No Samsonov…No Problem!

Currently sitting in the final playoff spot the Habs have won 5 straight and have been on fire as of late. With recent wins coming against Toronto, Boston twice, Washington and more impressively the New York Rangers, the Canadiens look to be a major contender for one of the last 3 spots available. They have also won 7 out of 8 and show no signs of quit.

More to the point… Those 7 wins out of 8 have all come without the use of Sergei Samsonov. He has now missed the last 8 games and has not played a game since March 8 (a 6-2 loss to the Thrashers). As a matter of fact, the Canadiens are winless in the last 4 games that he has played! In those 4 games, Samsonov has registered 1 assist and has been a minus 6.

He has been an obvious problem and he feels he can come out and say that he regrets signing in Montreal. Don’t you think it’s the Canadiens that regret signing you Sammy?!