Noronen not happy with Vancouver situation.

According to Sportsnet Mika Noronen is not pleased in the Vancouver Canucks acquiring Roberto Luongo as full time goalie, pushing Noronen to back-up. Noronen also wants atleast a one way deal, rather than his current two way deal.

2 Responses to Noronen not happy with Vancouver situation.

  1. ahuja21 says:

    Mika Noronen is a terrible goalie…hes even as bad a Cloutier… I can see Noronen letting in 40 yard shot sooner or later… Maybe we should grab Flahaty instead. Think About It Nonis

  2. Merllin says:

    You cant say Noronen is a bad goalie… You wouldnt know.. hes only played 8 games in the NHL, hardly enough time to prove himself. Im glad your not running a hockey team, they’d be basement dwellers….. As for Noronen wanting a starters role, he hasnt played enough to make those demands and even though he is 27, he still has time to play the backup role and earn a number one spot

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