Not this year, but next year is an option

The Canuck’s don’t have much Cap room. They have no serious needs (they need offensive, but unlike most team’s they’ll be okay with only a 2nd tier player to fix there need), and will only aquire some depth player’s, and one (maybe two, but unlikely) top 6 forward. When the season is over though, Naslund, Morrison, and Cooke all have expiring contract’s, which will give the Canuck’s some breathing room, and possible enough room to acquire a true superstar (if we don’t acquire someone that good, it’s okay too). I’ll do the transaction stuff, and i’ll have some reasonable idea’s.


To Vancouver: Steve Sullivan, Kevin Klein
To Nashville: Mattias Ohlund, Cory Schiender

There is a big hole on the Nashville defense, and in goal all of a sudden. They lost Timmonen, and Vokoun who were probably there best player’s, and I think Nashville’s GM doesn’t care if they sacerfice a forward to fix these needs. The Canuck’s trade Schiender though, and geta good prospect back (not as good though), and dump Ohlund’s salary for a good forward (although Ohlund deserve’s his salary).


Ryan Shannon, 4 years, 3.0 mil. (750k per season)
Drew MacIntyre, 1 year, 500k
Kevin Klein, 2 years, 1.4 mil., two way (700k per season if he plays with the big club)
Lukas Krajicek, 3 years, 2.7 mil. (900k per season)
Brent Sopel, 2 years, 2.4 mil., 2nd year is option (1.2 mil per season)


Vitaly Vishnevski, 2 years, 4.2, 2nd year is option (2.1 mil per season)
Ken Klee, 1 year, 600k

The Team:

extras: Jaffrey, Reid

extras: Klee


total Cap: 47.095 (the Cap will be about 48-52 mil. so there’s lot’s of breathing room)

The team is better, but the year after there will be a much bigger difference.



none (maybe some minor trade’s)


Matt Cooke, 3 years, 6.3 mil. (2.1 mil. per season)
Kevin Bieksa, 5 years, 22.5 mil. (4.5 mil. per season).
Rick Rypien, 2 years, 1.5 mil. (750k per season)


Don’t resign either Sopel or Vishnevski


Patrick White (from College), 4 years, 3.2 mil., two way (800k per season)
Kristion Huselius, 5 years, 27.5 mil. (5.5 mil. per season)


Waive Alex Burrows

The team:

extras: Rypien, Jaffrey
In the minors: Simek, Genoway, Shirokov, 2007/2008 draft picks

extras: Kevin Klein
In the minors: Rahimi, Ellington, McIver, Columbue, 2007/2008 draft picks

In the minors: Ellis, 2007/2008 draft picks

About 50-51 million (If the Cap goes up like it is now, it will be 54-58 million)

The offensive is good. They might be capable of being top 8 or in the NHL, but will likely stay around 10-12th. The defensive is young and inexperienced, but they have veterns to relie on, and unlike Pittsburgh the veterns play the big role’s on the team, so inexperience probably won’t be a factor. The goatending is the same, and there’s a chance it won’t be as good, but it will for sure be solid, and maybe won’t win as many games for the Canucks (well they have a better team, so they won’t need as good of goaltending) but it will be top 5 in the NHL, and possible top 2 again. The offesnvie is good, the defensive is rock solid, and the goaltending is awesome, combine that with a good PK and a slightly above average PP (it will be better since there is more offensive) you have a Cup contender.

In case you didn’t know much about the players potential, and production take a look at this and you will see what the players might putting up.

The offense

Henrik Sedin will likely get 85-100 points, and 75-85 assists.

Daniel Sedin will likely get 85-100 points, and 35-45 goals

Steve Sullivan will likely get 50-75 points, and 25-35 goals

Kristian Huselius will likely get 80-95 points (he will be hard to predict)

Ryan Kesler will likely get 45-70 points, and 15-30 goals

Michal Grabner likely get 35-55 points, and 20-30 goals

Taylor Pyatt will likely get 40-50 points, and 25-35 goals

Matt Cooke will likely get 25-40 points, and 100 penalty minutes

Patrick White could get 20-35 points (he’ll be a rookie, so who knows)

Mason Raymond could get 15-30 points, and be a key Penalty killer

Ryan Shannon could breakout and get 35-50 points, or 15-25 points

Jannik Hansen could get 10-20 points, and be a strong penalty killer

Jason Jaffrey will likely be a scratch or could play and get 15-25 points

Brandon Reid will be a scratch, but will play when there are injuries and
could get 5-15 points

The defense

Kevin Bieksa will likely get 35-50 points, and play 28+ minutes

Sami Salo will likely get 40-50 points, and score 15-20 goals

Willie Mitchell be a key penalty killer, and could get 5-15 points

Luc Bourdon will be a PP specailist, and could get 25-35 points

Alex Edler could be a solid all around player and get 15-30 points

Kirill Koltsov will likely be a PP specialist, and get 20-25 points

Kevin Klein likely will get about 10-20 points if he plays a lot that year

The goaltending

Luongo will likely have a 920-930 SV%, and be an MVP candidate

MacIntyre might play 5-10 games

Don’t bash me too much, because this is my 1st article on this website, and I hope you enjoyed the read.

3 Responses to Not this year, but next year is an option

  1. Canuckspwn says:

    What i don't get is that you sign Krajicek for 3 years and you only play him for 1 of his 3 years.
    Not to mention that in the 08-09 season Krajicek will be a 30-50 point scorer.
    Whats weird is for the 08-09 season you don't even mention his name,you don't trade him, you don't put him on the roster, you don't even mention him playing for the moose as a call-up.

    Alex Burrows, now why would u waive a guy like Burrows he makes under a million kills penalties has potential to be a 3rd line player and hes a plugger, not to mention in the 08-09 season he'll be a 5-15 goal scorer rounding around 10-30 points and all that is done under a million.So please explain why he should be wavied.

  2. MR40 says:

    sorry I meant to put Krajicek on the team insetad of Koltsov, and Koltsov instead of Klein. I didn't put Krajicek on the stats, because I just look at the roster I had and didn't see his name.

    Alex Burrows isn't a goal scorer. Vancouver needs more goal This equals no Alex Burrows. Plus You can get somebody who will score 3x as many points and play a good two way game for under a million.

  3. Canuckspwn says:

    Thanks for clearing up the Krajicek bit.

    But I have to disagree with the Burrows part.Burrows might not be a goal scorer but for the price hes at 450-660k hes a bargin i can't think of many players that you can get that are cheaper then him and play a better overall game.Burrows is a penalty killer, plugger, agitator + he'll score the odd goal.

    If you still disagree name 3 players who will make league minimum in the 08-09 season.Who are better then Burrows.

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