Montreal will be dangerous in 3-5 years

Montreal has tons of solid prospects in their organization and will be a great team in the years to come. This is my first post so feel free to tell me what you think.

A.Kostitsyn Higgins Latendresse
S.Kostitsyn Chipchura Lappiere
Grabovski Ferdland Fisher(2007 1st rounder)
Locke Milroy D’Agostini

Georges Komisarek
Carle Jancevski
Cote Yemlin


This looks like a solid group of guys and this is not including any of the future draft picks, and or free agents signings or players picked up in trades.
In conclusion the future is bright for the habs and the present is looking promising as well.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    just 3 things wrong with your article man, Jancevski and Cote are unrestricted free agents and if montreal wasnt willing to call them up last year, i doubt they have a future with the team. the 2nd thing wrong is Locke isn't good enough for the NHL. he's 5'9 and about 165 and to top it off, he's a terrible skater and a mediocre puck handler. the 3rd thing wrong is Fischer, he's not a forward, he's a  D-Man and he won't be in montreal til he's done college, which will be in another 2 years. other then that, it's a true article though montreal will end up losing half those prospects because like i have always said, it'sgood to have a grewat minor system, the only drawback is that they'll end up playing for other teams.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    Extras: Newbury, Aubin

    Extras: Wozniewski,  Holzer


     You guys have a slight advantage in forwards, but we have WAAAAYYYY better defense then you guys, we can trade for forwards :), with goaltending you guys have the better back-up (Halak>Ford), but with the starters (Price, Pogge), we won't know until they get in the NHL.

  3. HiggyMan89 says:

    Please excuse me while I RUN INTO A CORNER AND DIE OF LAUGHTER!!!!
    I've got to hand it to you, that is one of the funniest posts I've ever read!!!!!!!!!

  4. superman1914 says:

    Are these leaf fans for real, why do they ALWAYS have to be jealous of Montreal, why can they not admit that most of their actual players and future players pretty much suck, it's instructing even when Montreal moved to the new building or retired players, the stupid leaf fans have to imitate exactly what ever Montreal do, the way they make the show etc.., why ???
    Don't they have their own originality!!!!

    For you mr.s PaulK123 to make that coment just proves my point
    Don't ever forget "jealosy killed the cat"

  5. the_word says:

    Nah, look out for the Montreal Canadians of 2012 is the funniest post I've ever read.

  6. Habroller says:

    One of the reasons you have a WAAAAYYYYYYYY better defense is the incompetence of this post's author.

    Remove Gorges, Jancevski & Côté who won't be there in 3-5 years and replace them with Fischer, Valentenko & O'Byrne (all 3 have top-4 potential).

    Now we're talking!

  7. Lord says:

    Yes, I agree.

    But to predic what will be the roster in 3-5 years is a little bit far. As you said, that not include any of further selections.

    So, I don't think Locke, Milroy and D'Agostini will ever crack the line up. Same thing for Jancevski. Komisarek is UFA in just 2 year. Plekanec should be in your list. Perezhogin will probably come back next year or the year after.

  8. habsalicious says:

    Markov will still be there in four years so the defense is all right ; )

  9. King-Luongo says:

    I find it pretty hilarious when leafs fans often compare Anton Strahlman to Niklas Lidstrom when Hockey's Future rates him as a 6.5D prospect. Montreal has 5 defensemen with this potential – Fischer 8C, Emelin 7.5B, Mathieu Carle 7C, Ryan O'Byrne 7C and Pavel Valentenko 6.5C. Add to that Komisarek, Markov and Gorges for years to come, the Habs potential far outweighs the Leafs. The slight advantage you talk about in forwards is more of a giant gap where Montreal has promising players of all ages from ages 18 to 25 (Kostitsyns, Grabovski, Chipchura, Lapierre, Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse, Plecanec, D'Agostini). As for in goal, we will see who turns out to be better in the NHL, but one thing is for sure – both Halak and Price have done better than Pogge in the AHL. Previous posts are right – the teams only look equal because the author of this post seems to know very little about the Habs. Habs have the #2 rated farm system and still have two first, a second and two third rounders in this years draft, the future is bright.

  10. passionch says:

    This year's drafted players may also make the big leagues in 3-5 years.  It looks bright as the sun for the Habs' future but I'm not really interested in predicting how our lines will be.  Just wait and see! 

  11. habslife says:

    what happened to ryder and the veteran prescience that team looks like the Hamilton Bulldogs.

  12. jpmac says:

    look out for the leafs of 2067… better make that 2167 that will give them a even 200 years.  atleast we can look a couple of years down the road, unlike the leafs

  13. dizon says:

    whoa.. we cant look down the road? what was that line up then? solid d

  14. jpmac says:

    i would take our line up any day of the week over that one.

  15. dizon says:

    ok? you obviously would.. but our prospects arent bad at all.. and you guys said we cant look down the road

  16. mrdude75 says:

    No leaf fan is jealous of montreal.  IF they are they must have some sort reptile envy or some kind of mental condition.  I'm embarrassed everytime montreal plays against the leafs because that's what the leafs have to play against.  It's pathetic what passes for NHL team these days(montreal). Notice how i said NHL not AHL.

  17. maudsley says:

    I want to vomit after reading that post, jealous, mabye if i was half retarded , druling in a wheel chair id be jealous of the Canadiens..

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