Montreal Canadians still need to improve

Montreal Canadians still need to improve Montreal is having tremendous success in the 2010 playoffs, from goalie to defence and the forwards even though they are not getting many shots they really capitalize on their chances. But MontrĂ©al’s success comes from their defensive style of play, and by that I mean blocking shots and closing the gap, (gill, Gorges ). Montreal
Line up
Scott Gomez

4 years 7.357 M
Tomas Plekanec – 0 years 2.75
Dominic Moore – 0 years 1.1 M
Glen Metropolit – 0 years 1 M
Ben Maxwell – 2 years .850 M

Left Wingers
Sergei Kostitsyn
– 0 years .817 M Restricted
Travis Moen – 2 years 1.5 M
Benoit Pouliot – 0 years .803 M
Andrei Kostitsyn 1 year 3.250 M
Tom Pyatt 0 years .850 M Restricred
Mattieu Darche – 0 years at .600 M
Mike Cammalleri – 4 years 6 M

Right Wingers
Brian Gionta
– 4 years 5 M
Maxime Lapierre – 0 years .668 M


Andrei Markov – 1 year 5.750 M
Roman Hamrlik – 1 year 5.5 M
P.K Subban – 2 years .875 M
jaroslav Spacek – 2 years 3.33 M
Josh Gorges – 1 year 1.1 M
Hal Gill – 1 year 2.25 M
Ryan O’Byrne 1 year .942 M
M-A Bergeron 0 years .731 M
Paul Mara 0 years 1.675 M

Carey Price 0 years 2.2 M Restricted
Jaroslav Halak 0 years .775 M Restricted
Cap hit- About 57.7 M – around 2.5 M free Cap

Off Season
Re signing / Let go
Tomas Plekanec –Re Sign 33M 6 years, 5.5M Cap hit
Dominic Moore – Re Sign 3M 2 years, 1.5M Cap hit
Glen Metropolit – Let him go, getting old, Moore will do the job
Sergei Kostitsyn – Don’t Re sign him as he is only a problem on the team, he needs to mature.
Tom Pyatt – Re sign 2.5M 3 years, .833M Cap hit
Mattieu Darche – Re sign 1.4M 2 years, .700M Cap hit
Max Lapierre – Re sign 5M 3 years, 1.66M Cap hit
M-A Bergeron – Let him go, he was useful this season but too much talent on the blue line, he will get offers from other teams.
Paul Mara – Let him go, he was injured and didn’t do much this season.
Jaro Halak – Re sign 9M 3 years, 3M Cap hit
Carey Price – Re sign 9M 3 years, 3M Cap hit
Benoit Pouliot – Re Sign 1.9M 1 year, 1.9M Cap hit

Cap Hit – About 62.024M , over by about 1.5M

Andrei Kostitsyn
Sergei Kostitsyn
Jaroslav Spacek 3.33M Cap hit 2 years left
Brock Trotter

To Edmonton for
Ales Hemsky 4.100M Cap hit 2 years left
Gilbert Brule – Resign for 1 year at 1.5 M Restricted F.A

This trade gives Montreal a good winger, an upgrade over Kostitsyn, He is fast and can score and also set up plays. He would fit into the system and style of play of the Montreal Canadians. Edmonton gets the Kostitsyns, who both have a lot of potential and need a change of scenery. Spacek didn’t have a good season but he is doing well so far in the games he played in the playoffs and did do well playing for the oilers, he could go back to his old self.. Brock Trotter finished his season with the most points with the Bulldogs, He probably wouldn’t move up with MontrĂ©al anytime soon so I think Edmonton could give him a chance.
Cap hit- around 59.844 No Cap space
Line up –
“A” Cammalleri Plekanec Hemsky
Pouliot Gomez Gionta “A”
Moen Brule Lapierre
Pyatt Moore Darche / Maxwell / White / Desharnais

Markov “A” O’Byrne
Hamrlik Subban
Gill “A” Gorges “C” Weber Carle

I don’t Know if the Trade on Edmonton’s side was fair or not, but they do get some good players, here’s how their line up could look like with hall or seguin

Penner Hall/Seguin Gagner
A.Kostitsyn Horcoff S. Kostitsyn
Moreau Cogliano O’Sullivan
Potulny Pouliot Stortini /Trotter/ Stone/ Jacques/
Gilbert Souray
Whitney Spacek
Smid Peckham / Chorney

Something like that, unless they do more trades or sign F.A . And then Khabibulin / deslauriers Let me know what your off season plans could be.

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  1. palindrom says:

    Try to find one oilers fan (just one!) who agree to this trade…then i will give you a little credibility.

    a found one Flyers fan agreeing to trade scott hartnell for kotisyn

  2. TimTheBone says:

    "C" Brian Gionta 5 M Scott Gomez 7.357 M Travis Moen 1.5 M"A" Mike Cammalleri 6 M Tomas Plekanec 5.5 M(33M over 6years) _____________Tom Pyatt .900 M(3.6M over 4years) Maxim Lapierre 1.5 M(6M over 4years) Dominic Moore 1.5 M(4.5M over 3years)Mathieu Darche .750 M(1.5M over 2years) Benoit Pouliot 1.3 M(3.9M over 3years) ______________
    Andrei Kostitsyn 3.25MBen Maxwell .850 MBrock Trotter .900 M (3.6M over 4years)Danny Kristo .850 MMax Pacioretty .910 MRyan White .850 MSergei Kostitsyn RFA "A" Andrei Markov 5.750 M Roman Hamrlik 5.5 M"A" Josh Gorges 1.1 M "A" Hall Gill 2.25 MP.K. Subban .875 M Jaroslav Spacek 3.33 MRyan O'Byrne .942 M Carey Price 2.5 M (7.5M over 3 years)Jaroslav Halak 3.33 M (10M over 3 years)  Trade: To COLAndrei Kostitsyn, Sergei Kostitsyn, Jaroslav Spacek, 2nd round Pick 2010To MTLMilan Hejduk, Cody Mcleod
    Colorado has lots of Cap Space and has some great young players who have emerged this season. The may want to take a chance at a low risk possible high reward on the enigmas that are the Kostitsyns,,, lots of talent and potential and maybe they just need a better surrounding. Also the recieve a strong solid presence on the backend in Spacek to fill the void.
    Montreal gets an aging scoring winger whos production has been declining but could be quite successful next to Cammalleri and fellow countryman Plekanec. Also Mcleod becomes a great tough 3rd or 4th liner for the Canadiens who can contribute a few goals here and there. Ofcourse Milan would have to agree to the Trade as per his NMC, but after the canadiens run this year in the playoffs he may be intrigued. Brian Gionta Scott Gomez Travis MoenMike Cammalleri Tomas Plekanec Milan HejdukTom Pyatt Max Lapierre Dominic MooreMatt Darche Cody Mcleod Benoit PouliotMax Pacioretty Ben Maxwell Ryan White
    Andrei Markov Ryan O'ByrneJosh Gorges Hall GillP.K. Subban Roman HamrlikYannik Weber Matt Carle
    Carey Price Jaroslav Halak
    CAP HIT: 57.589 ( -.789M )  

    Another Route could be with Edmonton.To EDMAndrei Kostitsyn, Sergei Kostitsyn, Jaroslav SpacekTo MTLEthan Moreau, Patrick O'Sullivan With Souray all but out, Spacek would be a decent upgrade on the oft-injured and defensive liability Souray. Spacek also comes at a cheaper rate. The Kostitsyns desparately are in need of new scenery. Edmonton would provide that fresh start and perhaps Andrei could regain his confidence that can make him a 30 goal scorer. Sergei may regain something as well in the Chemistry he had with Sam Gagner. combine that with the apparent chemistry Sergei has with his brother and that could make for a dangerous scoring threat of a line…
    Montreal takes the servicable Moreau off the hands of Edmonton and recieve a good winger to play with Cammalleri and Pleks. Brian Gionta Scott Gomez Travis MoenMike Cammalleri Tomas Plekanec Patrick O'SullivanTom Pyatt Max Lapierre Dominic MooreMatt Darche Ethan Moreau Benoit PouliotMax Pacioretty Ben Maxwell Ryan White
    Andrei Markov Ryan O'ByrneJosh Gorges Hall GillP.K. Subban Roman HamrlikYannik Weber Matt Carle
    Carey Price Jaroslav Halak
    CAP HIT: 58.4M ( -1.681M )
    Obviously something needs to be done to the rosters to be able to fit under the cap with room for injuries and such. it'll be an interesting offseason thats for sure!

  3. blaze says:

    Hows about trading Price and a 1st to Philly for Carter. Montreal adds serious size and skill to the top 6 and can re-sign Halak.

    Philly gets a shot at fixing the goalie issue and acquires a first that they're currently missing.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    not bad but we wouldn't have to add the 1st it could be carter for price

  5. broc says:

    So long as Philly can take Hamrlik's contract with em…

  6. broc says:

    MTL needs to improve yeah.. but they would be lucky to just stay the same when next season comes. So little money left to have to sign so many guys

    MTL has 45.7 mil tied up next year already. That leaves 11 million or so only, to sign all these guys?


    – JAROSLAV HALAK, obviously. 4-5 mil is probably where the conversation starts.

    – CAREY PRICE has had a couple inconsistent years, but tons of potential remain. Will want a small raise at least. Somewhere btw 1.5-2.25 mil gets it done.

    – TOMAS PLEKANEC had another contract year and sure put forth some great production. 4.0-5.5 mil is probably what he's hoping for.

    – MAX LAPIERRE i would have said before the playoffs is pretty well gone. But he's playing with new vigor these playoffs and if he stays will want a little raise. 1.0-1.5 mil I think resigns him.

    – BENOIT POULIOT finally started to produce after his lofty draft selection, with 15 goals in 39 games. Just 2 assists in the playoffs so far and he's been riding the pine lately too. 1.75-2.25 mil I think is where he'll land.

    – POSSIBLY DOMINIC MOORE. Perhaps his salary expectations will be modest as compared to last years lofty asking price. He seems a good fit in MTL, and if he signs for 1.5 or so I think he'd stay another year.


    – Paul Mara
    – MA Bergeron (probably goes to Columbus IMO)
    – Glen Metropolit, didn't play bad, I think probably a cap casualty though
    – Sergei Kostitsyn (released or leaves for KHL)


    – ROMAN HAMRLIK makes too much, and MTL needs his capspace too much for them to not be trying to offload this contract ASAP. Not so much "trade bait" as much as "contract to offload". They will need this money to throw at Halak/Plekanec/Price next year, and Subban and his rookie contract will be with the team then too.

    – ANDREI KOSTITSYN probably is sympathetic to his brother, and has trouble with consistency on the ice. He is trade bait, if not a risk to leave when his brother does. Needs a change of scenery.

    – CAREY PRICE has certainly received some heat from Habs fans the past 2 seasons. Will want a raise. Tons of untapped potential, would have a lot of interest from other teams. Perhaps you can package Hamrlik with Price and get something decent in return (Carter perhaps?)

  7. leafy says:

    Watching tonight's game, Montreal has got to stop those shots from the side on the PP. They've already been burned twice. The defenceman has to cheat a little bit and move up to challenge the shot, because the forward has to cover the point. Otherwise Philly will keep scoring on the same play.

  8. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Cammalerri has been vital for all of Montreals goals and sucess in their series, but then again…He hasn't met a d-men that is to Prongers caliber…

    Also, the Flyers attack the net better then the other teams Montreal had faced, Hartnell is also a hard guy to move in the goalie crease…

    Those were the major things I noticed tonight? What do you think leafy?

    And, Richards looks possessed. I haven't seen this Richards at all this year until the playoffs

  9. leafy says:

    My thoughts exactly. The Habs are going to have to out-skate Philly to win because they`re not going to beat them physically. Problem is that the Flyers can skate too.  Only a highly skilled/speedy team can beat Philly the way they`re playing right now.

    I agree Richards looks great and Hartnell has turned into a great power forward. One guy that will really kill you is Gagne. The way he drives the net with speed, he reminds me of Glenn Anderson.

    Having said all this, I wouldn`t completely count Montreal out just yet. Let`s wait for Game 2. If Philly wins Game 2 as well, then I think it`s curtains for the Habs…can`t see them coming back from 2-0 against these Flyers.

    BUT if the Habs somehow win Game 2…and so far they seem to overcome impossible odds in these playoffs…then it`s a whole new ball game. I hesitate to count Montreal out too early, because so far I made that mistake twice.

  10. leafy says:

    I was looking at the 1970 draft. One thing I noticed is that Montreal passed over Darryl Sittler to select Chuck Lefley, who didn't do much.

    Now just imagine if the Habs dynasty team of the mid- to late-1970s also had Sittler!!!

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