Montreal Canadien Deceptions

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After my post on the Habs top 5 revelations so far this year, here is a list of the 5 players that have been underachieving so far this season.

#1 – Micheal Ryder: This guy must be the biggest deception in Montreal. He’s a one dimensional player (a shooter) who isn’t paying the price to position himself to get good quality shots. A quick stat that sums up my disappointment – 4.3% shooting percentage. The only players in Montreal with lower shooting percentages are defensemen.

#2 – Bryan Smolinski: A minus -5 on a 3rd line doesn’t cut it. He’s on pace for -17 this season. At 2 million/year I expect more from him. He makes small mistakes every game. Last year Radek Bonk finished the season with a +-0 and the Habs didn’t make him an offer. Even though Bryan will make more points that Radek did last year, I’d be very surprised to see Smolinski finish with anything above a +-0.

#3 – Mark Streit: He seems invisible on the ice and has the worst +- on the team (-7). I like this guy but I think he can do more 5 on 5. The points are there but most them come from the powerplay. Averages less than a hit per game (15 hits in 24 games) and averages less than a blocked shot per game (20 in 24 games). He’s great at getting the puck out of the zone but would greatly benefit from player with a bigger defensive defenseman.

#4 – Francis Bouillon: Speaking of Streit’s defense partner, Bouillon has NO points so far this season… 0 goals, 0 assists!!! He has a big heart but lacks the size and defensive ability to overcome Mark Streit’s defensive shortcomings. I would definitely consider trading Bouillon and his 1.875 million dollar contract. Maybe the Habs should callup Ryan O’Byrne at some point.

#5 – Guillaume Latendresse: I’ve placed him in 5th position because I think he’ll produce more on the first line but the jury is still out on that one. I hope he doesn’t end up being my #2 deception!!!! He has a physical presence but his inconsistency and uninspired play earlier this season have been disappointing. Thank god he’s thrown his body around!!!!!

The only players of this group I see getting traded is Ryder and maybe Bouillon.

Who do you think the Habs could get in a trade for Ryder and Bouillon?

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  1. Labrosse says:

    i don't think streit is a deception, he is there because of his offensive talent and so far, he got 11 points wich is pretty good. Latendresse IMO is number one, he probably didn't trained enough this summer and took his job for granted, he is beeing push around by every one. In a game vs philly, an alterction started in the corner and lupul started taking push and punch on latendresse and he didn't respond at all,it's time for him to start getting respect and drop the glove if he has too. He just put his glove in the faces of his opponent and if someone drops with him he look so surprise and don't know what to do just like when chara drops with him, i know chara is a much bigger men but atleast try to defend yourself instead of going down on the ice immidiatly.

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Latendresse, as we all know, started painfully slow but over the last 10-15 games, he has somewhat picked up his play. Playing with Koivu is the BEST thing for him, as nearly all his points last year came while with Koivu. So far this year, Latendresse has 2 goals that have been assisted by Koivu. Maybe he should have played the majority of last year in Hamilton as he would have gotten #1 line ice time but you can't send him down now because you'll hurt his development. What Latendresse did in the off-season was gain weight and didn't work it off before training camp, which is what a lot of sophomore players and newly aquired players often do (See Dustin Penner). He'll do well with Koivu but is still a year or two away from fulfilling his potential.

    As for Streit, what the hell has happend to his defensive game??? He's only gotten like 3 points in the last 15 games. He's playing horrible right now and is giving up the puck waaaaay to often and those usually turn into opposing team scoring chances.

    As for Bouillon, I still stand on my statement a few weeks ago. The only reason he's still in Montreal is because he speaks French. Well, I speak French and I say F**k the language issue and let's get someone with actual size and talent (ala Ryan O'Byrne) to take his place. I'd rather have a BIG rookie play then a 5'8" player who is taken off the puck with ease. Yeah, he hits and stuff but when he does hit, he usually takes himself out of the play, resulting in odd-man rushes. Plus, he has a terrible shot that can't even hit the net most nights.

  3. Milohabs says:

    Interesting read.

    I agree with most part. I really don't think Ryder will be back. The 3,000,000 can be spent so much better. He's still not great +/- and now he's not even scoring (which is al he had going for him before).

    Bouillion is my #2. This guy was signed to a nice contract to be an asset to the team and he's really dissapointed me. He rarely drops the gloves anymore, and he used to throw huge body checks every game. Now most nights, you hardly  notice him unless it's the other team scoring. 0 goals, 0 assists is so silly. He should be bought out if a trade can't be worked out. there are too many young hungry, talented players just waiting to come up (McDonough, O'Byrne & Subban – just to name a few)

    Latendresse isn't really a big let down because the expectations just aren't there. When he plays on the top line he produces, other wise he's a little useless. He needs good players around him in order to produce. He can't do it alone.

    Smolinski, i agree should be doing so much more and providing better leadership. So far all he does is take bad and untimely penalties.

    Striet started off really hot, and in the last 10 games has looked VERY average. he hesitates with the puck and makes poor decisions. He should be able to play at a higher level.

  4. 29_other_teams says:

    I do agree A BIT with the deception of Latendresse HOWEVER we must not forget that he his only 20 years old and this type of player (being a power forward) takes a lot more of time to develop.

  5. beatles24 says:

    Everybody's agree with your first deception Michael Ryder and I think it's the time to trade him (Even if he his production is great, i trade him because he will not return next year).

    My second deception is Francis Bouillon, even i like him , he can do more, a player who can be trade with Ryder for a better player in exchange.

    My third is A Latendresse he's a very young but with the pressure for a french player make him hard to deal. Let him take experience with less reflection on him.

    My fourth is Smolinski but when you play on the 3rd line it's hard to make many points.

    My Fifth is Andrei Kostsitsyn….now he's great but the 10 first games…not what he suppose to do.

    For Streit I think in the power play he's great but on 5 on 5….had too many problems…maybe my 6th deception.

    Others who can do more
    Tom Kostopolous , he's doing good but too much ice for this 4th line player. Not too many points for the ice time he had.
    Steve Begin, need to hit to be important to the team

  6. morrissey says:

    Ryder without a doubt – completely useless so far this season despite playing on the top line.

    Streit – I still like him but I am a little disappointed with his defensive play. I'd swap him with Dandenault and see how that goes for a few games because despite Dandenault's awful training camp that lost him his job on defense in the first place, he's been playing great up front and we already know that Streit can do that too.

    Latendresse – at least has more goals than Ryder and didn't play big minutes on the top line either. He needs to play with Koivu, Carbonneau put him in a defensive grinding role to start the season and despite his size it doesn't suit him at all – he needs to be on an offensive line, parked in front of the net where he can use his size and good hands to bang in rebounds.

    Bouillion – I've never been a fan, he's just too small. Unfortunately at $1.8 million he's untradeable. If a replacement can be lined up (please get Emelin out of Russia) then I'd waive him or buy him out.

  7. Labrosse says:

    i know he is only 20 but the fact is he isn't playing as well as he did last year when he was 19. If you look at guys like lujic in boston or jared boll in colombus, they are not affraid to drop the glove because they're young. At 6'2 220 i think, latendresse should forced other team to respect him more. No one in the entire league is affraid oh him right now, not even the small guys, he is way too nice on the nice with his opponent, he has to get hit at first or he won't hit anybody. Still i agree he is only 20 and i'm pretty confident that he will be a great player a 25 and will score 30 goals per season while laying big hits every night, but for now there is room for emprovement, not only his talent, but his style one the ice.

  8. habsrock99 says:

    You can't compare Latendresse to Milan Lucic or Jared Boll for the simple fact that Jared Boll is a fighter and Lucic is a pest who can fight. No one has even said Latendresse can fight (Though he can and he proved it last year against Boston) but why would you have a very talented offensive threat fight and sit for 5 minutes rather then have him stay out and play maybe 3-4 shifts in a 5 minute period, where he could possibly score a goal in that time? Just because Latendresse is relatively big doesn't mean he's a fighter. Look at Bobby Smith, he was 6'4" and weighed over 220 lbs and he wasn't a fighter. Now, I'm not comparing Latendresse to Smith but my point is there, just because you're big, it doesn't mean you're a fighter.

  9. TheMock780 says:

    #1: Ryder may very well be the biggest deception in the league! He doesn't work that hard, get's lazy in his own end and doesn't play with heart or grit. He'll be gone wether by trade or by the fact he's a UFA after this season. You'd think he'd be busting his ass going into free agency!

    #2: Ya Smo has been a large dissapointment for me

    #3: Streit is just better on forward cause he doesn't like to get hit by forecheckers. He's to soft to be a defenseman

    #4: Frankie has to play with a jittery Streit and he's one of the few Habs who play with fire and grit and he can fight and hit. They don't have enough of those guys right now to trade him

    #5: Guy is gonna need time just like every other highly touted power forward has. Bertuzzi and Iginla didn't hit their strides and become stars intil their mid to late 20's and Guy is only 20! Give him time and he'll become a domianant power forward in my opinion

    They can't trade Bouillon right now until O'Byrne has proven he can take over that slot. And they won't get that much for Ryder and Bouillon. But throw in Huet at the deadline going to a top contendre and you may get something.

  10. Labrosse says:

    you didnt understood my point, i don't want him to fight every night, i want him to earn respect, jeffrey lupul isn't a fighter neither but still he embarassed lantendresse after kovalev received richards' shot to the head after the whistle against pohilly if you got a chance go watch that clip on youtube and look how latendresse reacted when lupul started punching and pushing him like a little girl

  11. habsrock99 says:

    I do remember that and I was quite pissed at Latendresse for taking that. But the thing is, since then, Latendresse has been throwing his weight around quite frequently and is becoming one of Montreal's more effective checkers (right up their with Begin).

    If given a solid chance on the first line, Latendresse will score as him, Koivu and Higgins have obvious chemistry. But instead, Carbo elects to start Latendresse on the 1st line then 5-6 shifts into the game, Carbo throws Latendresse to the 4th line for no real apparent reason. Meanwhile, Ryder, who's done crap all year, starts on the 3rd-4th line, gets one shot on net and is automatically put back with Koivu. I am seriously questioning Carbo's judgment on this issue as it seems he may be holding some type of "grudge" against Latendresse for what happend in Training Camp.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    The first line has combined for five 5 on 5 goals this season.   They are on not even on pace to score 20 even strength goals as a unit for the year.  Markov is -8.  He and Streit are in the bottom 10 of the NHL for +/-. 

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