Oppurtunity for the Habs

L.A. Kings down 2 goalies, Montreal Canadiens probably the team with the most depth in goal…. A huge oppurtunity for the habs?Everyone knows you start your franchise in between the pipes before anything else. Montreal has done that to an extreme, L.A. has not done anything close to that. What L.A. has done is they’ve got quite a bit of talent up front, something montreal needs. Lets face facts here L.A. is in a horrible situation┬áhere and montreal could really help them there, it will have to come with a price though. Players on L.A. montreal could be looking at could be Kopitar (Hefty price to get him though) Frolov (pretty high trade value too) Along with Abby montreal could package Souray and Ninimaa or maybe a prospect or a pick and maybe the could get Visnovsky

this is just a possibility but maybe

to MTL: Visnovsky, Kopitar/ Frolov (preferably Kopitar cause he’s a center)
To L.A.: Souray, Abeishcere, Ninimaa/ Prospect/ a 2-3 round pick

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  1. blarneylad says:

    I don't want to say that kopitar is untouchable because i think ovech and crosby, pahnuef would be the few real untouchables but i don't think LA will give up on kopitar so early in his career. i would lean towards frolov because i don't think we can pry kopitar

  2. habs111 says:

    HAHAHA   os basically we trade 3 guys who are bound for free agency, a defensmen making 2.5 who can barley play, for a top notch dman, one of if not the best rookie?  cmopn  get realistic. they dont have the cap space for that trade or the lack of intelligence

  3. jayhabsjay says:

    souray and aebischer for vishnovski
    will never happen but it would be nice

  4. Grabo-Perez_future_stars says:

    how would that be  nice?

    Souray right now is much better then visnovsky so why would you trade Souray + Aebischer for someone inferior to Souray?

  5. luckyhabs says:

    why everyone always include Souray in the trade? He is a qb on power play if he werent here we wouldnt be as good as we are now on power play.  This guy have to stay in montreal and i know you will say bla bla bla no money for him bla bla bla…so trade him now bla bla bla….
    Just look at this, if you trade samsonov and you get a young player or round pick or something else, you have made some spare money to sign souray.  Also, ninimaa will leave at the end of the season it give us like 2.5 millions+lets say 1 million for the trade of samsonov.  Bonk will probably leave this year too cause plecanek can take his place on the third line easily and we free up another 2.2 millions.  So for now there is 6 free millions that will go signing ufa next summer.  But you will also say we have to sign markov bla bla bla….I saw this from rds.ca that markov want to be a canadian he asked to be a canadian so it means that he want to stay in montreal and will probably sign at a reasonnable price.

    so if i have to choose between those 3 guys you named earlier i would say  to get alexander frolov.
    the trade could be:
    samsonov+abby+round pick for getting frolov

    with this trade our lines could be:
    ryder-koivu-kovalev (thats a first line of a contender team)
    frolov-plekanec-higgins(young players who will develop and be very good)

    if you dont like my first 2 lines you can swap kovy for higgins or for frolov…

    and here what i hope the lines will looks like next year with players we have now:

    downey-murray(plz trade him for hockey stick)

    dandenault-coté (we  have 8 defense ready for nhl)

  6. jayhabsjay says:

    look at the points man they arent very far apart and visnovsky knows how to play defence

  7. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    ok so IF they are even then whats Abys point in the deal, by your logic than he just makes the deal alot more lop-sided, cause he is a #1 keeper in the league

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