No Samsonov…No Problem!

Currently sitting in the final playoff spot the Habs have won 5 straight and have been on fire as of late. With recent wins coming against Toronto, Boston twice, Washington and more impressively the New York Rangers, the Canadiens look to be a major contender for one of the last 3 spots available. They have also won 7 out of 8 and show no signs of quit.

More to the point… Those 7 wins out of 8 have all come without the use of Sergei Samsonov. He has now missed the last 8 games and has not played a game since March 8 (a 6-2 loss to the Thrashers). As a matter of fact, the Canadiens are winless in the last 4 games that he has played! In those 4 games, Samsonov has registered 1 assist and has been a minus 6.

He has been an obvious problem and he feels he can come out and say that he regrets signing in Montreal. Don’t you think it’s the Canadiens that regret signing you Sammy?!

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  1. modk09 says:

    and get this, if we can shed his contract, Eklund says that Datsyuk has narrowed down the teams he'll sign with to 3, Washington, NYR and MONTREAL!!!!!

    I dont put much stock in that and hed probably be another overpriced flop but still could be exciting given how well he plays with kovalev internationally.

    question for everyone, why was Pittsberg able to give LeClaire his outright release and not be on the hook for his salary, but the Habs cant??

  2. NHLman says:

    I think it is because he refused to go to the AHL and didn't have a two-way contract to force him to do so.

  3. rojoke says:

    You don't need a two-way contract to demote a player.  Alexander Mogilny finished last season in Albany, and I'm pretty sure he didn't have a two-way deal.  The only thing a two-way deal does is it establishes a minor league salary and an NHL salary.  They could have assigned him to Hamilton and suspended him if he didn't report, which would have cleared cap room.

  4. Labrosse says:

    please dont bring datsyuk, he will be another samsonov

  5. Yann says:

    Bring in Datsyuk and your team will now have a guy that plays well during the season, disapears in the playoffs, wich is Datsyuk and a player who isnt always there during the season and is good in the playoffs, Kovalev…

  6. markjohnston says:

    mogilny agreed to report.

  7. markjohnston says:

    I'll give the habby's some credit.

    I didn't think they would make it after huet went down.

    I think they're lucky though – that halak kid can really play.

    yes, they were smart for drafting him, but still – they're lucky he's stepping into the fire (in montreal no less!) and is playing so well.

    good for the habs. I still don't think they'll end up in the playoffs though.

    I think it's going to be NYR, tbay and carolina…but you never know. I'd like to see either the leafs or habs in there for some canadian content, but neither deserves to make it.

  8. Habroller says:

    Lucky, but still, the guy was #1 in the AHL.

    And Carolina just dropped last in the East race.

  9. Komic-J says:

    I've been saying it from the start…Samsonov wasn't the type of player we needed. But, I wanted him to do well, and defended him when he was scratched for the first time by Guy Carbonneau.

    However, he turned out to be such a complaining cryin' baby…I can't wait for him to finally get his release. Hope it won't hurt the organisation too badly though, we already had a hard time bringing free agents to Montreal, it could be even harder now.

    Please, don't sign Datsyuk. He's a good player, but he wants to be paid like a star…and I'm sorry Pavel, but you're not that quite yet. And we just can't afford another Samsonov fiasquo !

    There's two players I really wanted the Habs to get last summer, and I think both of them are available again. Michal Handzus, now with Chicago, and Viktor Kozlov, with the Islanders. Both forwards are big and tall, decent skatting ability, and aren't affraid to stand in front of the net. Handzus would also be a good option to replace Radek Bonk on the PK. And, unlike Datsyuk, I'm pretty sure neither of them are looking for $5.0m+ per season.

  10. Hoondog2 says:

    I'm thinking Habs fans should wait until after this weekend to get overly excited about your playoff chances.  This weekend is make or break for a lot of teams.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    i think it was pretty clear when they waived him that they regretted signing him. 

    from day one of the season, montreal has been a contender for the 6th-8th playoff spots.  it is not surprising that with six games to go they remain in the thick of the battle for 16th place overall.  i continue to believe they will make the playoffs. 

    having or not having samsonov doesn't move the needle for this team.  they had winning streaks with him and they had winning streaks without him. winning against six non playoff teams in a row doesn't prove that much about samsonov. 

    i think koivu's improved play is the key driver to this winning streak.  if we examine the stats, koivu has 10 points during the winning streak.  he had no points and was -5 when montreal lost 4 of 5 and prior to that he had 12 points in 5 games when montreal won 4 of 5.  prior to that, he had 2 points and was -6 over 9 games and montreal won only once. 

    koivu tends to get hot for five games at a time then go cold for a week. i think he has 2-3 more good games in him which could get the habs into the playoffs.   

  12. GodandHabs says:

    its hard to understand that a team doesn't deserve to be there.  what are you saying?  Habs and Leafs had some bad times during teh seaosn?  so did every team who is chasing a playoff spot…..  or else they would not be chasing they would be like Buffalo and already have a guaranteed spot.  ottawa started horribly… do they deserve a spot?  hell yeah why wouldn't the Habs or Leafs?  Carolina and Tampa are making it hard on themselves right now.  Go Habs Go.

  13. GodandHabs says:

    i think Habs fans don't give a $hit what you think.

  14. iginla012 says:

    I think you need to learn respect.

  15. Garny says:

    samsoneuf….playing well without him but glad we never released him incase we make the playoffs and we go down with injuries and he can step in if he wants to play…rather have a disgruntled palyer in the press box who can step in and help a little bit than no player at all…murray and downey don't give the same amount of umph as sammy

  16. Garny says:

    i would take datsyuk…markov might wnat to stay if more russians are on the team…i have heard rumours jsut from various people that he doesn't have very many close freinds on the team cause of the lack of russians…now that we have samsonov, kovalev, (perezhogin, kostitsyn if you count belarus as russia) he might stay…but datsyuk is a proven goal scorer in his prime

  17. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    ya no kidding, theres always an idiot fan for every team that just brings the views of those fans down a notch.

  18. hockeyfreak64 says:

    Samsonov should just change his name to Samsoneau. Then he would get 1st line time! In all seriousness, CAR is finished, same with Isles and leafs. Montreal gets 7th, Tbay gets 8th

  19. modk09 says:

    i dont understand then why we wouldnt do that now???

    suspend him and then outright release the freeloader

  20. Komic-J says:

    He could change his name to Serge Tremblay, and it wouldn't change a thing. There's not one french speaking canadian on our top two lines. We spent almost the entire season with:

    Higgins (USA) – Koivu (FIN) – Ryder (CAN)
    Samsonov (RUS) – Plekanec (CZE) – Kovalev (RUS)

    …and now, Streit (FRE) is playing on the first line with Koivu and Ryder, Higgins is playing on the second line with Plekanec and Kovalev. Meanwhile, Guillaume Latendresse, Maxim Lapierre and Steve Bégin are playing on our 3rd and 4th line.

    Samsonov had plenty of chances, and he blew them all, one-by-one. When Higgins came back from his injury, who was sent back the the 4th line ?

    Was it Samsonov ? Nope…eventhough he deserved it.
    Was it Ryder ? Nope…eventhough he was playing really bad.
    Was it Latendresse ? Bingo !

  21. habs_punk says:

    First, Streit is Swiss.
    Second, Lapierre and Begin are both third and fourth line players no matter where they were born.
    Third, Latendresse is 19 years old. Give the kid time to work his way into a permanent first liner. Right now, besides Crosby, how many 19 year olds are getting first line ice time in the NHL? Kopitar is the only other one I can think of. Face it, Gui isn't a first liner yet. He was the most logical player to drop the the fourth line. It isn't because he's French Canadian. He's still got a lot to learn. He'll be getting more ice time next year.

  22. Komic-J says:

    Yeah, my mistake about Streit…

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying…I'm not ciriticing Carobonneau's decision to demote Latendresse, and you're absolutely right when you say that Lapierre and Bégin are third and fourth line players. But the original post stated that Samsonov would have been treated differently if he was a french speaking canadian, which I don't think would've been the case. That's why I made that comment about Latendresse…just to show that, if that was true, Samsonov or Ryder would've been demoted, and Latendresse would've played the entire season with Koivu and Higgins.

  23. GodandHabs says:

    i think you should mind your own business, just like this hero who didn't.

  24. GodandHabs says:

    prayin for the wce…… speaking of idiot fans who go down on ……. why don't you just bl*w me?  go back to your potatoe picking and shut the f*&^ up.

  25. ferron says:

    MONTREAL should just concentate by signing a STAR for once instead of signing talentless player {SAMMY , SOURAY , NIINIMAA…….}.Our last 50 goal scorer was Stephane THE FAIRY Richer ,our last 100 pts man was Mats Naslund , 23 years ago. I mean Come on WE Montreal Canadiens FANS deserves better we fill up that building every night even though our top scorer as only 67 pts andour top goal scorer as 26 goals, and espescialy now with the new rules this is unacceptable i rather have a team with two 50 goals scorer that finish 9th than a team with five 20 goals scorer that finishes 8th and loses in the first round of the playoff any freakin DAY.

  26. rojoke says:

    They'd still have to buy out the last year of his deal.

  27. rojoke says:

    It's not a one way street.  100-pt players have to want to come to Montreal, and as seen in years past, Montreal isn't at the top of a lot of free agents' wish lists.

  28. Komic-J says:

    While I agree that Montreal has been lacking a true franchise player for way too long, I'm not sure that free agents or trades is the way to go. You usually don't see that kind of player on the free agent market…and I like Daniel Briere, but he's not "it"…at least, not in my book.

    That's why I think we should keep trusting Trevor Timmins…and why the Habs should have traded Souray for a solid prospect and yet another 1st round pick. That was the first step…next step would be to get rid of Samsonov, and possibly Kovalev eventually. I like Kovy, but no matter how good he can be, the Habs can't afford to spend that kind of money on a player who plays only in the last 10 games. 

  29. Les-Habitants says:

    I'd have to disagree, trading Souray would hurt the team, not help it. 

    If Gainey is serious about building a team here to win, the first 2 steps are signing both Markov and Souray to contract extensions…after that, I'd say get Bonk and Johnson on board if they'd be willing to sign for 1.9-2mil.

    If the cap does go up to 48 mil, we'd most likely have somewhere in the range of 5-8 mil…which I would love to see Gainey put towards a top line forward (this is assuming we either put Samsonov on re-entry waivers or buy him out)

  30. ferron says:

    ok how much do you think souray would be asking for 5 millions,and he will get it even if it's not in Montreal, and anybody that knows a shit bit about hockey knows that is not worth it . Next you say sign bonk and jonhson but what about all the prospect in the minors, ok lets bring up Chip chura when he turns 28 lets keep paying him almost a million a years to rot in the AHL.I'm the biggest Habs fan in the world but why is everybody so high on there prospect , news flash how can you even call these player great { konstityn, perezhogin,milroy , cote Lapierre ect..] when they got in the league at 23, 24 and 25 years old.Great and Good Players get to the NHL at under 20.

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