Are the Oilers after Olli Jokinen

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal writes … Edmonton Oilers are kicking the tires on Winnipeg Jets free agent Olli Jokinen, TSN’s Bob McKenzie says

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  1. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    Can we get a general chatting thread that is pinned to the top. Lots of stuff that can be talked about that won’t fit a single thread.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. LN91 says:

    Good news: Nothing really appealing for the Leafs this offseason, so I do not mind them staying put.

    Bad news: Looks like they will be near the bottom next year (semi-good news?).

    • LN91 says:

      Also, things are really bleak in Leaf land when Buffalo is more desirable than Toronto.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        Although Bolland for $5.5M per year MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        Seriously though, Buffalo may be the only team willing to spend the money on these guys. You think Clarkson was a bad contract, some are scary.

        • LN91 says:

          Bolland contract is bad, but it will fit with Florida though. It’s not that bad for such a young and promising squad.

          Buffalo is doing a very good job, they will be a tough team soon enough. Gorges is a good player and Gionta is a great leader/player for that price.

      • I think you dodged a few bullets to be honest. Bolland signs for 5.5 million, probably best he didn’t take 5 millions for the leafs.

        Pouliot signs for 5 years 4 million? LOL.

        You missed out on Erhoff who took a 1 year deal with the Penguins.

        Cammalleri went for 5 x 5.

        Raymond went for over 3 million.

        Boyle is questionable 2 years at 4.5 – worth a risk I suppose.

        But, I don’t think they really missed out on much.

  3. LN91 says:

    Leafs trade D’Amigo for Frattin? Lateral move, but Carlyle does love him.

  4. Orpik goes to Washinton. 5 x 5.5Million

  5. kessel_leafs81 says:

    i love getting frattin back where he looked promising, and i also love the robidas signing at a 3 mill cap hit that is very nice. Not mad to see bolland leave for 5.5 mill a year

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Agreed, while we didn’t do much we also didn’t greatly overpay. Robidas has some risk due to his age obviously but it is better than paying Orpik to a 5 year, 5.5M deal IMO.

  6. blaze says:

    Hmm Robidas is interesting. I mean it’s pretty low risk so it’s not so bad, but can he even effectively replace Gunnarson at this point? He’s coming off a broken leg at 37. Not ideal. Hope he’s got atleast 2 good years left.

    In my opinion this team has 2 years before a nuking. If this season goes to shit let it, draft high fire Carlyle and the core gets one more look under a new coach. After that anyone is available.

    I would be much more optimistic going into this season of we had Laviolette behind the bench.

  7. LN91 says:

    Well, I guess Josh Gorges solved something…He is not worth a “JVR” to a division rival. Right lafluer?

  8. blaze says:

    Komarov at 2.95M per over 4 years?? Oh man I don’t know about that. Things arnt looking too great in Leaf land right now, tough to be excitied for this season.

    • blaze says:

      That’s third line money, Komarov better be floating around the 13-15 minute mark and workhorse on the PK for that. If he’s in a 4th line role what a waste.

    • Gambo says:

      He’ll be a great 3rd liner. He’s what we need in this lineup. Cap is going up year by year, I like it.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      That was my first reaction but he is getting paid 3rd line money (and not Bolland’s $5.5M 3rd line money) and he was no invaluable when we had him and got better in the KHL and in their Bronze medal win for Finland.

      Love the signing more and more by the minute.

      • blaze says:

        Very debateable point saying he was ‘so invaluable’. At that salary if he isn’t in a 3rd line role it’s a waste. Still happy overall he’s back.

  9. Gambo says:

    Love Komarov and Frattin coming back! Also Robidas is a good signing, not overpaid either.

    • blaze says:

      I’m cool with Frattin, not a big deal.

      Komarov I want back but that’s a significant contract.

      The season Robidas has will reflect the season Toronto has. Really gotta wonder if he is still capable of 20+ tough minutes a night. I’m not so sure he can anymore.

      • Gambo says:

        I’m not sure we’ll need 20+ out of him, I really hope not. Pretty much need him as a reliable partner for Gardiner or Rielly, something they haven’t had yet. Speculation he might play with Phaneuf too, idk about that though.

        They haven’t handed out any Clarkson contracts, it’s a success so far haha.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:



        • LN91 says:

          I agree, no stupid money being thrown out.

          Komarov might make a bit too much, but he’s bringing that edge/energy that Toronto was sorely missing last season. Good chance he could produce more.

          The Leafs moves are non-playoff…It actually looks like they are tanking a bit, possibly trying to get in position for McDavid/Eichel.

          • toronto77 says:

            I don’t know if the leafs will finish that bad to get the 1st overall pick to get McDavid/Eichel. With the loss of Gunnarsson and Gleason and addition of Polak and Robidas on defence and with the loss of Raymond and Bolland and addition of Frattin and Komarov I think the leafs are slightly better. Still just as fast and skilled but got a little tougher. With Kessel and JVR on the top line, a no.1 goalie in Bernier and 2 young skilled defencemen in Gardiner and Rielly(who could be interesting in his second year), I don’t see them finishing bad enough to get a top 5 pick. At best they could get the 8th overall pick again, or if they are slightly better they could finish with the 12th-14th. As of right now they are not bad enough to get top 5, so they better keep on getting better this off-season because it will be even more depressing to miss the playoffs once again but this time to land the 12th overall pick.

            • blaze says:

              Oh great, down the middle today it’s Bozak – Kadri – Holland – AHL scrub.

              Is that worst in the NHL? I think it is.

              In no universe does Frattin replace Raymond’s production.

              As of right now barring banking on some serious growth in roles from the younger players and Robidas being a stud we are undoubtedly worse.

              Banking on growth from young players is a great way to regress. Who’s to say Reilly won’t suffer a sophomore slump?

        • blaze says:

          You’re not sure? They got rid of the guy that plays the second most minutes on the team. Gunnar played 20+.

          Someone has to play with Phaneuf

          If it’s Robidas then he needs to be ready for significant minutes.

          An alternative id like to try is

          Robidas- Reilly

          But even that is a huge maybe and could be downright catastrophic.

          If Robidas isn’t playing 20 minutes a night that means Gardiner, Reilly and Franson or Polak are. A dubious proposition at best.

          • Gambo says:

            Gardiner and Rielly will be playing 20 mins. Gardiner probably around 23-25 mins a night. Gunnar wasn’t averaging 20 mins a night with Toronto and his minutes slowly declined as Gardiner’s increased.

            • blaze says:

              Phaneuf and Gardiner are the only two garunteed to play 20+ minutes. Reilly maybe so you still need one more. If it’s Franson that’s scary.

              Also someone has to play with Phaneuf who is it?

              Assuming Reilly is ready for 20+ minutes is dangerous.

  10. Gambo says:

    Looking at the leafs current roster, they can’t be finished yet. Franson and Reimer are still to be traded and probably Ashton unless he slots into a 4th line role.

    • LN91 says:

      Nonis apparently has a press conference at 4 p.m., so I doubt much more will happen.

      Unless something major happens, the Leafs lack of offseason moves suggest the Leafs are looking to build from within and possibly be terrible next season.

      • blaze says:

        The roster as is is terrible. Keeping Carlyle on suggests they planned to improve the roster.

        • toronto77 says:

          Carlyle must have played a key role in bringing Komarov and Frattin back. He probably told Nonis that if he is giving him a second chance as the coach then he needs to bring him much more toughness similar to the team that they had 2 years ago in the playoffs. In the lockout year the leafs were one of the most toughest meanest teams in the east next to Boston and a year later they were one of the weakest in the league. Komarov and Frattin may not be as talented as Bolland and Raymond but they make the team tougher and Polak replaces what Fraser did 2 years ago as well. This team should be back to at least the team they were in the lockout year which was very good. This team is still a concerning bubble team they have the potential to be very good and make the playoffs and also the potential to have a 3rd 18 wheeler performance. I think that’s where Robidas helps the leafs, he will take a huge amount of pressure off of Phaneuf and will be a real leader on a young team.

          • blaze says:

            That’s just not true. Toronto was 3rd in hits last year and first in fighting. They pulled Komarov and added Clarkson (who lead the team in fighting) when they moved on from Fraser they added Gleason.

            The team wasn’t any ‘tougher’ in the lockout year. If the 2013/2014 season ended at the 48 game mark the Leafs would’ve been in.

            • toronto77 says:

              That’s actually a very good point! When the first 18 wheeler happened when Burke was GM it happened around the 40-45 game mark of the regular 82 game season. The lockout year the leafs did not have a strong finish to the regular season especially in that last game against Montreal, they did not do to great in the last 5 games of that 48 game season which would have been around the 43+ game mark. So if the lockout season was a full 82 game season, who knows they may have missed the playoffs that year! But it appeared that it didn’t matter if it was a lockout season or not because the leafs team of that lockout year looked to be better then the leaf team prior in Ron Wilson’s last year. And the team this past year looked even better then the leaf team of the lockout year until another 18 wheeler happened around the 45 game mark!

              But maybe the point that I was trying to make is that Komarov and Frattin are great at both ends of the rink and never stop skating and give it all they got. Clarkson though who appeared to be tougher was useless with the puck, he never got off on the right foot and I guess felt like he let the team down with that 10 game suspension and never really fit it . Frattin and Komarov can skate pretty fast and handle the puck and Clarkson couldn’t shoot or pass the puck. Clarkson had a really bad season and hopefully has a better one next season. Bolland you can argue is way better then Komarov and Frattin in all aspects of the game. And was probably one of the best leafs before he got injured and when he returned he never ever got back to form. But I agree with not re-signing to what Florida gave him. I think Peter Holland can turn into a Bolland pretty soon.

              • blaze says:

                Hey I admire your optimism, I’m usually quite optimistic myself but lately it’s been hard.

                I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to cheer for ‘tank nation’.

                • LN91 says:

                  What’s wrong with tanking for a season? It’s not like this is 7 years of tanking here with most of this squad, their are some decent pieces. Reilly and Gardiner are 2 blue-chip pieces on the back-end, 2/3 of a top-line and some intriguing prospects to fill out the rest of the squad. Not to mention a great goalie in Bernier.

                  Hypothetically, if the Leafs (FINALLY, MUCH NEEDED) tank next season…And get Eichel or McDavid. The entire roster is set.

                  Would you rather have 10+ years of playoff success? Or 10 years of ninth?

                  • blaze says:

                    Honestly we disagree at a fundamental level. I, unfortunately will never be able to cheer for a losing team. We’ll let me rephrase to cheer for losing. Cheering for the Leafs is sad enough.

                    Every year I will want to go for it. That is the quintessential aspect of sports, to compete and to win.

                    Either way long term a tank is fine I guess. To add hopefully a franchise talent would be such a change from the usual. The Leafs make man cynical, I’m honestly glad they didn’t trade up for the 1st overall. Whoever they picked be it Ekblad, Bennett or Reinhart would’ve been doomed to failure, or atleast that’s seems most fitting to Toronto.

                    • TmLeafan says:

                      with you on the anti tank. The fact that there is a system in place which even makes you consider tanking means its dysfunctional.

                      At least the NHL seems to be aware of it and are implicating changes to the draft order starting next season because it is ridiculous.

                      Put the onus back on the GM’s, take away the incentive to be bad and you will see more desperation more creative moves, more exciting offseasons for fans.

  11. Gambo says:

    What I got from the Nonis press conference:

    -Phaneuf will be moved to the left side.
    -Granberg will be in the top 6.
    -Komarov will be on the 3rd line.
    -Franson will be dealt.
    -Teams have very little interest in dealing for Reimer.
    -Seems like he’s been saving some cap space for a decent size move.

    • toronto77 says:

      With Bolland gone I guess it secures Kadri’s spot on the no.2 line unless Nonis moves him for an actual centremen. But I think the leafs can get a great centremen if they package Kadri, Reimer and Franson. Nonis seems to be really high on Granberg, Unfortunately I didn’t see the last game of the season against Ottawa when he made his debut but apparently I heard he stopped a 4 on 1! Scouts have Granberg projected to be a more physical Gunnarsson type player so I guess Granberg made Gunnar expendable for a much cheaper price.

      I guess right now the line up is:



      I don’t think the leafs will re-sign Kulemin and I feel they should trade Lupul in a package that would upgrade the 2nd line wing because they are pretty much stuck with Clarkson. Package Lupul, Franson and Reimer would get you a really good top 6 forward. Clarkson is the biggest issue up front because it is still unclear as to what he is on this team and who he pairs with but because of his contract you want him to be a 2nd line winger but I don’t know how he pairs with Kadri and Lupul, but maybe you leave Kadri and trade Lupul for a player that would work better with Clarkson to make him a better 2nd line winger, Kadri is talented enough to find a chemistry with anyone, so once Lupul is gone he will have to learn to play with Clarky.

  12. lafleur10 says:

    i feel bad for the leafs they didn’t improve themselves today…. could finish worse the the sabres,senators,
    they will definately finish behind the habs,bruins,lightning

    • LN91 says:

      As previously mentioned, I do not think they wanted to improve themselves today…

    • leafmeister says:

      So looks like it was not JVR/Kadri being offered for Gorges there big guy. You were joking though, right?

    • leafmeister says:

      Although, you are right it is quite possibly the worst division in hockey. Florida, Buffalo, Ottawa and Toronto all look pretty spotty, and Montreal lost a couple pretty good pieces. Tampa, but particularly Boston should have their way with the division this year.

      • LN91 says:

        Spotty, yes…But Florida, Buffalo, and Ottawa have way more potential to be better than Toronto because of the amount of talent these teams now have.

        Montreal, Boston, Detroit, and Tampa are already better.

        Toronto will probably have alot of players in their first season next year, a couple of players that do not play 100%. and not to mention a couple of lockeroom issues (as it stands)…Lack of depth as well. It could be a complete disaster, but Shanahan looks like he wants to evaluate who can withstand the trainwreck (If the current roster stands right now).

        • TmLeafan says:

          Hang on a second there, the Leafs are not world beaters but Buffalo, Ottawa and Florida have more talent?

          Ottawa doesn’t have a single defenseman to speak of outside of Erik Karlson.

          Buffalo have a bunch of picks the last few years and will pick again high but outside of Reinhart where is all the talent. One of the worst teams in the history of the league last season and as evidenced by Edmonton it takes a lot longer than people think to do a turnaround.

          Florida’s roster sucks. Ekblad is a very good prospect as is Huberdeau.

          Don’t overestimate other teams just because you clearly have a problem with the Leafs squad.

          Tampa Bay is the one team in the East that seem to be building a very good squad. Could be scary in a few years.

        • leafmeister says:

          Right now, I think Ottawa is the biggest basket case in the league. They may finish ahead of the Leafs next year, but they are going nowhere fast.

      • lafleur10 says:

        boston won’t they are on their way down we’re better than the bruins….plus the bruins haven’t added anybody and have no cap space to add anyone losing iginla is huge we’ve lost a couple of pieces but we did replace them and i feel we are a better balanced team with our additions..

  13. kessel_leafs81 says:

    There are still many UFA’s still out there, I think there is at least one more trade and one more free agent signing maybe 2. I hope we take a run at ott and/or a depth scoring winger. I think the leafs are waiting some players out until the player gets nervous that there wont be work for him next season (like raymond) and wait for a guy like ribeiro who not many teams may want to take a chance on and try him out on a 1 or 2 year 2.5 million dollar contract for example. Frattin was a good signing at 800k and can be started off on the fourth line and work his way up. I want the lines to look like..

    JVR – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul – kadri – ??? (vrbata, stemp, downie, whitney?)
    komarov – ??? (Ribeiro, Ott?) – clarkson
    ashton – holland – frattin

    gardiner – phaneuf
    reilly – robidas
    grannberg – polak

    ???? (brodeur, reimer??)

    The question marks dont have to be via FA and could be Via trade (reimer, franson, draft picks) If we do grab a 3 line c like Ott, and aquire a depth scoring winger I dont mind this team, it does have potential while gauthier develops into our 3rd line c and nylander works his way up.

    • LN91 says:

      Steve Ott and Radim Vrbata will not make this a Stanley Cup team…Let alone playoff contender.

      If Nonis is smart, he promotes the youngsters from the Marlies (who have been successful)…Let them deal with the growing pains of the NHL game, and be horrible next season while they become NHLers. If you finish near dead last, Eichel and McDavid are their.

      At this point, band aids for 9th place is not appealing. It’s time the Leafs start promoting from within.

    • blaze says:

      My gut says Nonis has a significant trade yet to make. Not a trade for a star but something like a Lupul or a Franson.

      Won’t happen soon. Looks like Shanny wants a year to ‘evaluate’ what he’s got. Fair enough. Most fans figuire it’s worth a shot to replace Carlyle but I can understand Shanahan coming in cautiously to such treacherous waters.

      Contracts will drag on this summer. The financial landscape is unique and somewhat fascinating this year. The cap at $69M is lower than I thought. Guys will take time to sign and solid players will become available.

      For as bad as the D looks, outside the top line we could really use some help because it’s thin.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    My take:

    The Leafs D is better. I think they have given themselves a few more options on their defence.

    a) Robidas can play on the top pair if needed with Phaneuf moving to his natural left side. Or it could be Polak there.

    b) Robidas is a great mentor and serviceable vet who can play 20 minutes with a Gardiner or Reilly.

    c) Franson can get less ice time or, be made available via trade if need be.

    d) 3 or 4 RH shots that includes Granberg, is a great option. way better than throwing Reilly there or using Phaneuf over there. Phaneuf is terrible on the right side and could be way better playing the left.

    e) certainly more gritty with Polak and Robidas who could play a lot of PK and wont back down thats for sure.

    The forward group didnt improve with the losses of Raymond and Bolland and likely Kulemin gone. But Komarov back will help.

    a) they need a centre. Holland is pencilled in as the 3rd line centre with quite possibly Gauthier as their 4th option.

    b) they still need a top 6 winger. It could be Komarov but is he good enough to play there?

    c) who will kill penalties? they dont have a penalty killing centre unless they bring McClement back. Otherwise its Bozak then Kadri who killed some last year. thats awful IMO.

    d) the kids will get some looks. I mentioned Gauthier and Holland. But Frattin will play regularly here as opposed to being bounced around on deeper Jackets and Kings teams. Ashton should get lots of PT but he has to show he can play at this level. Leivo, Broll and possibly McKegg will get a look. And you never know, Nylander may be given a chance too.

    e) they need to get bigger up front still. They were apparently close on Brian Boyle. I think whatever they choose to get, it will come via trades.

    Goaltending is intriguing as there was so much movement yesterday at the goalie front, but still, Reimer will likely draw some mild interest.

    a) The Jets are one of the very few teams in need of a goalie still. That is where Reimer is from. It wouldnt be surprising to see a deal there in some way.

    b) With all the goalie moves, less teams now are likely interested in Marty Brodeur which means he still stands a chance to come here. Its all though about dollars. anything north of 1.5 mil is too much. The only other goalies available are Bryzgalov, Thomas and Vokoun who is looking to make a comeback.

    c) the only team who needs a 2nd goalie is the Jets. The other teams who may or may not have interest in a 2nd goalie would be the Preds (Carter Hutton is their backup with Hellberg and Mazanec in the mix), The Devils (Clemmensen is slated to back up or else Kinraid), The Caps (who signed Justin Peters but may seek an upgrade), The Bruins who could want someone more experienced than Svedberg, but have no cap space.

    The coaching staff will apparently be rounded out in the next week or two.

    a) I hope Adam Oates is considered. He would help the Leafs special teams and could be a nice mentor for Kadri. Plus, his recent head coaching experience will push Randy to be way better or else.

    b) As I just said, Randy needs a push. Can’t fill the staff with a bunch of Greg Cronin’s. That just won’t cut it.

    All in all, on day 1 of free agency, the Leafs did ok, but still need a massive upgrade up the middle. There were rumors of Lupul being on the block. He’d only to me make sense to be traded if it was for a centre. Otherwise, why?

    Franson and Reimer are certainly available and it looks like Franson is worth at least a 2nd rounder if it was true he was the offer made for Gorges who returned a 2nd rounder to the Habs.

    free agency does not seem to have much to offer the Leafs unless they get something like what they signed Raymond for last year, a short term, 1 million dollar contract. Guys like McClement would help. Ott is out there but not for over 2 mil. He can win faceoffs and add grit, leadership but is old and breaking down. Plus he isnt a great skater. He’s a 4th line option but at like i said, a minimal price.

    Id pass on Jokinen, Koivu could though be a good short term option. Great leader, though slowing down big time, he is just a savvy guy who knows what it takes in a huge market.

    If Lupul went, Vrbata would be the guy who could slide in and replace that O, but hard to say. I bet he wants what Moulson and Cammy got. Unless you are able to fill a good hole trading Lupul, there isn’t much point to go after Vrbata if you ask me.

    Galiardi would be a nice fit on a 4th line, but again, he’d be to me a late summer add at a low bargain price at best. Santorelli is in the same boat. not that old, is decently skilled and can be a back of the roster player, but only for a cheap cheap price. I’d rather see kids play than pay guys like these 2 at 2+ mil. Again the threshold should be 1 mil.

    Penner is potentially a Raymond for the Leafs next year. an experienced guy whom Carlyle knows from Anaheim. He could be an option if way way cheap.

    And finally there were rumors of Legwand. He’d be ok, but again it depends on price. 4 mil for a 3rd line centre who isnt that good? Id rather see if i can go all in to get Mike Richards.

  15. nordiques100 says:

    So who still needs what?

    Chicago – they need to dump salary. I can see Oduya going for sure. Still talk of Sharp but i think they find a way to keep him. I can see Versteeg being dealt as well. its only a 2.2 mil cap hit for a skilled guy since the Panthers are still paying him. Oduya will help a few teams. I can see the Devils maybe trying to get him back.

    Colorado – The Avs have 9 mil to re-sign O’Reilly and Barrie. They replaced the leadership lost with Stastny gone and have the depth up the middle to withstand that loss. 3 years for Iggy is a lot though but i like him and Stuart. I think they’re done in terms of any more additions.

    Dallas – arguably the best off-season so far. Loved them getting Spezza and Hemsky. Their D could use some depth though and perhaps a RH shot. I bet they will look for a bargain basement blueliner on a short term deal.

    Minnesota – still a potential landing spot for Brodeur but, with Kuemper, Backstrom and Harding, they’d need to move a goalie with not many places to move one. They could use a depth centre and wouldnt mind one with size who can battle in the West. with Koivu there, i wonder if his older brother Saku joins him. Maybe Olli Jokinen even?

    Nashville – The Preds were shutout of Spezza. They’re at the cap floor as is, and are a budget team so don’t expect much spending, but they are able to spend. They may want to still see if they can land an offensive centre, maybe Grabo, maybe Ribiero but they could take a long look at Jarnkrok there too. They’re even looking Lecavalier. I think they need a good centre for Neal. Depth on D would help too, especially in terms of experience. And will they target a veteran backup? After Rinne was hurt last year, they were screwed.

    St Louis – the roster is all but set getting Stastny and allowing a trickle down effect to their roster. Steen and/or Backes can now play wing and they should have a deep 3 line team. They should have enough cap space to re-sign Sobotka and Schwartz.

    Winnipeg – Perreault was a bland signing but adds depth and a decent replacement for Jokinen. Kane is still in play and maybe even Byfuglien. Kane could fetch a great return. He doesnt appear to want to play there anymore and is young and talented. He will be in demand, especially those who need scoring. I think he won’t be a Jet next season. It wouldnt shock me to see a team like the Isles go after Kane. They’re pretty well all-in for next season.

    Anaheim – The Ducks made their big splash getting Kesler, but I wonder about that Clayton Stoner signing. There is a log jam back there especially if Souray is able to return. THey sill have a good amount of young players left to make a run at another high end talent. But they can be patient.

    Arizona – The Coyotes will need scoring if they lose Vrbata. They’ll need to bring in someone who can provide more goals. I think Dubnyk could see a huge turnaround in his game under the tutelege of Sean Burke.

    Calgary – They brought in Raymond, Bollig, Engelland and Hiller. and of course they drafted Bennett. They are looking to be going into the right direction. They are probably going to hold out til near training camp to perhaps add more depth, but their kids will likely get a chance. They will be a harder to play against team next yr for sure.

    Edmonton – have to believe they will try and sign Grabo or Ribiero as there is a void at centre. Arcobello or Lander are at 2 and 3 respectively. Thats awful. Like Calgary, they are bigger and harder to play against and deeper on the wing. I wonder if they still try and trade Yakubov. For a centre.

    LA – The champions are set. I bet though if they get a decent offer for Richards, they’ll welcome the cap relief. Otherwise they’ll go into the season with pretty well the team that won it all.

    San Jose – I wonder what’s up with the Sharks. I think they were a bit handcuffed with Thornton really not wanting to go anywhere and now teams are using up their cap space very quickly. I think they would like to move both Marleau and Thornton to change the makeup of the team. I think they’d like to add to their defence. But with the control the players theyre stuck.

    Vancouver – I think they need to still remake their 2nd and 3rd lines, but Benning has had a good off-season. Getting 2 more forward prospects in the draft was great. And the veterans they’ve added will help change the makeup of the team, especially Miller who’ll settle that goalie situation. Sedins though need help as theyre still lacking proven scoring depth.

    Carolina – Ward looks like he’ll stay, and probably Staal too. This is a team that needs to fix their back of the roster depth. After the top 6 forwards, the depth dies big time and that will prevent them from being playoff contenders. I still wonder if a team will step up an offer for Staal. I’d love the Leafs getting in on that.

    Columbus – The Jackets are well managed. They will likely add some depth but need to fit in Johansen’s new deal first I think. Once that is done, they will probably later in the summer target some further depth players. they are a real up and coming team and I think becoming a top attraction in terms of places to play.

    New Jersey – they need defence. They don’t have a lot of cap space to work with though. With the additions of Havlat and Cammy, I can see Brunner maybe made available. They have 3 players under age 25. They’re soooooo old!! Again I see them maybe targeting Oduya.

    NY Isles – They have cap space. I am sure they’re looking at teams with cap issues and are willing to take those contracts on. They still need to get to the floor. I think Bailey is available for the right price. THey need D. I think they were rumored to want Del Zotto. But they need someone better than that back there. They are really all in without their 2015 1st.

    NY Rangers – They are going to run out of cap space once they re-sign Brassard, Kreider, Moore and the rest of their RFAs. They have to replace Boyle, Pouliot and Richards as their forward depth is lacking. Boyle is an excellent get for the Rags. They better hope they can land some veterans towards the end of summer.

    Philly – They need to clear cap space in a big way. Vinny is on the block to be given away. Umberger maybe too. They can still stash Pronger on LTIR but still, they need more breathing room. Grossman too can be had. Until they alleviate their cap issues, they’re stuck.

    Pittsburgh – That was a good signing of Ehrhoff. They’re nicely adding depth, but I think they need a bit more. They will be tight to the cap, but have some breathing room. They don’t have many trade options after moving their main piece, Neal, but would be attractive place via free agency. I still think they’ll land Kulemin but hard to say.

    Washington – Have to believe Green is gone. And they’re probably shopping Laich too. They could use more scoring depth, who wouldnt. Green could be a decent return. He is a RH shot, 1 year left on his deal, certainly someone will take that chance. I don’t think they can afford all those expensive D. They need depth up front behind OV.

    Boston – They have RFAs to re-sign and no cap space. They can stash Savard on LTIR but may need more room. Marchand’s name has been mentioned, same with Eriksson, but I think moving Kelly will help as well. They will be active in trying to clear up cap room.

    Buffalo – they were probably the most active team around trying to get to the cap floor. I am not sure the motive of doing all those additions other than to meet that. I mean if i were them I’d still want to be going after McDavid. All in all though, a nice group of additions. I am not sure they’ll move Myers after all, unless its a blown away offer. 2 young NHLers and a 1st though is a steep price.

    Detroit – the Wings were shut out again in terms of trying to add a Dman. They re-signed Quincey. i am intrigued to see if they will go after Mike Green. That is where their needs most lie. I think they’ll find a way to bring Alfie back after they can sign Tatar and DeKeyser.

    Florida – Like Buffalo, an extremely busy team trying to get to the cap floor. I think they added a nice crop of leaders to support their kids. Bolland is overpaid but their goal was again, cap floor. I think Kulikov is still in play and didn’t i read Campbell requested a trade? They still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

    Montreal – I think they’ll get one more scorer, maybe Vrbata. I am not sold on Gilbert over Gorges but, Gilbert is cheaper and the kids are probably ready. I like the add of Parenteau. He should flourish in Montreal. A younger Briere I think. Malholtra will help where tehy need it, faceoffs. Again though a scorer is needed.

    Ottawa – Got to be demoralizing to see no one wanting to play there. Their D is ok, but they need their kids, Ceci and Cowen and Wiercoch to step up. Their focus is on forwards. I wonder, could they add Kulemin and Grabovski to re-team with MacArthur once more? scoring depth will be a real problem in Ottawa.

    Tampa – they were really active in turning over the roster. St Louis, Thompson, Purcell, Crombeen, Lindback among others gone. Dumped. They revamped their roster nicely but who will score after Stamkos? Drouin will be asked to step in a lot. They’re a real contender though in the weaker east.

    Toronto – well i spoke of Toronto earlier at length. I am hopeful they got something bigger up their sleeve, but otherwise, Carlyle has to be better. I think he gets 20 games and he’ll be done if nothing improves.

  16. kessel_leafs81 says:

    would any leafs fans think its worth it to take a shot at peter mueller? he’s only 26 and scored 56 points his rookie year and got 20 points in 15 games a couple years later. He’s been injury prone which is why he went over seas a year to get healthy and still play hockey and is ready to come back. I say worth the risk for a cheaper option.

    • mojo19 says:

      I’ve always liked him, he was a high pick his draft year, he’s a good centre. He could be a long term fit, so ya I would put him on a short list of UFA’s I’m interested in. The other guy would be Michael Del Zotto.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Calgary adding Hiller and Raymond and Buffalo grabbing Meszaros, Gorges and Moulson is great.

    I’m hoping for the serious tank for McDavid. We’re not winning the cup one way or another this year, it would be great to add a probable franchise player, only way to do it is draft.

    This is a definite potential last place club:

    JVR – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul – Kadri – Clarkson
    Leo – Holland – Frattin
    Ashton – Carrick – Orr/McLaren

    Gardiner – Phaneuf
    Rielly – Robidas
    Granberg – Polak


    A few Marlies promoted, give them some NHL experience and let the chips fall where they may. Looking at our division I don’t think there’s a David Legwand or Olli Jokinen signing out there that puts us into the realm of Boston, Tampa Bay, Montreal and Detroit. So it will come down to the Leafs, Panthers, Sabres and Senators for last in the division, and I like our chances.

    Connor McDavid, Morgan Rielly, Willy Nylander could be a great young core to compliment Kessel, Bernier and JVR for a future cup winner. Go Leafs Go! Blow Leafs Blow!

    • blaze says:

      I don’t know if Nonis being coy but I really think they expect this sad team to compete for a playoff spot.

      • mojo19 says:

        blaze buddy, crazier things have happened but your’e right.

        I think we can all agree we’re nowhere near Detroit, Tampa, Montreal and obviously Boston. Add Pittsburgh, Philly, New York, and new and improved Washington into the mix of teams definitively better than us and then there’s New Jersey who added Havlatt and Cammelleri, Columbus who should be in the playoff mix. I really can’t see this roster competing for a playoff spot unless Bernier has a Vezina calibre season and we grind out a ton of would-be losses.

        • TmLeafan says:

          That is not a very impressive squad I agree. Last place team though? Not even close. Better than Ottawa for sure and very close to Montreal and the Wings.

          New and improved Washington? please explain

          Boston I expect will runaway with it next year, and Tampa is much improved and should be contending for sure.

          Kessel should continue producing at a ridiculous rate. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see JVR pot 40 this year he was on pace for it but got hurt at the Olympics and was a complete non factor after that. Bernier in net and an improved defence. We are better than we were last year. Who have we lost that was any good? Bolland? Kulemin? Gunnar? Bodie? D’amigo?

          We are picking nowhere near the lottery. Don’t get your hopes up on that front.

          • TmLeafan says:

            I think we should have a top 5 power play again next year and the pk should be improved with the addition of Polak, Robidas.

            Goaltending with Bernier and Reimer should be top 5 in the league, very hard to tank with 2 good goalies.

            Look at the Avs last year nobody thought they were going to be any good and they went with youth, skating and a good goalie. They made the playoffs in the difficult west.

            Who knows maybe Shanny will hire a couple coaches that are actually capable and have real defensive systems that they can implement. “The Swarm” is a thing of the past

            • lafleur10 says:

              hahaha top 5 goaltending bernier is n’t even in the top 10 he’s near the bottom in terms of goaltenders in our division your not the colorado far from it poor comparision you guys didn’t improve your self lost bolland ,raymond and haven’t replaced them frattin will be lucky if he score 15 goals komarov won’t score 20 only your top line will score and if you shut them down it’ll be a long night on most nights with alot of one sided loses

          • lafleur10 says:

            your nowhere near the habs line up we’ll be a playoff team you’ll be a lottery team…boston will not run away with the division there going to take a step back and be loser to 3rd in the division …jvr will not even come close to 40 nice to dream though

            • TmLeafan says:

              How’s JVR for Gorges sound now? went for a 2nd round pick that’s embarassing.

              • mojo19 says:

                Josh Gorges kind of sucks. I was really happy to hear he rejected a trade to the Leafs. Didn’t want him. He’s a loser. Who goes on and on about themselves in an interview, constantly referring to oneself as “a great leader”? How about being humble? Gorges is a flake, have fun in Buffalo.

                • TmLeafan says:

                  I agree, not gonna lose any sleep over it. He’s a decent defenceman but we are paying Polak and Robidas less to do the same job.

                  Plus we have Franson to dangle in a trade

          • mojo19 says:

            You may very well be right. I could see us in the 8-12th range in the East. Which would not be ideal.

            As for the Washington comment, I think they’ve been an underachieving team in need of a little structure and I’m a huge Barry Trotz fan. I love his style of coaching and I feel Niskanen and Orpik will make a huge impact on the back end and help maximize the abilities of Mike Green.

            • TmLeafan says:

              fair enough. I see the same exact dysfunctional team adding a couple overpriced blueliners.

              • TmLeafan says:

                I think we will challenge for a playoff spot. But ya 8-12 is not ideal. Have to hope to hit a home run picking a little later in the 1st round. Nylander looks good.

                I’d take 8-12 and no bad contracts, giving some new players a chance rather than resign some of the underachievers we have had or going after an Orpik type.

                I am actually pretty pleased with this offseason so far.

                • mojo19 says:

                  Ya as am I. I’m glad we didn’t give Orpik and Bolland the contracts they wound up getting. That would have set us back for sure.

                  Having said that I think both guys (although overpaid) will provide a lot of value to their clubs and help them out this year.

    • lafleur10 says:


    • lafleur10 says:

      you won’t be worst overall for macdavid mojo you guys have goaltending that will keep u out of last overall ,not in a playoff spot but not bad enough to land macdavid

  18. mojo19 says:

    We should see if Dion would accept a trade to the Islanders and ship him off there for a prospect who’s coming along slowly. I’m thinking of Mississauga kid, Ryan Strome. Could be a good fit for both sides. Islanders are looking to get back into the playoff mix and Dion can step in and help them right away, and we can rid ourselves of Dion’s burdensome contract and get slightly worse on the back end for this upcoming tank season.

    • toronto77 says:

      If we are trading Phaneuf to the Isles for a young player I would rather have Reinhart than Strome. Imagine Reinhart and Rielly leading the leafs defence for the next 15 years!! Since Kadri is more experienced then Strome and get help the Isles more now then how about:

      To NYI: Phaneuf, Kadri

      To Tor: Reinhart, Strome

      Phaneuf is still under 30 and may still play for 10 more years, Reinhart in the long run may be better then Phaneuf but maybe not. In Phaneuf’s first 3 seasons he looked like he was going to be the next pronger/stevens and now look, so even though Reinhart was drafted 4th overall doesn’t mean he will be as good as once predicted. Kadri and Strome are centremen who bring different styles, Kadri is pure offence and is a game changer, where as Strome is not as skilled but plays in both ends of the rink. This trade may make the leafs worse next season but long term makes them better. This trade definitely makes the Isles better since Reinhart may or may not even make the team and Strome who is expected to make the team unclear exactly how he will do. The Isles have to get better NOW, and make the playoffs because I don’t know how many years Tavares has left on his contract but sooner or later he might get pissed off an request a trade or not re-sign.

  19. blaze says:

    Brian Boyle signs for a million less than Komarov. With the exodus up front that would’ve been a very useful pick up.

    Stevie Y very active out there.

    • mojo19 says:

      Gotta like what Tampa did bringing in Garrison, Stralman and Boyle.

      Johnson – Stamkos – Palat
      Callahan – Filpulla – Killorn
      Brown – Boyle – Kucherov

      pretty good top 3 lines, I’m not familiar enough with the depth in the Tbay organization to figure who the bottom of the roster guys will wind up being.

      Hedman – Carle
      Garrison – Stralman
      Brewer – Gudas


      Good looking squad.

  20. mojo19 says:

    If we add Mueller and Del Zotto that could be a couple good assets moving forward with in the long run but could cost us McDavid. Anyway for fun check out this roster –

    JVR – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul – Kadri – Mueller
    Leo – Ott – Clarkson
    Ashton – Holland – Frattin

    Del Zotto – Phaneuf
    Rielly – Robidas
    Gardiner – Polak


    Threw Ott and Brodeur in for good measure, now all the sudden we kind of look like Columbus and we could make the playoffs. I’m hoping for the tank, just throwing this out for fun.

    • kessel_leafs81 says:

      One reason why i like the ott signing is when was the last time we had a good faceoff guy that actually deserves third line minutes and not 4th line.. and when was the last time we had a pure shut down/in your face line that everyone would fear playing against? you think malkin will want to touch the puck playing against that line? that alone will improve our defence because i dont care what anybody says.. kulimen and raymond as our third line shut down guys.. did they really care that much if they touched the puck?

      • mojo19 says:

        That’s a good point, I think Ott would be a perfect fit as well. If we’re going for a playoff spot this year I think we need to sign a centre of Ott’s calibre. There’s not much else out there, not interested in Derek Roy or Mike Ribeiro. David Legwand would be a nice addition.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Kulemin and Grabovski sign in Long Island. That bodes well for us getting McDavid. Or it at least hurts the Sabres chances of getting McDavid. Hopefully NYI can get into a decent enough spot in the standings now so Buffalo doesn’t get much of a prospect.

  22. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I’d love a top two OA pick however designing a season that why is a terrible plan given the Leafs are too good to tank are they’re currently built. The one time management went all in for a tank they ended up picking 7th overall and taking Kadri. Remember the good old days of Stajan and Bozak as our top centers.

    Komarov and Frattin are Caryle’s choice, the fact that Nonis is still catering to Carlye after Clarkson is a huge concern. When the cap goes up, these are fine deals IMO.

    Kulemin was walking, I’m not going to miss his disappearing acts, MacIntyre and Brennan walking is a bigger lost as they could have had an audition on a tanking team.

    If we’re tanking why buyout Gleason and bring in Robidas, better off just playing out Gleason contract. Though really Robidas is JML 2.0.

    Offer Bolland 4.9 for 5 years? You won’t find a bigger Bolland fan than myself but Nonis and Shanny should have been fired if they’d end up carrying Clarkson, Bozak and Bolland for a combined 15 million. All top nines on a good team.

    What’s to be done with Riemer, who will back up Bernier, I don’t see him being traded. Riemer would be an excellent back up (.911 in his worst season and he can steal wins).

    If we were to commit to a tank, I could like to see a deal to find a long term fit. If the Avs can’t resign ROR, what about Phaneuf + Kadri for ROR and a salary dump?

    I suppose we won’t know about a tank unless we come out slow out of the gates.

    • blaze says:

      Does Carlyle get yanked early if it isn’t working? I feel like Shanny would give him the full year.

      It’s funny cause Reimer is likely the best tender available but I would prefer to see them move on and avoid the distraction.

  23. blaze says:

    If Nonis can make a hockey trade for a solid top 9 center, then the Leafs could be alright. This team is still to talented to tank, but depth has been lost from a team that missed.

    Who knows maybe the young and new guys will flourish but too many things need to go right. Strong season from Kadri, repeat performance from Bernier, bounce back for Clarkson, Gardiner and Reilly take the next step.

    Going into the season with Bozak-Kadri-Holland-scrub down the middle, it would be hard to imagine making the playoffs.

  24. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Reimer always plays really well in Ottawa and he comes cheap, would be a good fit in Ottawa given they live and die by good tending that failed them last season.

  25. mojo19 says:

    blaze is totally right there. Down the middle we’re just not even close to good enough. I guess we have pretty good wingers, although we could stand to add one more top-6 winger. I also don’t want to commit long term deals to any of the remaining UFA’s, but I think there could be short some term deals to be made out there.

    Here, if we’re talking playoffs, I think we should throw a little bit of an extra high cap hit on Legwand and give him lesser term. I like the Vrbata deal in Vancouver as an example. If we went 2 years $9-10 mil for Legwand and gave him a Tim Connolly contract he could help out a lot. I would still want to pursue Steve Ott as well. If we could land those two and a veteran winger (Morrow, Whitney, Bertuzzi) on a 1 year deal, then we might be a playoff team.

    JVR – Bozak – Kessel
    Lupul – Legwand – Kadri
    Komarov – Ott – Clarkson
    Bertuzzi – Holland – Frattin

    Now that’s a lot more palatable.

  26. TmLeafan says:

    Word is that we have made an offer to Legwand. He is a decent option if the money is right. Stopgap until Gauthier is ready.

    He is fast and we are a fast team think he would fit in well.

    Also Nonis has said that Peter Holland will get a chance next season. He has good hands, offensive skills and a good shot he could surprise.

    • mojo19 says:

      Legwand has made a career under Barry Trotz as a defence first centre who can chip in offensively. He would be a great addition. That’s something we lacked last year.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      UFA scrubs for a solution at center? Connolly or Lombardi nest? This a cultural change?

      • nordiques100 says:

        short term solution until Gauthier is ready i think. He is ideally the 3rd line guy they seek.

        • toronto77 says:

          Legwand will be a long term solution because I feel that Gauthier is nowhere near ready, he didn’t even play for the marlies when his season ended in the Q. But this kid is extremely mature! He could surprise in training camp if he turns on Carlyle with his 2-way game which is what he is known for.

      • mojo19 says:

        I agree its kind of like a Connolly signing, but Legwand is at least a defence first minded player. He’s been a go-to guy for Trotz since 1998 so it would help. I also think having another veteran or 2 in the dressing room would be helpful. Our collapse last year could’ve been avoided had we had serious experience in the room.

        Anyway, I like Legeand, he’s been pretty steady around 50 pts the last 4 seasons (28 in 48 lockout season)

        If we don’t get him hopefully Ottawa does, tank back on in that case.

        • lafleur10 says:

          he”ll be a good pick up on a short term contract i belive he can kill penalties… which the leafs need help in he can also play 2nd line center as well

  27. mojo19 says:

    Woah! Interesting 3rd line C signing by the budds. Kontiola, he was arguably Finland’s best player at the Olympics.

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