MTL Gazette suggests Simon Gagne

Pat Hickey from the Montreal Gazette suggests the Canadiens should look into making an offer for Philadelphia Flyers forward Simon Gagne, who is seeking a new deal worth $4.5 million per season. The Flyers are believed to be unwilling to pay that figure. Hickey adds the “compensation would be four draft choices, including two first-rounders over the next three years”, which the Habs may be unwilling to do but suggested it wouldn’t hurt to look into it.

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  1. Habmania11 says:

    I agree, the Montreal prospect pool is already as deep as it can be. 2 1st rounders cant hurt.

    hes french also.

  2. FlyersfanKyle says:

    yeahh im gonna have to call bullshi*t on this one

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    At the very least, it’s worth a call. As Gagne is a free agent, albeit restricted, Gainey can carry out any sort of negotiations he wants. While I’m sure he’d rather trade for his rights, as 4 draft picks including two 1st rounders, is a really steep price (think Chris Pronger trade) Gagne is not only a Quebec native, but a great player. Now if only Daze was healthy, we’d be set for signings

  4. lesglorieux says:

    ummmm….as sweet as this would be, i’m gonna have to see it to believe it. pipe dreams, boys, pipe dreams.

  5. blarneylad says:

    I would rather have Bergeron, think of it.. Crosby is a Habs fan growing up and the chemistry between he and Bergeron is unmistakable. Years down the road aquiring bergeron could lead to crosby being interested, doubt it though, lemieux probly brainwashed sid. he’ll never wear a habs jersey

  6. FlyersfanKyle says:

    or mabey it might be him having allegance to the team that drafted him your a serious loser if you think that because he was a fan as a kid that he’d walk out on pittsburgh epecially after they built a team around him and also how do you plan on getting bergeron from Boston?? id rather have Alexander Ovechkin but theres no way its gonna happen if i was a habs fan i would be serously pissed off at you yet in 2 days time your gonna go bash a leafs fan for saying that anson carter might come to toronto

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Now that entire 2007 free agent class has been falsely linked to a team that hasn’t signed a headline free agent in recent memory, it’s time to do the same exercise with the RFA’s.

    I’m just wating to hear that Patrick Roy will be making a comeback for Montreal and that Huet will be traded to the Avs for Sakic.

    Please – enough already.

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