Mr. Fletcher, Passion Please!!

It is so good to hear the news … finally. Although Peddie, Tanenbaum, and the rest of the circus still exist, Mr. Fletcher will have the power required to raise the ship.

Mr. Fletcher, don’t listen to the nimrods trash talking you here in Toronto. These people just need to have their opinions heard to keep their jobs. Listen to the guys at, they know what is going on.

Mr. Fletcher, I do have a question. Why would you tease us by adding Gilmour, Fuhr, Macoun, and Andreychuk, to an already decent team led by Clark and then follow it up by bringing Sundin to the Camp? Were you planning to build around him?

Then you were fired and MLSE tried to follow in your footsteps with Sundin as Captain. You left us with a good offensive talent that has not broken any NHL records, won any cups, no 50 goal season, 1 –100 point season (with Quebec) and his talent is simply enough to make it bearable to watch, fill the stands, and sell the merchandise, but that is all. No passion.

Now your back! Passion!

Do you know that 19 out of the last 20 Stanley Cup champions have had a Canadian Captain?

Do you know that the Anaheim Ducks, planned and achieved, that around 75% Canadian born players brought them the cup last year and probably will again this year?

Do you know that over half of the NHL is Canadian born.

Do you know that Canadian born hockey players grow up dreaming about winning a Stanley Cup? It is in the blood, in the society, it is the life long dream, the only mission.

In 1994, Mark Messier had to call “win” before the final game of the Rangers Stanley Cup victory, and then he made sure they won! Passion.

Wilkipedia defines Captain as “a locker room leader and … the primary representative of the team to the public (not Sundin’s forte) … represents players concerns to management (if a cup is a desire, wouldn’t Leaf players have something to say to management?)…Captains are selected by management and the selection … can affect the team’s performance” and Princeton defines leader as one who “guides or inspires others.” Passion!

Mats has had 10 years as Captain, to guide, to inspire, and has not completed the only mission in this league, which is to win a Stanley Cup, not “hopefully make the playoffs … and retire as a Leaf.” No Leafs currently come to his rescue when he is beat on. There is guiding, no desire, with the current Leafs, just Sundin trying to earn the title, “Best Leaf Ever”. No Passion!

Mr. Fletcher, it is not 1997, and I know you have a lot of work to do but can you start by finding the right Captain and then build around him. Be it Lecavalier, Carter, Stall, Richards, or Stamkos, or whoever, do it and do it now! Passion!

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  1. leafstint says:

     I agree with your statment, Toronto is in need of a canadian born captain, look at smith leading his team to the finals in edmonton or iginla in calgary, they both play all out all the time. There not affraid to sacrafice their bodys at any time if it means winning. Im not saying Sundin dosent play with all his heart. But deep down inside him he knows he aint winning a cup in Toronto. I think jeff carter or staal would be a nice fit as our future first line center and captain they both are on the ice for the right reasons. So good luch to cliff hopefully he will make the right move.

  2. arigold says:

    Again with this nonsense.  We get it Armstrong, you like Canadians.  Before you can judge any Captain, you must look at what he has to work with.  All of these great Canadian captains have stellar teams.  All i'm saying is that take Mats out of the lineup and insert any Canadian player you want, this team doesn't make the playoffs.  This is a stupid arguement.  If the last few years have showed us anything, its that individuals are nowhere near as important as the whole.  As far back as I can remember, teams that won the Cup did so because the whole team was firing on all cylinders.  Look at Tampa Bay.  All the major players are still there, but the supporting cast was altered, now they are a last place team.  Is Lecavalier less of a captain now than he was a couple of years ago.

    If we agree that Canadians are the greatest at everything, will you please stop posting dumb comments.

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    Toronto does need a Canadian captain, but only because the ignorant among us will never give any captain of any other nationality the credit he deserves.  I feel sad to call myself a Leafs fan when i read crap like this.

  4. B-leafer says:

    Ridiculous!! Somebody ought to ban this Armstrong guy coz he simply does not get it. Your a joke not only on this forum but around the entire NHL. Bad case all around. Just coz the Leafs have not won a cup with a "non-Canadian" born captain does not mean that they could have won with a "Canadian" born captain, all things being equal. Thats like saying that  just because the rooster crows at dawn does not mean the roosters' crowing caused the sun to rise. The sun is still gonna rise the next morning…rooster or not!!

    As great as past "Canadian" Leaf captains were in the last 40 years, none of them won a Stanley Cup. Sundin has only been captain for 25% of that time. So how does your argument bode for Wendel or Dougie? more than 80% on the Leafs squad in the last 10 years were "Canadian" born.

    I mean you said it with your so-called definition of captain("the primary representative of the team to the public"). Ask any team playing that leaf who is the one guy that they worry about, that they have to shut down when they play Toronto…..the answer is Sundin. Ask any hockey fan inside our out of Toronto which player comes to mind first when you say "Name a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs"…they would say Mats Sundin. Who took a pay cut this season just so he could stay with the TML and have a NTC in his contract even though 29 other teams would have tripped over themselves to get him had they had the chance. you got it……MATS SUNDIN.

    Wendel and Dougie had some great people to play with and still they couldnt win (sure you can blame Gretsky and the LA kings all you want but then the same should apply to the Cinderella story Hurricanes of 2002). Yet it was Sundin with dramatically less talent around him that broke BOTH Sittlers records. Its Sundin & Jagr (both "non-Canadaians") that share the record for most OT goals in the NHL. If it does not take passion and determination to win in OT I dont know what does.

    So once again old timer…..if you wanna hang the in-adequacies of the TML on something hang 'em on bad mgmt decisions (bad trades), bad coaching if you will, a talentless team, or just a whole lot of bad luck but dont blame number 13 coz this guy has given his everything and more for the Leafs and might do it yet again if he decides to waive his NTC. Thats all I gotta say.

  5. tacitus says:

    Stevie Yzerman might of been captain, but he needed Lidstrom, and Fedorov to get it done…. Modano needed Zubov and Lehiten….Stevens needed Elias, Gomez, Rafalski, Brylin, Madden,

    By the way Anaheim wont repeat….

    If Crosby wants to win more then Spezza who wants to win more then Zetterberg who wants to win more then Ovechkin who wants to win more then Kaberle then the NHL is a farce….Thank god i believe everyplayer wants to win

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