New Super Arena, Same Super Ownership

On the heels of the announcement that the Pittsburgh Penguins would be staying in the Steel city thanks to a new $290 million arena in the works, it was announced today that Mario Lemieux has taken the Penguins off the market, and he and his partners have no plans to sell the team.

The man who has been credited with saving hockey in the city of Pittsburgh twice might just have done it for a 3rd time. Whether it be his talent on the ice, his financial support, or his hard-nosed negotiating, Mario Lemieux has been the savior of this franchise since he scored his first goal on his first shot on his first shift against the Boston Bruins so many years ago.

On behalf of New York Rangers fans, fans of a team that while we may not have always agreed with our management’s decisions, never had to worry that our beloved Blueshirts would ever be taken from us due to a lack of financing (like that will ever happen), I would like to congratulate Pittsburgh Penguin fans on the great news that has broken over the past few days. I’m happy for all of you that you’re going to keep not only an NHL team, but the one you currently have, with a future as bright as the sun as long as the salary cap doesn’t break up that team.

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  1. OldGoalie says:

    Geez…now I have to qualify and say I only hate MOST Ranger fans.

    In all sincerity and on behalf of Pens fans everywhere, thank you.  It really has been fun seeing how people all over the place have been keeping track of the arena issue here in Pittsburgh, and it was particularly interesting to hear sound clips of Martin Brodeur talking about it and how aware he was before yesterday night's game.

  2. intelligentscorpio says:

    MARIO LEMIEUX is Pittsburgh Penguins, he is the man. From that first shot on his first shift in his first game, he has been a Penguin. The Stanleys , the Art Ross, The Conn Smythe and all the other records, all the inuuries, treatments, the pain and suffering, the bankrupcies, and playing for peanuts for all those years. Finally, Mario has a great team with super talent, will have a new arena and Penguins will live and play in Pittsburgh.

    Can anybody top that!

  3. Maximus says:

    Mario Lemieux may also be inducted into the hall of fame as a builder.  He has now saved the team twice as an owner.  He took the team out of bankruptcy and now he has managed to get the team a badly needed new building.  He has done almost as much as an owner as he did as a player.  He has done more for hockey in Pittsburgh as any other owner in that teams history.  Mario Lemieux = Pittsburgh hockey.  He is still the Penguins MVP.

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