More teams jump into the Shanahan circus

The Brendan Shanahan sweepstakes is beginning to feel a little like the Sundin saga, a lot of team interest with no action as of yet. According to various reports both the Black Hawks and the Bruins have contacted Shanahan’s agent in an attempt to lure him to their cities.

The Hawks and the Bruins now join the Blues, Flyers, and Canadiens who are trying to sign the veteran free agent forward.

The latest reports come from the Boston Herald

and the dailyherald

8 Responses to More teams jump into the Shanahan circus

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     Montreal is not after Shanahan, they have not contacted him, nor will they.

  2. wayne2 says:

    If he is willing to sign cheap,the sens should go after him,he brings lots of leadership/character,experience,grit and determination.2 mil a year for 2 years.

  3. ChyldProdigy says:

    I think Foligno/Fisher/Shanahan would be at least worth a shot.  If you can kick start your secondary scoring without breaking up the big 3 then why not?  Plus Shanahan and Fisher are both good grinders, they could mix it up in the corners and in front of the net with Foligno to finish.
    I doubt it happens, but that's what I think should be tried if he does go to the Sens.

  4. vzbcdy says:

    Ottawa could use a forward like Shanny.  I hear Ottawa is still in the Sundin sweepstakes.

    HMM lets see, Shanny has a minimum of 2 stanley cups and I believe Sundin has the big goose egg.  Right there is your answer.

  5. jpmac says:

    Stupid analogy.  Hey Robero Lunongo has zero Stanley Cups while Chris Osgood has "a minimum of 2"  Vancouver should just make a trade staright up right now.  You lost all creditability with the "Shanny has a minimum of 2 stanley cups".  If you don't know do some research.

  6. the_word says:

    Manny Legace has two or three cup rings, lets put him on the hall of fame

  7. hockeyhead says:

    glen murray had some good years in boston on two go arounds.

    a third liner with a snipers shot.  muzz was making real good money and not playing well the last two years.

    go out with style glen.

    shanny to the b's would be a great boost of experience but with all the production from every forward (minus axellson) it would be hard to fiind a spot for him

    kobasew was a healthy scratch because there is no room right now.

  8. jpmac says:

    Doesn't Dave Semenko have atleast 2 as well..maybe the whole league should retire his number.

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