Nash all but forgotten in his final days here

Columbus is shivering with Final Four fever, spring football practice is under way, and baseball season has officially commenced. Meanwhile, Rick Nash is playing what are, with little doubt, his last games in a Blue Jackets sweater — and it is barely causing a stir. What a sad and strange denouement for our city’s best professional athlete. Nash played in his 669th game and registered his 541st point as a Jacket last night. The team he has represented for all of his nine NHL seasons defeated the Detroit Red Wings 4-2 before a crowd of 12,432 in Nationwide Arena. Half the patrons wore red.
The Jackets have five games remaining in what has been, by most measures, the worst season in their history. They have two more home games, Friday night against Kevin Dineen’s Florida Panthers and on April 7 when the New York Islanders visit for the season finale. How boldly nondescript: Nash, the face of an anonymous franchise, will be playing his last Jackets game against a faceless opponent. Nash requested to be moved prior to the trade deadline. Since general manager Scott Howson could not find a proper ransom by Feb. 27, Nash was left to culminate his captaincy with a six-week, lame-duck lap. It is almost over. “The fans have been great,” Nash said. “It could have gone a much different way, and I realize that. But like I’ve said before, we’ve been through a lot here, me and the fans, and I appreciate their support more than anything.” If any other multimillionaire athlete tried to say something like that, it would come across as disingenuous pandering. Not so with Nash. He asked out of here, which is, in a sense, a betrayal. He tried to package it as some kind of sacrifice he was willing to make for the franchise, which is not the whole truth. He should not be wearing the “C” anymore; it is not proper, but he will not cede it. Although Nash should be held accountable for such transgressions, there is nothing phony about his present bent — which is to maintain a high professional standard, fulfill his duty to his teammates and give his best for those who pay to see him, even if they’re scalping glass-level seats for $15.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    Would you trade Phaneuf for Nash? Salaries equal out. Is getting a big bodied winger worth opening up a hole in our defense? Losing Phaneuf means losing our number 1 dman (yeah 1b but still number 1). 

    Also TSN offered pure speculation saying that Luongo could be a target? Nonis was the one that grabbed him in Vancouver. Thoughts?
  2. reinjosh says:

    Also, I wonder if Burke works his magic for another top 10 pick. 

    If Tampa is top 10, they might be more interested in trading their pick for an NHL ready piece that can help them immediately. 
    Maybe something around Schenn for their pick? 
    The only other team I think might move their pick would be Anaheim and even then I think they might keep it and go after one of the dmen to replace the likely loss of Schultz. 
    But if it were possible, I would love to figure out a way to draft both Grigorenko/Galchenyuk and one of Reilly/Forsberg. 
  3. LeafsFTW17 says:

    To be honest, I wouldn't. Just because Phaneuf is more important to us than Nash.  

    I'm in no way saying that Phaneuf is better than Nash, because he isn't. 
    I just think that we would be creating a bigger whole than the one we are fixing.

    And I've been thinking about Luongo, I am actually in favor of getting him if that's the last option, would prefer Schneider obviously but that's unlikely.

    The Leafs want the playoffs, Luongo can get us to the playoffs, getting us far into the playoffs is doubtful though.
    I have no idea what Luongo's value would be like, can't be that high considering he's under contract until 2022 and is already 32 years old.

    I've also been hearing some rumors from my buddies who are Canucks fans.  They said they heard things like Yakupov for Schneider and a 1st.  There would obviously need to be more on the Canucks side but that idea is intriguing. 

  4. FlamingHomer says:

    Are you both insane? You have to think about that? A franchise player vs. the guy who perennially wins the most overrated award.
    Remember that for some reason players elevate their game when they pull on the Leafs jersey. Then imagine what Nash would be like "elevated"
    You are entitled to your opinions but I assure you Burke would climb through the phone to shake hands on that deal.

  5. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    Trade Phaneuf for Nash INSTANTLY.

    Sign Suter.
  6. LeafsFTW17 says:

    IF we sign Suter first then I would, but losing your best D man for a guy who will be playing on your 2nd line isn't the smartest idea.  Who would take over Phaneuf's PP and PK time on the leafs right now? No one.  Gardiner is already played 23-25 mins a game, Gunnarsson isn't a PP guy and already plays over 20 mins a game.  Liles can't PK, Franson can't PK, Schenn can't PK and Komisarek can't PK. 
    So if we had Suter then yes, I would do that.

  7. reinjosh says:

    What has he done to prove he's a franchise player? 

    Broken 70 points multiple times? Nope, he did it once. ONCE!
    Any 50 goal seasons? Nope, he's hit 40 twice, and his career high is only 41. 
    But he's big right? And he was drafted 1st overall! 
    Hell, his career high in both goals and points is lower than Jeff Carter's. His career point high is lower than Phil Kessel's!
    I don't buy it. 
    Sorry but Nash has not yet proven he is a franchise player. He's a great player and a star. He's not a franchise player though. 
    Would I trade Phaneuf for Nash? Now that I think about, I probably would, but it would be a trade that would be hard to make. Phaneuf isn't a slouch by any means. I know your probably going to say he is, and I'd bet it has a lot to do with a certain bias of yours…
  8. reinjosh says:

    Exactly. Phaneuf, for his downsides, does fill a hole that would be incredibly hard to fill. We would be getting a big body yes (for what thats worth) but we would be opening a bigger hole than we would fill in my opinion. Scoring wasn't an issue this year, so getting Nash's goals wouldn't be a huge win. Losing Phaneuf would be a huge loss though.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Nice to see some new news on this site.

    I really want Rick Nash. He's way too good not to go after.

    To those asking up above if a Phaneuf for Nash trade would make sense? I definitely would for the Leafs, we would throw in Kadri, and maybe another prospect, that could get it done. I would add another higher end prospect (Ross or Biggs) if it meant swapping our 1st rounder (3-6 overall) for the Jacket's 1st overall pick who they are rumoured to be shopping because they don't want to draft another Russian after having been burnt by Filatov and Zherdev….

  10. mojo19 says:

    Edmonton is loaded on NHL ready young talent, and has been rumoured to have their pick up for grabs. Could trade up with them as well.

  11. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    So long as Tampa has Hedman, they don't want Schenn.

  12. dumbassdoorman says:

    The only way you make that trade is if you are looking to change the leadership direction of the team. I do not agree that Burke hops through the phone to make that deal for two reasons, firdt is Nonnis, will be the thinker and say whoa, hold on here. 2nd is cap. Phaneuf has 6.5mil for two more seasons and probably resigns for the same or less. Nash has a cap hit of 1.3mil more for another 4yrs after Phaneufs deal is done. That will come into play.

  13. toronto77 says:

    the thing about filatov and zherdev is that they were drafted from russia and yakupov has been playing in the ohl. so there is less chance that yakupov will ditch and go to russia, plus he is guaranteed to be a top line goal scorer and has ovechkin/malkin type potential unlike zherdev and filatov who were just ordinary top 6 forwards. 

    Yakupov also has a different attitude. My theory is that most russian players are one dimensional skilled selfish players at times. Ovechkin, kovalchuk and semin to me are selfish players but are know being forced to adapt. Malkin on the other hand is a great team player, and a great leader and brings a good attitude which is what I am expecting from Yakupov.
    Who would you rather have one your team? Ovi or Malkin?
    Though they have had bad experience with russian prospects, I think Yakupov is a bit of a different situation.
  14. toronto77 says:

    I know despite our massive slump, we are still top 10 in goal, we need a leader!!! that is our biggest problem, crazy as this sounds, this is a playoff team. The reason for their slump is not lack of toughness , it is motivation. it's almost like they were hypnotized and do not know how to play hockey anymore. They need a shrink to come in and investigate because no professional hockey expert has ever seen this before. more importantly than a no.1 centremen and a goaltender we need a leader. if we get a no.1 centremen and a goalie that has leadership qualities than great, but we need a leader.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Kulemin then. Also, they just dealt for Aulie, Commodore, and Lee, who's to say Yzerman is done with re-tooling his defence? Schenn interested them a few years ago at the draft.

  16. mojo19 says:

    Ya, could go either way.

    Here are a couple free agents I'd like to see the Leafs go after:

    George Parros
    Jordin Tootoo

    These two thugs would fit in perfectly with Randy Carlyle hockey. Would be big upgrades on Lombardi, Rosehill, and Crabb.

  17. reinjosh says:

    Anyone interested in a potential Schenn/Gunnar for Colin Wilson swap?

    Wilson seems to be almost perpetually in Trotz's doghouse. He has some decent size, and his defensive game is decent as well. Next year is his 4th year, which is a common breakout for players. At worst he'd be a decent third line center with some size and scoring upside. At best, he could be a good top 6 center. 
  18. toronto77 says:

    not a fan of tootoo, the guy takes stupid penalties that could hurt us.

    Parros I do like, it would be nice to see him and brown on the 4th line.
    I never really thought about it until you mentioned it, but I think burke will go after Parros because he had him in anaheim and he played for carlyle as well, and could help us match up against boston.
  19. toronto77 says:

    Since we got a new coach, I do not think it is time to give up on Schenn, he still has a lot of upside. A lot of experts think Carlyle could be able to turn Schenn's game around. 

    But if the leafs have another bad season next year and schenn does not impress than I will be ok to move him at the deadline. 
  20. MystifoLeafs says:

    I was just coming on to mention this as well. I for one would be for it. But I had a Nashville fan agree to this….

    2nd (TOR)
  21. MystifoLeafs says:

    I could see Parros being signed I also see Lombardi being shiped off to Phoenix would be a good fit for him.

    I have one question though if we do have #1 pick do we go with Yakupov the most obvious choice or do we target Galenchyuk? I mean Yakupov has superstar written all over him but Galenchyuk fixes up our center problem.
  22. toronto77 says:

    as crazy as this sounds, if i were in that situation and had the 1st overall pick, i would take yakupov and than trade kessel for a no.1 centremen. yakupov will be a better player than kessel, and you can get a really good no.1 centremen for kessel straight up.

    but I am not a fan of trading kessel, and since both kessel and yakupov are both right wingers, one of them might have to be forced to play the left wing and maybe with kessel and yakupov we do not need a proven no1 centremen, maybe colborne will be good enough.
  23. toronto77 says:

    i do not think we need a mobile d-man like ellis if we already have gardiner and lilies on the team and percy in the system.

    I also think colborne may be a better player than wilson. Colborne to me is our most unmovable prospect in the sense that he has the potential to fill one of our biggest holes in the no.1 centre position.
    Wilson and Ellis are great players, but not our biggest needs right now.
  24. LeafsFTW17 says:

    They mentioned on CBC today that if the Sharks don't make the playoffs they will be looking at a complete shakeup in the off-season.  And talked about how Thornton could be moved.  
    I think if he is available the Leafs should pursue hard after him.  He fills so many holes on this team..

    -#1 Center
    -Big Body

    -Mentor for Colborne

    To Leafs: Thornton

    To Sharks: Gunnarsson, Connolly, 3rd, 1st('13), +?


    To Leafs:  D. Brown

    To Kings:  Franson, D'amigo, 2nd.


    To Leafs:  4th

    To Coyotes:  Lombardi


    To Leafs: Conditional pick

    To Any Team:  Komisarek


    To Leafs:  5th

    To Jets: Armstrong


    To Leafs:  Halak

    To Blues:  Reimer, Macarthur.


    Sign Suter, Schultz, Moen.

    Re-Sign Frattin, Kulemin, Holzer, Gustavsson.


    Lupul – Thornton – Kessel
    Kulemin – Grabovski – D. Brown (Shutdown line)
    Kadri – Bozak – Frattin
    Moen – Steckel – M. Brown

    Suter – Phaneuf
    Liles – Schenn
    Gardiner – Schultz


    Colborne,Biggs,Galchenyuk,Blacker,Percy in the system.

  25. nordiques100 says:

    There wouldn't be anything wrong…..except Columbus has absolutely zero use for Dion. 

    your other idea is better. 
    Luongo will be cheap to acquire cause his contract is completey shit. No way they're trading Schnieder. He is better than Luongo. 
    Burke would need to get fired first cause that contract is something his team's wont accept. 
    If Nonis is GM, he'd get Bobby. Problem? Gillis is a dick and hates Nonis. 
    Apparently he told Toronto at the deadline Hodgson wasn't available. Then 10 minutes later traded him to Buffalo. Prick. 
  26. nordiques100 says:

    neither player is as advertised. 

  27. nordiques100 says:

    Kessel, 1st round pick, Schenn (and if they want one more asset, fine, could care less)

    Nash, 1st overall pick. 
    Yakubov could be our next Kessel, Nash has 40 goal potential like Kessel so he can help now. And he's way bigger. 
    Yakubov could be the next Bure. He can fly. He can score. 
    I don't really care for Schenn so whatever. Guys like Franson, Holzer can take over. And hopefully Toronto justs gets Suter….and Schultz. If so, then to me is Luke who? 
    Get off your whiny ass and get it done Burke. 
  28. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Under Wilson I was for trading Schenn. Under Carlyle Schenn will blossom into the D guy we all hoped he would be. Under Carlyle you trade Gunnarsson. Under Carlyle we shoulda' kept Aulie. Remember Aulie rag dolling Hartnell last season? Phaneuf isn't rag dolling anyone.

  29. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Wasn't the main part of your deals but I'm not ready to give up on Lombardi and Armstrong on the last year of their contracts with Carlyle as coach, (especially for a 4th and 5th). Lombardi is underrated playing just one season after coming out of the dark room; and Armstrong could really find his way again under Carlyle. Two veterans I think could help us in surprising ways next season. 

  30. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Where will they fit next year though? That's the thing, I think that Kadri and Frattin deserve spots over them.  Maybe keep Armstrong on the 4th line because they always seem to win with him in the lineup and he is a great dressing room guy.

  31. MystifoLeafs says:

    Change that first 2013 to 2012. Also Franson holds little value as of right now. I am not saying he is a bad player it is just his not getting icetime on the leafs has really hurt his value. So I don't know if LA bites on that deal.

  32. MystifoLeafs says:

    Oh also I have found out numerous times from Blues fans Halak is not being moved. I mean I had a offer with our 1st round draft pick in it and they would not agree. It opens up way too many holes for them. If you want to try for a starter Luongo is available. 

  33. mojo19 says:

    Mystifo, I assume you meant Grigorenko, not Galchenyuk with the 1st overall pick. I would however draft Galchenyuk if we end up with the 5th or 6th overall pick.

  34. mojo19 says:

    Agree 100%

    Nice to have you back Nords. Good comment.

    There are tons of Schenn-esk d-men scheduled for free agency (Sarich, Gill, C.White, etc.) The list is actually huge.

  35. mojo19 says:

    Another option could be to try to obtain Edmonton's high draft pick, they've been stock piling high picks for a while, I wouldn't be shocked to see them move the 2nd or 3rd overall pick in a deal for a good, young NHL d-man, along with another prospect and maybe a decent 2nd/3rd line forward who could step right in and contribute.

    Something like:

    Schenn, Kadri, and MacArthur for the 2nd overall pick. I would couple this package with a Kessel and the 4-5th overall pick (ours) along with a couple other pieces and do something like Nords was talking about to obtain the 1st overall pick and Rick Nash. Then I'd draft the 2 Russians. Super talented Yakupov, and the big 6'3" lanky centre Grigorenko.

  36. reinjosh says:

    I'd love for Burke to get two top 5 picks, or a top 5 and top 10 pick. 

    I don't see it happening though. For one, Tambellini is an idiot. His only good quality as a GM (at least this far, minus the Penner trade), has been drafting (and I give more credit to his scouts than him). I can't see him trading his pick unless he's trading backwards slightly. 

    Secondly, I'm not sure trading that pick for Schenn plus makes much sense. Their biggest need right now is number 1 dman. That pick gives them the perfect, and likely best, chance at getting that dman. At this point I think its Ryan Murray or bust with that pick.
    The only way I see that pick being available is if Tambellini pulls a sign and trade with Anaheim for Schultz before the draft, and wants to get an NHL ready guy like Schenn. 
    Also, I doubt they ask for Kadri. They are already pushing MPS to the AHL. Getting another LW isn't a smart move. I'd bet they ask for Colborne. 
  37. reinjosh says:

    Damnit Toronto, why oh why did you have to win last night.

    If Anaheim and NYI lose tonight, we move to 7th. 
    If they find a way to screw up getting a top 5 pick…
  38. nordiques100 says:

    thanks. good to see another original still kicking around. 

    I agree wholeheartedly. Schenn's kind is a dime a dozen. Easily replaceable. But, if the analysis is correct, Holzer is as capable. Franson i just really like….him and Gardiner were good together. Together they may make less than both Schenn or Komisarek combined. unreal.
    I have an article written on this Nash/Yakubov option which hasn't been posted, explaining things in more detail, but to me, I like to see the organization just get up and go after the best available talents. Nash (via trade) and Yakubov (via the draft) are the best out there. 
    I think too, it may cause a chain reaction. Wouldn't you think something this big, it would get Suter to notice? He may think hmm, they're really trying here. and they are offering me good cash. why not Toronto? 
  39. nordiques100 says:

    If anything, Grabovski would be a good mentor for the two of them. Especially in the work ethic category. Consistency at times is elusive for Grabo, but almost every night he works his tail off. 

  40. mojo19 says:

    Well, no doubt, if we don't do anything big then you can forget about attracting Suter or Parise in free agency. I mean they're not gonna even consider teams like Toronto, Minnesota, the New York Islanders, Columbus, etc. And right now, this is where we are lumped in. If we make a move for a Nash, draft a high end prospect, etc. then ya, maybe we can attract a player like Suter. Which would be huge.

  41. dumbassdoorman says:

    Two things, first I don't agree Schenn is a dime a dozen dman. He is young and from day one has had leadership written all over him. If you don't believe me ask Wendel or look up his interview when asked about who should be next captian and he hinted at Luke. I am no expert but I will take Clarks opinion over any of ours. Plus it is not his fault that Wilson rushed him his first year when he should have went back to junior.

     Next I think if we don't get a guy like Suter, it isn't so much the state of our team. Yes, that comes into play. However I think he is a player who wants to be the man, so to speak. He won't get that here, this is for better or worse Dion's team. Mark my words If Nashville wins the cup this year, Suter goes to the highest bidder, especially if the team has some upside.

  42. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol, ya can't solve Miller when we need to but beat him when we wanna lose ARGHHHHHHHH

  43. reinjosh says:

    I've never heard that Gillis hates Nonis. And that's unsubstantiated that Gillis told him he wasn't available. It was reported that a team had enquired and he was said to be unavailable. 

    And really, look at what happened. It took everyone by surprise and happened at the very last possible moment. That very likely means it came out of nowhere. It's more than possible Buffalo came up to Gillis and said, "hey we love Hodgson, we can offer Kassian". Gillis is a huge fan, and gets it done.
    Or even a more simpler approach. Do the Leafs have an NHL ready power forward that has the size, skill and edge in his game like Kassian? No and thats likely the one thing Gillis would have asked for, so hence no Hodgson. 
  44. reinjosh says:

    I'm sort of in between all of you. I look at Schenn and I see a lot of things I like. The guy is physically a tank. He's on pace to lead dman in hits again, he has the sort of character you want on a team, he has leadership written all over him (I still remember him standing up for dudes in his first year, thats says a lot about a player to me). 

    However I see stuff I don't like. He makes mistakes like crazy and just doesn't seem to have any consistency. In addition to a his high price tag and his apparent value to other teams he seems like a logical trade choice. 
    I still lean towards trading him at this point, simply because we could get a lot for him I think, but I see reasons to keep him. 
  45. dumbassdoorman says:

    Note I didn't say i wouldn't trade him, I am just saying he is not a dime a dozen, guy, IMO. Most of Lukes mistakes are confidence issues, those are easier to fix then arrogance or stupidity mistakes. The kid would go to war for the right coach, cause he sure in as hell did for the wrong one.

  46. MystifoLeafs says:

    Well I am not 100% sold on Grigorenko. I mean his numbers in the QMJHL speaks for itself he only scores against the weaker teams and never shows up when it matters. He has a higher skill set I just think Gal has a better fit. He is also American which Burke loves.

  47. SabresFan220 says:

    It's my understanding that Gillis called Regier asking about Kassian. It's known that he coveted Kassian from his draft day and has wanted to get him ever since. Gillis saw a need to bring in Kassian's size to counteract playoff goonery from teams like Boston, and Kassian was the player he wanted from the beginning.

    Hodgson was probably not available, but when Gillis called about Kassian Regier essentially told him that's the guy I want or no deal. The Sabres desperately needed a center, especially after sending Gaustad to Nashville. I'm sure Gillis called him in advance of that deal being done as well, since those 2 trades were the last completed on deadline day. The Sabres needed Gaustad's money off the cap in order to accomodate the Vancouver deal. Gillis probably didn't want to give up Hodgson, so he likely told other teams he wasn't available, but Regier targeted him, so Gillis also asked about Gragnani. I'm sure he knew about how well Gragnani played in last year's playoffs, so it made sense to try and get him to balance the deal. Regier agreed to send them Gragnani, but since the Sabres needed a 7th defenseman in his spot the Canucks threw in Sulzer. The funny thing is how much Sulzer has outplayed Gragnani since the deal too.

  48. mojo19 says:

    Luke is good, don't get me wrong. He is the next Bryan Allen (also drafted around the same place in his draft year). This is what we can hope Luke will be. 

    Schenn Pro's –
    – He's big
    – He's physical
    – When he's on his game he's steady and can throw the big hit.
    Schenn Con's – 
    – He doesn't have an NHL calibre shot
    – He is a borderline NHL calibre skater
    Inconsistencies aside, I'm not gonna count that as a Con because he's only 22 and on a bad team so its expected. But i think looking at his skill set he's a #4 when he approaches his prime. Right now he's a 5-6.

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