No chance at the playoffs for the Leafs?

(I am wrighting this as of December 31st, 2007, morning). What I think, is that as of now, the Leafs don’t have a chance at the playoffs.  Well let’s look at it here, for the first half of the season (2007)
39 games played, 15 wins, 16 losses, 8 OTL, 112 GF and, 124 GA. Their standings are, 5th in the Northeast division (last), 13th in the Eastern Conference and, 24th in the league (could drop to 25th, if Dallas wins over Columbus tonight (Decmember 31st, 2007)

If the Toronto Maple Leafs do NOT make the playoffs for the third time in a row, there needs to be people fired like, JFJ and Paul Maurice! Hey, bring in Pat Quinn for coach and then hire Pat Burns or someone like that for GM. And they need to trade a few people, if those people don’t get traded before the trade deadline or at the trade deadline, like Raycroft, *coff, coff* Raycrap.