Mueller for Cogliano?

Jim Matheson

With the NHL trade deadline fast approaching, the Coyotes are looking to move big former first-round draft winger Peter Mueller, who has had a disappointing season, with just four goals, 16 points.

The Coyotes are reportedly been sniffing around Oilers forward Andrew Cogliano, who’s also struggling (five goals, 13 points). That would obviously be a speed-for-size deal.

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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    If I'm the Oilers, I'd jump all over this deal. Two players with a ton of potential who would benefit from a change of scenery. The Oilers desperately need to change the chemistry in their locker-room, and this is a good start.

    GO OILERS GO!!! The Fall for Hall 2010 continues…

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Could be a good trade for both teams. Both players have lots of talent and just need to get it going!!

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    Okay so I am bored at work again and have some more Leafs trading strategies for the deadline and offseson for your amusement. Feel free to comment, reply, or even just rip any of these proposals to shreds.

    Scenario 1: This requires Kaberle to submit a list of Teams to Burke that he would waive his NTC for, and Philadelphia to be one of those teams.

    To PHI:                        To PHX:
    Kaberle                         Ponikarovsky

    To TOR:                       To TOR:
    vanRiemsdyk                Mueller
    Patrick Maroon
    2nd RD draft pick

    Re-sign Stempniak
    Re-sign Gustavsson
    Re-sign Primeau

    First off the Leafs get vanRiemsdyk who has the potential to be a top line winger, Patrick Maroon who is a Burke type player who has top six potential, and a 2nd RD draft pick that could be used to help replenish their prospect pool. Philly gets a fairly cheap high end puck moving defensemen that will help their terrible powerplay. Kulemin will soften the blow of losing vanReimsdyk's current offensive production, and down the road will still be a solid NHL'er who will likely come at an affordable price. The fact is with Briere, Richards, Timmonen, Pronger and Hartnell all with hefty long term contracts, and Carter likely to be locked in to a similar contract as Richards after next season, it will be nearly impossible to keep both Giroux and vanReimsdyk long term. Also, with the Pronger move Philly is obviously built to win now, and with the way it worked out so they aren't relieved of his cap hit when he retires, they are somewhat committed to that end. Kaberle is a good pick up because he isn't just a rental, you get him for next year at the same affordable price. I think the Kovalchuk deal raised the bar, and if Kaberle does submit a list, I think he will have very good value.

    Scenario 2: Kaberle again waives his NTC and allows himself to be traded to the Canucks.

    to VAN:                                            

    to TOR:                         
    CD Pick 2010
    CD Pick 2011

    Vancouver is a strong team, even stronger then their points total shows. They have the fifth highest winning percentage in the league, the special teams are good, and have the fourth best GF/GA differential in the league. Up front the Sedins, Kesler, and Burrows are all having career years, and Luongo is one of the best goaltenders in the league every year. The core of their team is in their prime, and now is the time for them to really pull out all the stops and try and win a cup. Their biggest weakness is their defense core. It is solid, but lacks star power, and Kaberle could really add to their transition game and solidify their defense. Ponikarovsky will replace Raymond's lost offense, and actually add a little more grit, and better two-way play. Hodgson isn't on the team, and isn't likely to make a big impact next season either. I have added conditional draft picks for added insurance. They are 3rd rounders if Vancouver goes out in the first round of the corresponding playoff year. They are seconds if they make it past the first round but not to the finals, and they are firsts if Vancouver makes it to the finals. Vancouver could end up giving up alot this way, but if they make back to back cup finals, they won't mind giving up two late first round picks. If that seems a bit convoluted, just substitute whatever pick or picks you think are relevant. For Toronto the gains are obvious, a budding top six forward with a ton of speed, a centre prospect with excellent potential, and some draft picks to replenish the organizational depth. They simply take back Demitra for Salary purposes, and add Stempniak for additional depth for Vancouver's playoff run.

    Scenario 3: Kaberle doesn't waive his NTC, and Toronto moves him in the offseason.

    To NYR:                 To STL:
    Kaberle                  Finger
    Brewer                    3rd in 2010 (TOR)

    To TOR:
    Del Zotto
    1st in 2010 (NYR)
    1st in 2011 (NYR)

    First off, yes I realize that this is huge, complicated, and the Leafs take on a ton of Salary, but they get an absolute boat load of prospects in the return. First off the Leafs Shed 10.65 in salary and then take on 15.45. So the salary issue isn't as bad as it seems. They receive an excellent young puck moving defensemen that reminds me a lot of Mike Green, maybe not as much offensive potential, but not as weak defensively either. Callahan would be an instant fan favourite in TO, Stepan is a solid prospect, and the two first rounders allow Toronto to add some organizational depth. If you break the deal down into parts I think it is easier to see. First Kaberle for Del Zotto, Stepan and a First. I think that is pretty good value for Kaberle. Finger for Rosival. This is a pretty even Swap, Finger is cheaper, but he is an overpaid 7th defensemen, while Rosival is an overpaid top four defensemen. Honestly I couldn't care less either way. Finally, Grabovski for Drury and a First. This may be a bit of a loss for Toronto, but I think the Rangers first round selection will be a middle pick, so its not too low. Also, I think Grabovski is a distraction and would be glad to have rid of him, even if it meant taking a small loss in a trade like this. Finally, I don't think Toronto would miss out on any huge name free agent this summer, there is no one all that intersting that will likely be available. Next season you let the youth develop a little. If the year after that there is someone you want, Burke apparently has the go ahead to bury cap in the minors, and with only one year each for Rosival and Drury, he could do that without any cap repurcussions.

    I know these scearios are far fetched, but those are the most fun to talk about. Anyway, have at it. I am not a sensitive person, so whatever insulting remarks you want to make, feel free, 

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    a GOOD READ WHILE i AM ALSO AT WORK THANKS…LOL. A few comments if I may? The Van trade well I would want to know how Hodgsons back is first…..could be damaged goods. Also not sure we coul get that much of a return for Kabs…plus rumored he wants to stay in the east. Not sure we need to trade with St. Louis to do the rangers trade as Finger has a two way contract…that being said Burke may decide to just bury him, himself. That is a huge return from the rangers don't think we would get that, maybe if you replace Del Zotto with Sanguinetti? Now to me Phi is the most interesting and here is why they have HUGE cap problems. That being said What might we get back if we were willing to take Brieres contract? I think if we were to offer Kabs to them for Briere we could also get a top propect or two plus plus…lol. Say Kabby and Finger(they can afford to dump him in the minors) for Briere, Van Riemsdyk plus plus…lol Far fetched i know but hey It would get us a top propect and a number one centre plus who knows? It was a fun read thanks….good thoughts eevn if I added my own twist….lol

  5. DannyLeafs says:

    I put the STL trade in their because they have interest in Finger, and Brewer is an upgrade whose contract ends sooner, so the Rangers get out from under the contract sooner. Finger's contract WAS essentially a two-way deal coming into this year, bur it was only so because he hadn't played 100 career NHL games yet, and as of this year, he has, therefore it is no longer a two-way deal, and he can only be buried for one year.

    The VAN trade gets us so much return BECAUSE Hodgson is no longer untouchable. His back is apparently healed, but who knows whether or not their will be lingering problems, and there is now apparently a bit of a rift between the two camps as Hodgson refuses to train with the Canuck's personal trainer, and he believes that it was his training methods that lead to the injury. Raymond acts as a bit of a safety net, and the condition on the picks gives Toronto added value, while ensuring the Canucks don't get completely ripped off.

    Finally, the NYR deal completely boils down to desperation on the part of Glen Sather. If he can get out from under one or more of his bad contracts while bringing in a solid player, he may feel that will save his job. If Kaberle's desire to stay in the east is so much that he may even accept a trade to the Rangers, then at the deadline the value will be even higher making it more plausible. I know it is unlikely that the leafs will be willing to take on two bad contracts, but I figured if there was room for them to take on some bad ones, why not go for broke and make it a block buster.
    If Kaberle was willing to waive and go to NYR at the deadline, how does this grab you?

    To NYR:

    To TOR:
    Callahan or Dubinsky
    Del Zotto
    ? Draft Pick

    Sather does this to try and save his job. He gets rid of a bad contract, gets much needed stability on defense, gets help for a terrible powerplay, adds some scoring puch up front. Leafs get a good young forward, would rather Callahan, but if it got the deal done with Del Zotto in it, I would take Dubinksy. They get a puck moving Defensemen, and in Toronto he could be a powerplay specialist while his defensive game improved during limited minutes. Callahan or Dubinsky would be an excellent addition up front, and they could probably get at least a 3rd RD draft pick, and probably as high as a first depending on Sather's desperation, and the market value of Kaberle if he does decide to submit a list. The Leafs don't mind Drury so much, they give space for their young forwards to mature, while he acts as vetaran guidance. Next years FA pool isn't great, so the cap space isn't that big an issue for a non contender. If need be, with only one year after next, Drury could be buried for the final year of his contract while the Leafs make a big splash with the extra cap space.

  6. nosnow_here says:

    How does this thread go from an Oilers/Coyotes trade to a Canucks/Leafs trade in just 3 or 4 posts?

  7. DannyLeafs says:

    What can I say. I am a bored leafs fan at work, and figured since so many leafs fans have been talking about either getting Mueller or Cogliano, a threat about the two would have the most Leaf fan Traffic for a Leafs trade proposal

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    it always gets turned that way, plus his first trade proposed had Mueller in it. LOl…i would rather have Dubinsky than Callahan….not sure why? You had great thought and creativity I must say. lol…here's hoping something anything happens soon!!!! lol….on any team

  9. reinjosh says:

    because no one cares about the worst team in the league (well a few people do but not many on here, they can have fun hoping for taylor hall and being happy they no longer have to suffer the fate of having the three best Edmontonians play for the enemy now they only have to suffer two) or the team with the least fans.

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    BTW….what do you think of swallowing Brieres contract to get extra out of philly…or do you think his time as a legit centre is done? I just kinda figured it can be easier to get something taking something back….for that matter we could even do seperate deals….a Phi deal with Finger….(lol) for Briere plus plus and a true hockey deal for Kabs and maybe get a lot better all at once?

  11. reinjosh says:

    I am not a fan of giving up Kulemin. It would be counter productive to the teams goal of growing a nice core. Especially when Kulemin is starting to grow into his role quite nicely.

    When trading Kaberle, I am not (and neither should the team be) interested in taking back salary for under-performing players. Its counter productive to the rebuild and the direction of this team. Lets not get bogged down in the need to get 1st rounder and more prospects and take on big needless contracts to do so. Smart teams don't do that and prospects and 1st or 2nd rounders are not worth that.

    We need to trade Kaberle for a sure thing. Not a top prospect or top 9 forward. It needs to be an established top 6 forward and a 1st rounder/top prospect or better yet a top 3 forward. With the core slowly being established the next step is getting another forward to join KEesel not prospects. Prospects with top 6 potential are nice but our first needs to be getting another established young top 6 or 3 forwards.

    Poni can get us a top prospect and maybe a pick. Grabovksi can be used to take on a struggling forward with potential or prospect. Stemps and another person should be able to get us a decent prospect. They can be used for that. Exelby and Primeau and a couple others can be used for picks. Kaberle must be used to get a top 6 forward. It is essential.

  12. dumbassdoorman says:

    well thats why i wondered and a  trade for Briere  plus plus and kabs in a seperate hockey deal. Although it is hard to argue that his rangers trade does not accomplish what you may like, good forward prospect and picks. But i do see what you are saying for sure. So next question becomes who do you see as being interested in Kabs, Poni, Grabo etc…..and what do we get back? Boy oh boy work is fun!!!!!

  13. reinjosh says:

    I'm not too sure. It would depend on cap space and whether or not teams would consider themselves not only contenders this year but next.

    I think you can count out the Rangers. They have to many guys on the defense over 4 million and we wouldn't be taking anyone back (I just don't think Burke is interested in taking back any salary unless it is a really useful player. Drury is not as useful as one might think and Callahan and Dubinksy are pretty untouchable and also don't entirely fit our needs.)

    Dallas could be interested especially with Joe N's previous engagement in TO. It would most likely take nothing less than Neal and I find it hard to believe they would give him up. Still with an internal cap set at 45 million, if Neal wants more or even half a million less than Kaberle makes than its entirely possible. The wing position for them is far easier to replace than their defense is.

    Washington might be interested. They would love to add a top 2 dman to play behind Green because they really don't have one. But do they want to kill chemistry? Or do they want to have an almost unstoppable power play with Kaberle, Green, Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom. That alone could change the tide of a game in a second. But do they have what the Leafs want? Their 1st will be late, and they will likely want to use Fehr in a package. But is he producing because he has no pressure or is he the real deal? I doubt this happens because Burke probably isn't likely to take a chance.

    Philly. They had been rumored for a while to want him but since getting Pronger they no longer have the need nor the cap space. Now maybe if they were willing to part with Carter. They would even save on cap space there. Plus they could go Richards and Briere at center, with Giroux, Gagne, Hartnell and Van Riemsdyk on the wings. Carter would certainly help the Leafs but I don't see the Flyers giving him up just yet. Maybe in the offseason.

  14. DannyLeafs says:

    I don't know about Briere's contract. It is big, has a NMC, and still has five more years on it after this one. I am all for taking a little salary back, but only if the leafs are only committed to it for another year or so. In the case of Rosival he just has a weak NTC that only protects him from being trade to a list of 8 teams.  The leafs could bury him in his final year, or move him to any team that wants to gamble on him going into the final year. Briere is a better player than Rosival, but he will never be able to justify 6.5 million. He is a one-dimensional player, and that dimension hasn't been great lately.

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    Everyone is gonna laugh but I still ofr whatever reason think Kaberle ends up in Fla…..and I have no idea why….LOL

  16. DannyLeafs says:

    After looking at Drury's contract more closely, it wouldn't be worth it since he has an NMC, however I disagree about taking back salary. For a team that isn't contending, in a bad FA year, why not use that wasted cap space to get something for nothing. Sure, we could just free up cap space, but there is no where to spend it this off season that is really going to help this team. There may be a good little pick up here or there, but I believe the best player that may be available is Rene Bourque, and I don't think he will be getting a contract so huge that the Leafs would be out of the running if they took one bad contract.

    Also, I really don't think there is going to be any team that is just going to swap a good young top line player for Kaberle. So, the best we can hope for is a current top six forward with top line Potential, meaning a guy like vanReimsdyk is pretty much exactly what we are looking for. I agree that we should get a top six forward, but I don't think any of the trades I suggested didn't have one coming our way. I think the worst trade in terms of recouping a top forward was NYR, and that still had a young 20 goal player coming back our way, along with a 19 year old defencemen on his way to a 30+ point season. I do agree that normally I tend to think that Kaberle should be enough to get what we want out of most teams without taking back big salary, I wouldn't be opposed to taking back salary in the deal if it got us just about everything on our wishlist. How about we assume Sather is very desperate and goes for this:

    to NYR:

    to TOR:
    Del Zotto

    Then trade Kaberle seperately in one of the following deals

    to PHI:                       to VAN:                To Dallas:
    Kaberle                       Kaberle                Kaberle  

    to TOR:                      to TOR:               To TOR:                   
    vanReimsdyk               Raymond             Benn
    Maroon                        Hodgson              Glennie

    Maybe in the offseason if Pittsburgh has a disappointing playoff and Gonchar walks Saal becomes available. Outside of these, I don't know how many other current young top six guys might be plausible. Suggestions?


  17. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I can see your point about cap space as long as it expires after next season but I still hesitate to do it.
    I think Del Zotto is completely overrated and I want no part of him but thats more personal than anything.

    If Dalls goes after Kaberle it would be with Neal. Benn is cheaper and they wont be adding more salary if they want Kaberle.

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think he ends up going somewhere nobody even thinks of and we are suprised good or bad for who comes back. but i do think he is going to submit a list of teams to Burke quietly as to have some say in where he could go. Cause if(lol) they miss the playoffs he can go anywhere. I also think we are going to get way more than we thought or way less but time will tell….here is hoping for some action soon

  19. reinjosh says:

    Well Burke won't trade him for anything less than value. It wouldn't be worth it.

  20. reinjosh says:

    Its possible. Horton maybe? Although I think his recent play takes him off the table.
    It wouldn't be my choice. But it's possible.

    I would love to move him to Dallas for Neal, or St. Louis for Backes/Oshie, or Anaheim for Ryan. Just figure that moving him west would alleviate any pain we would have for facing him.

    After that maybe Pittsburgh for Staal, Philly for Carter. Something like that, obviously other pieces would need to be added.

  21. DannyLeafs says:

    I would actually prefer to get Neal over Benn, but I just figured since Neal is a little more of a sure thing, I figured we had a better chance of landing Benn. I think Dallas will be looking to unload salary, and I don't think they will have a difficult time doing it. Rebeiro is a talented center that is capable of point per game numbers when playing on a top line with good wingers. You could point out that he is a under achieving this year, but with the re-emergence of Richards, he has been bumped to the second line and his decreased performance is pretty consistent with that. A team like Calagary who now has cap space, and no legitimate number one center could be interested in him.

    I know what you mean about Del Zotto, when he was being touted as calder trophy material, and the next Brian Leetch I saw him as overrated as well. However, there is no denying his skill and potential, and I think he would fit great with the Leafs. He plays a decent amount of ice time with the Rangers, and even though he isn't great in his own end, the mistakes he makes can be expected of a 19 year old defensemen. To me I see a lot of similarities between him and Mike Green, and a guy like that would look great amoungst the leafs young defense core.

  22. dumbassdoorman says:

    I know that but I meant as fans we might be disappointed thinking he was worth more than we thought is all.

  23. reinjosh says:

    Yeah your logic isn't flawed about Benn. And yeah they might be able to clear salary quickly. But the wing position is extremely strong in their system. Plus they have Morrow (who isn't being trade, he is there guy) and Eriksson who are already better than Neal. Benn gives them a cheap option to replace Neal (which he can next season). All of them are left wings. To me it would make sense to trade a position you have a lot it (Brunnstrom and Lehtinen are also left wingers) to get something for somewhere you weak (Defense). I could be wrong but thats how I would do it.

    Yeah, I can see your point of view. I just don't want him ahah. But depending on what we were giving up I would take. To me Kaberle shouldn't be used to get a dman unless that dman is packaged with a forward (like a Backes and Polak deal, just an example). BUt if we could get him another way then I am all for it.

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