Nashville trying to bring Radulov back?

Understandably, Nashville has persistantly tried to lure Radulov back and the KHL often responds with more $ to keep him.!/DarrenDreger/statuses/177917883383431170

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  1. 93killer93 says:

    If he can play in the playoffs, bring him back this season. If not wait until next season since he still has to play the last year of his entry level deal, and they will be a lot closer to the cap after they resign everyone.  

    He adds a lot to an already pretty good team. 
  2. reinjosh says:

    This would be huge. Adding a potential game breaker like Radulov would make Nashville a huge contender. Plus it makes perfect sense for Radulov to come back right now.

    Nashville has never had a better chance than right. If he comes back he not only gets that but he burns the last year of his deal off, allowing him to sign with Nashville next year for a lot more money than an ELC would give him. So he still makes his money this year (from the KHL), gets a shot at a cup, and gives himself the shot to make a lot of money next year. 
  3. reinjosh says:

    How cool would it be to see Montreal and Toronto both get top 5 picks this year and take the number 1 big center they both need. Montreal gets Grigorenko and Toronto gets Galchenyuk?

    You get a link between the two teams that might make their games a whole lot more interesting.
  4. reinjosh says:

    If Nashville adds Radulov, does this make them one of teh top 3 or top 5 threats for the Cup this year with Vancouver, the Rangers, Detroit and St Louis?

    Radulov would add the one thing they are missing, the game breaking offensive star. They already have a top 3 goalie in the league (and maybe the best in the west), they already have two of the best dman in the league (and arguably the best pairing in the league) and they have depth at all positions (they are 9th best for GA, 9th best for GF and thats without an offensive star) and adding Gaustad, Kostitsyn and Gill only helps that. 
  5. 93killer93 says:

    I think if they add Radulov and he can make an impact, I think the only team I would put ahead of them is maybe the Rangers and Pittsburgh if Sid can come back healthy. The moves they made at the deadline were huge for them and adding another top 6 forward for nothing would definitely put them up there with Vancouver and Detroit for favourites in the West.  

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    But quesion still becomes, can he step back into the NHL and have that impact? easier said then done, IMO. I know Jagr has done well, but he is a season H.O.F'er and it makes a difference.

  7. mapleleafsfan says:

    No love for the bruins? I don't see the Rangers winning to be honest. Too young and they lose to bad teams. I could see them being upset in the first round. 

    I'm still not sold on the Preds.. I like them, and I'd really like to see them win, but I really feel you need some game breaking talent up front. Boston did it without (although some people stepped up) but I think they were a deeper team overall. That said though, if Radulov comes to play and actually shines, it definitely makes them a scarier team. 
    I like the Western conference this year. I'd cheer for Detroit, St Louis and the Preds in the finals. As long as someone beats the friggen Canucks, smug sob's.. Eastern conference I'd like the Rangers or Penguins to win… The Pens just because I want Malkin to prove he can do it without Sid (I don't buy him coming back this weekend, if he does, he's an idiot)… and the Rangers just because.
    Ultimately as long as someone spanks the sens and nucks I'm happy haha
    I think the biggest threats are the nucks, red wings and blues (I like the blues a lot for play off hockey) from the west.. And the bruins from the east.. The eastern conference has some laughable teams compared to the west, I can't see any team in the east other than the bruins being really competitive vs the west.
  8. reinjosh says:

    Not this year. They were looking reatarded after the first month, but they have since shown weakness and they can't seem to get a consistently high level of play going. Call it a hunch more than anything. 

    I honestly think the Preds have what it takes if Radulov comes back. They don't get enough credit for the depth they have (especially at offense) and they actually have some offensive guys that can put up a fight if necessary (Erat's having a big year right now). 
    I really only thing the Bruins and Rangers have a chance from the East. The Penguins if they get Crosby back or Malkin just carries them the whole way (which is a possibility). Philly's goaltending is so anemic its not funny and everyone else is just not at that level. 
  9. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yea maybe I underrate the preds. To me they just don't seem like the real deal, but I can't lie and say I've seen them play much at all.. I guess any team with the depth they have at forward + Suter/Weber + Rinne can seriously compete with any team. If Rinne is on, I guess there isn't really a team they couldn't really compete with. I still think Vancouver would off them though (ugh f.cking nucks)… 

    I still think the rangers are overachieving, but Lundqvist is unreal so again they could realistically beat anyone. I'd take the bruins over the rangers in a playoff series. 
    I think the Bruins have just coasted too much this year, but that team is made for playoffs. I think once they get rolling, they are going to thump whoever they play. Especially if playoffs started today. See ya later Sens. 
  10. Boston_Bruins says:

    Man, Kipper is having a hell of a year. He may not have the best stats (although they're still great) but this guy might make more key saves at key times than any goalie in the league, and he's an absolute workhorse. Lundqvist is a lock for the Vezina, but I'd like to see Kipper get a nomination, along with Quick.

  11. Boston_Bruins says:

    I agree with your point on the Bruins haha. 🙂 But if I had to pick one team to come out of the East, biases aside, it would be Pittsburgh this year. I'd be genuinely surprised if it wasn't one of these two teams, which makes me agree with your point about…

    The Rangers. I could definitely see an 08/09 Bruins situation with them, where they dominate the regular season, but fizzle out in the playoffs because this level of success is just so new to them.
    In the West, I think you have to go with either the Wings or Canucks again. I absolutely adore the Blues, and I'd feel like a proud father if they one (as they're so similar to the Bruins), but the same goes for them as it does with the Rangers. This level of success is just so new for them, and they might just fizzle out. We've seen this happen before, and sometimes you might have to experience some failure under greater expectations in order to succeed.
    Nashville looks like the wildcard to me right now, but to me it's Pittsburgh/Boston in the East, and Detroit/Vancouver in the West.
  12. Boston_Bruins says:

    "and arguably the best pairing in the league"

    Arguably? Haha how is that even arguable? You don't always have to be modest lol.
  13. toronto77 says:

    As of right now Toronto has the 6th overall pick, so getting Gal would be a strong possibility.

  14. THENOTORIOUS says:

     Hopefully one of those two team doesn't start wining

  15. THENOTORIOUS says:

    To me Kipper is probably the best Goalie in the league, You have to remember Calgary has a poor team playin in front of him. Awards and cups dont always tell the whole story!

  16. reinjosh says:

    2008 draft is steadily working its way to becoming one of the best drafts in all time and it very well could compete with the 2003 draft. And its gotta be the best draft all time for dman.

    Forwards – Stamkos, Eberle, Stepan, Henrique, some lesser guys (with some big potential still) in Hodgson, Ennis, Wilson, Bailey, Boedker, Adam, some more grit guys that are becoming regulars Zach Smith, Zac Rinaldo, Tommy Wingels. And that's not even including the prospects that are developing right now and have a pretty decent shot at making the NHL(Colborne, Nyquist, Lotkoinov, Boychuk, Nemisz, McRae, Kristo, Hayes, Hartinkanen). 
    Defense – Doughty, Myers, Pietrangelo, Karlsson, Carlson, Schenn, Bogosian, Del Zotto, Sbisa, Gardiner, Hamonic, Voynov, Josi, Demers with developing guys like Lalonde, Wiercroch, Schultz, Robak, Brodie, Larsen, Gaunce.
    Goalies (although they are the weakest of the 2008 and still need time to determine exactly how good they are) – Markstrom, Lindback, Jake Allen, and possibly even Poulin, Tokarski and Sateri.
    Like just ridiculous the amount of talent this draft has already produced.  
  17. reinjosh says:

    Haha fine. The best pairing in the league lol. 

  18. reinjosh says:

    Yes he is. I still stand by my assertion that he's been largely hidden because of Calgary's down play (and thats the past years). But this year is just something so much more. He's playing amazingly right now. He's the sole reason Calgary isn't fighting for the 2nd overall with Edmonton and Montreal. 

  19. toronto77 says:

    2012 has that same potential, maybe more.

  20. mapleleafsfan says:
    Marc Antoine Godin ‏ @MAGodin Répondre Retweeter Favori · Ouvrir
    NHL execs from three different teams told me #CBJ are expected to trade their 1st round pick (likely 1st overall) at upcoming draft #yakupov

    Apparently the guy doesn't just tweet bullcrap and is pretty informed.. 
    Two things… First, I can't see why Colombus would do this at all.. But I guess the return they can expect from Nash, plus the return for the first round pick would immediately make them competitive..
    Second.. if this is true, what would you guys offer for the first round pick?
    Personally, I'd offer anyone at all… If we can keep our first (and hopefully gardiner), I'd literally trade anyone for that pick. Kessel, sure, Phaneuf/Schenn/Lupul/Kulemin etc, no prob… I'd package pretty much all of them. IF that first is available the leafs could do a proper rebuild right now.. I know burke would never trade Kessel for that but I would.
    Having Galchenyuk and Yakupov first line for years is worth sacrificing anyone on the team IMO.
  21. mapleleafsfan says:

    Not sure about that, the top level talent is meant to drop off a bit after the top 10. 

  22. Boston_Bruins says:

    Wow, are they that scared about the Russian factor? Getting the first pick is a PR dream. Even if there's no absolute stud to take you can still market the shit out of it by stressing he's the "first overall pick". Anyways, it turns out there is a stud they can take and he could really be marketed there. I suppose it would depend on what they get, but if it's a bunch of lesser pieces… yikes.

  23. reinjosh says:

    Exactly. I cannot think of any reason this makes sense. Any. Unless management has mandated a playoff spot above long term. Any even then the return would have to be retarded to make any sense, and I just doubt any team would give that up. 

  24. reinjosh says:

    I think he should be fine. He put up almost 60 points in his second season, put up 26 goals. 

    Since then he's gone on to become the best player in the KHL. Not one of the best, but the best. I don't think he will have any issue coming back and playing well.
    Actual going to the KHL seems to be a good thing for players. Giordano did it and it helped him in a major way. Same thing with Wellwood. Even Hudler. 
  25. frankinboltonleafs says:

    This is all assuming the Oilers don't win the 1st. There should be a rule against that….a team getting the 1st overall three years straight. I call that an embarrassment to the Oiler organisation that they couldn't put the parts together after two straight firsts to at least finish 24th or something. Maybe Columbus will trade their 1st to the Oilers? Double yikes!

  26. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    oilers would have to give him one of there recent first overal picks like hall, RNH or eberle for that pick IMO. 

    I definately agree about doing anything possible to get that pick, i would even consider..
    To Cbj: Lupul, kulimen, kadri, gunnarson, reimer + 2013 first round pick.
    To Tor: Yakupov + any salary dumps they want. 
    If we drafted galchenyuk + yakupov.. the speed and skill our first line would have with yakupov – galchenyuk – kessel would be ridiculous.. and would give us good cap room to try for parise also. 
    Thats a huge price to pay but itd be an actual proper rebuild and all those players are replaceable.
    I can see cbj really wanting to make the playoffs next year if there having money issues and want to boost team popularity. Only problem, if that was the case there would have to bee almost equal cap coming back or close too.. but with guys like husielius's cap (4.5) expiring it can make this trade cap wise work. Plus it seems like cbj are willing to spend money to finally start winning too. 
    This is just brainstorming IF cbj wants to trade their pick but honestly i cant see them trading it, it just doesnt make sense and this is surprising.
  27. reinjosh says:

    Yeah it's possible they get screwed out of the first spot. And the way that team's luck is, I wouldn't be surprised if they got royally screwed like that. 

    And yeah it is an embarrassment. I do not understand how Oiler's fan rave about Tambellini. He hasn't done anything for this team to improve it outside picking first overall and really that's not something I give him any credit for. 
    If he picks another forward this draft and doesn't fix his defense some way(since I think his plan is to go with Dubnyk as the future goalie), then he should really be fired. 
  28. reinjosh says:

    That's a brutal trade for us I think. I'd rather just draft Glachenyuk and keep Lupul, Reimer, Kadri, 2013 first, Kulemin. Getting Yakupov for that doesn't make any sense. Those are all relatively young players that can still be a part of the team. And "proper" rebuilds have been proven to work just as much as non-proper rebuilds (and proven to not work). That trade sets us back years, and destroys any depth we have. No thanks.

  29. reinjosh says:

    The southeast is horrid this year. 

    Not a single one of the 5 teams in the southeast has a plus goal differential. In fact the leader in the conference has the 4th worst goal differential in the East and 7th worst in the league.
    Secondly, Florida, who is currently 3rd, has a lower point total than every non southeast playoff team. They even have teh lowest win total for playoff teams.
    This division leader format is retarded. There are 4 teams better than Boston and Florida and yet they are above 3 of them. 
  30. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Who cares? I really don't. Unless you're the atlantic or central, one of these divisions always have a crappy year. Washington and Tampa Bay were 2 of the best teams in the East last year so I'm not looking at one year.

    Look at the Northwest over the last couple of years…You have Vancouver and 4 really bad teams.

  31. JoelLeafs says:

    It really could become Bettman's decision. And with the way relations between the N and K HLs have been improving it would seem strategic for Bettman to simply not allow Radulov back until his contract with the KHL is fully honoured.

    Would be a sick addition to any team. Though it seems unlikely, he could come back this season, then next year use his RFA status (pretty sure that's how it would play out) to command huge money from Nashville. I'm sure plenty of teams would be interested in his services.

  32. reinjosh says:

    But in that case only Vancouver gets into the playoffs. In this one two teams get into the playoffs. Granted that speaks to the weakness of the Eastern Conference, but still, having a guaranteed top seed from one conference is retarded. It gives an unfair advantage to Florida and whoever they play (since they might actually be worse than the team they end up facing). 

  33. JoelLeafs says:

    To answer your first question: Josh cares, obviously.

    It's a competition issue. With the way the playoffs are structured – 1v8 2v7, and so on – it throws the principle into a bit of disarray and 3v6 might be competitively closer teams in reality than 4v5.

    I imagine they will address it when they change the conference format in 2 years time, as the whole playoff match-up system will be different.

  34. reinjosh says:

    Haha well apparently I'm nobody. 

    Exactly. It's actually a big advantage for the 6th team. 
  35. KingCanada says:

    Omg guys calm down lol.

    First its a 50/50 that Colombus gets the first overall pick.

    Secondly, Howson will be getting fired most likely so take watever u hear with a grain of salt because it could change anytime.

    Third and most importantly…they wont trade the pick flat out, they will trade down if anything!  This is a rebuilding franchise and still will require a top 5 pick.  Those trade proposals you are all suggesting are ridiculous!!

    Lastly if the Leafs somehow miraculously manage to get this pick (never will happen) we wont be getting both Nail and Gal.  Colombus will trade down and require our first rounder.

    Maybe something like…(also depends where the Leafs sit when the draft happens)

    To Toronto: CLB 1st
    To Colombus: TOR 1st, Schenn, Kadri +

    Its not going to be half the team like you guys are suggesting.  Yakupov isnt Rick Nash..or Eric Lindros for that matter..

  36. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    keep in mind cbj would be giving us 1 or 2 depth players in return too. All im saying is id rather have a guy who can possibley be the next ovechkin playing with a guy who can possibly the next backstrom or malkin playing together rather then guys who can easily be replaced. The difference is getting rid of a bunch of players who can maybe get us into the playoffs next year and bringing in players that can make us cup contenders in a couple years. yakupov can very well have the same 2nd year as ovechkin and put up 50+ goals while playing just as physical. Yakupov brings physicallity just like ovechkin, hes a beast watch him play. And clearly galchenyuk and yakupov have great chemistry playing on a line already this year, itd make each player more comfortable making the transition to the nhl and can play great together. It will also help us take a run at parise making that trade getting rid of cap space. and this UFA isnt good for stars but depth players are great, take a run at guys that will make our team bigger and better cycling and leave the offence too our top two lines like gaustad, kelly or campbell. love our roster to look like this going into next season.

          yakupov – galchenyuk – kessel
            parise – grabovski – macarthur
            frattin – gaustad – connolly
    cambell/bozak – steckel – brown
    phaneuf – liles
    gardiner – schenn
    franson – UFA/blacker
    gustavson (has played well)
    UFA / scrivens / rynass (perferably ufa like harding)
    Even if we dont land a guy like parise, frattin has played well with grabovski and macarthur. and its much easier to trade for depth players then potential stars. trade for more players like steckel for 4th round picks. Id like to see our bottom 6 get bigger instead of having a third line consist of wannabe 2liners who cant cycle the puck and wear the other team down. we have to role players. I like what carlyle did by putting connolly – steckel – kulimen together first game in to try and create a bigger thirrd line that can possibly control the puck for once. we have no puck possession game. We need to shake up our lineup and thats a perfect way to do that. 
  37. KingCanada says:

    Itll be interesting to see if NJ or Phily "tanks" a lil during the last game or 2 to try and get into the 6th seed lol.

    Similar situation out west as well but not as obvious as the East's situation.  3 teams ahead in points yet behind the standings from the 3rd place Dallas Stars.

  38. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    okay agreed its highly unlikely the pick goes anywhere pretty much no matter what the offer is. Im still sticking to my point that we should look to shake up the team and outside our top 6, we gotta make our bottom 6 bigger and actually have a cycle game to wear teams down. wouldnt mind signing jagr  this UFA, he has an unbelievable cycle game and uses his body very well and then sign gaustad. our team would be way better on the dot and very big downlow. third line of jagr – gaustad – kulimen would be nice. get rid of armstrong he hasnt been the same since the ankle injury. Lombardi is a guy thats just out of place on our team but can be a very nice addition to another team. I like him just no room for him. sign a greg cambell or kelly type player thats high energy chippy for the fourth line. like a line of cambell – steckel – brown.  our bottom six needs to get bigger.

  39. JoelLeafs says:

    Exact same thing is about to happen in my hockey pool. Because of divisions my likely 6th place finish will have me against the 3rd seed, who happens to have about 50 less points than I do. Sweet.

  40. KingCanada says:

    Yes I agree a lil bit of a shakeup is in order.  But you dont breakup/trade half the team for one player.  The Leafs already went threw a major overhaul in recent years and are the youngest if not one of the youngest teams in the league.  This isnt a veteran team of underachieving has-beens.  I just dont want to trade away all the youth on the team for one guy thats just stupid.

    There are some decent players available as UFAs but its not like the Leafs are the only players looking to sign them.  I would like a few veteran forwards like Connolly, Army or Lombardi traded for sure.  But when you start talking Kulemin, Lupul, Gunnarsson ect youve lost me, that makes zero sense unless you are getting equal value coming back. 

    Im not stating that youve said any of this, just venting generally towards the "general consensus" of this thread..

    IMO our first, kadri, schenn is decent for the 1st overall (depending on if the Leafs are top 5) but if it exceeds that in demands (and it will) let it go…

  41. KingCanada says:

    And all we have left from Toronto's perspective from that draft is Luke Schenn lol.  We traded our next 3 picks Jimmy Hayes, Mikhail Stefanovich and Greg Pateryn and got Brad Ross, Fabian Brunnstrom and Mikhail Grabovski lol.  Everything else in that draft didnt pan out for us.  One trade worked out, another didnt, and the other TBD.

    In retrospect we did get Joe Colborne and Jake Gardiner from that draft in later trades…

    LA did pretty good in that draft..  Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov, Colton Teubert, Andrei Loktionov..

    And Buffalo wow Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, Luke Adam..

    And then there was the Islanders who had like 13 picks and only have Josh Bailey and Travis Hamonic to show for it lol.

  42. reinjosh says:

    Probably. I would imagine a few teams protest it but some teams won't. And I can't imagine the NHLPA would be against it. 

    I honestly think Bettman would be fine with it. Nashville is the perfect example of how to build a small market team into a big market competitor. They built up a good fan base, and don't have to worry about money issues now. Adding Radulov gives them a chance at a cup, and a Cup would be a huge thing for Nashville. It would also give Bettman ammo to work with to keep teams like Columbus, Phoenix etc in their respective cities. 
    But at the same time, you bring up a good point about the relations improving and him not wanting to wreck that. I think though that legally, his contract allows him to leave, according to rumors anyways. 
  43. reinjosh says:

    Well of the three we traded, only Hayes looks like he will be an NHLer. We got a pretty damn good NHLer out of Pateryn and Hayes for Ross still could work out fine. 

  44. reinjosh says:

    I still wouldn't do it. This league is won on depth. We can't give that much away on a guy who MIGHT be a big deal. As much as Yakupov looks sweet, thats far to much to give up for just potential. 

    And I highly doubt Parise signs on a team where he wouldn't be on the top line. I think that Parise probably isn't an option right now…
  45. reinjosh says:

    Thats a nice position for you haha.

    Better than the one I'm in for this year. I've been a non-playoff team all year because guys like Ovie, Staal, Hiller, Stewart all decided to take the start of the year off. When those guys finally starting heating up, someone else died or got injured. And I can't even lose enough to get a decent high pick next year (I'll probably end up 5th in a 14 team league). 
    Thankfully it's a keeper league and my core is sort of stacked. And I have 12 picks in the first five rounds haha. I'll have more than half my picks done before anyone else has a quarter. 
  46. MystifoLeafs says:

    Not that I am saying Burke "Will" do this but remember this is the guy who managed to draft both Henrick and Daniel Sedin. While it is highly unlikely I could see the guy trying to do it.

  47. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    yes and dont forget burke traded away a bunch of our spare parts that almost got us to the playoffs to get phaneuf and it made our team a ton better. I say trade all our spare parts, keep our core intact and try to get a franchise guy. We will have a much easier time finding another macarthur or kulimen then finding a franchise player. If your asking me id rather trade lupul, kulimen, kadri, reimer and gunnarson and maybe next years first for yakupov and then draft galchenyuk on top of that instead of trading galchenyuk schenn and kadri for yakupov. Galchenyuk will probably end up being 10X the player any of the other guys will be. Kessel or phaneuf is not the face of our franchise. Kessel is an elite player but not a player that will win you the cup. Yakupov galchenyuk and kessel might, lupul kessel and kulimen wont

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