + markhov straight up would be a good trade forget the draft pick.

  14. TheWho says:

    Markov is sure to stay in Montreal for many years to come in my opinion. The orgasination has been nothing but good to him. This is a guy who got drafted in the 6th round and couldn’t speak a word of english, he’s also very shy. I think he likes being in Montreal and he’s getting used to it, so Markov definately a keeper in my opinion. Gainey has really gave Markov some good surroundings to work with such as Kovalev, Samsonov, Perezhogin and who ever else is Russian on that team…

    Markov is currently winning $2 million a year (from NHLPA)… His next salary should be around 4.5million in my opinion, which is a very fair price to pay for such a defense man who hasn’t reached his full potential yet.

    I think Markov and a draft choice would be enough to give for Marleau. Whether people realize this or not, is Markov is one of the best defenseman in the league (top 20 for sure!). I wouldn’t be ready to give up Markov and one of our top prospects for Marleau.

  15. LuckyLuc98 says:

    The Trade is certainly appealing but losing Markov and not getting a top quality defensmen back for him … it’s kinda hard to see Gainey do this deal since he knows Markov is the closest player he has to a number one Defensmen, on the other hand Marleau A hab, WOW i’d be Speachless!

  16. MT4e says:

    there’s absolutely no chance in hell that gainey would trade markov, arguably the best defensemen he has

  17. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Hahahahahahaha. No freak’n way this would happen. Is it April fools? Oh wait, April is long gone……just like The-open-dore.

  18. passionch says:

    Not going to happen when your best defenceman is in the deal. Montreal’s defence is developping around Markov.

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