Ottawa Senators Announce Starting Lineup has posted the starting lineup for the club in their first game.

Of note, Vaclav Varada is injured for the first month of the season, so Antoine Vermette will likely be on the left side playing with Mike Fisher and Daniel Alfredsson on the third line.

The first line will be a line that lit up the preseason. The combination of Jason Spezza at centre and Dany Heatley on the right has been dynamic to say the least. On the left side, no slouch, Brandon Bochenski, who scored 6 goals this preseason.

The second line features Martin Havlat, who demanded of Bryan Murray that he be moved off the left wing as he felt uncomfortable in that position. Centering Havlat and Peter Schaefer, is Toledo’s very own, Bryan Smolinski.

The fourth line features two rookies, and an enforcer. Brian McGrattan, who set the AHL record for penalty minutes last season. Chris Kelly, a defensive presence at centre, and hometown favourite, Chris Neil.

On defense, there are still some questions as they have seven listed defensemen.

The obvious ones:

Wade Redden

Zdeno Chara

Chris Phillips

Brian Pothier

Anton Volchenkov

and then the final spot belongs to either Andrej Meszaros or Cristoph Schubert. According to the National Post, Andrej Meszaros deserves the spot, but to send Schubert down to the minors requires the Senators to place him on the waiver wire, where they believe he would be taken.

In net is the questionable Dominik Hasek, and even more questionable, Ray Emery.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    I doubt they`ll put Alfredson on the 3rd line but they have to put either him or Havlat there though.

    I dont mind those lines but i`d switch Schafer with

    Vermette since Vermette is a more offensive guy

    although still very responsible defensively.









  2. h8rangers says:

    Fantsy hockey question: Hasek for 7mil or Dipetro for 5mil?

  3. muckies says:

    Questionable Dominator? Whats the question? He’s 40, the eagle is 41. Sean Burke who everybody loves is 40. Nobody questions them

    Dom won a cup and MVP”S Vezina’s he’s miles ahead of those other guys, and he is 100% healthy.

    Whats the obssesion with line combonations, they change all the time – so who cares.

    Alll you need to know is top to bottom Ottawa is the best team in the NHL.

  4. garyroberts7 says:

    That’s a really young and questionable first line.

    Spezza hasn’t proven himself just yet.

    Heatley hasn’t been his best since his incident.

    And Bochenski is in his first year.(i hadn’t even heard of the guy till now)

    I would be worried about this line if I were a Sens fan, but it could end up to be one of the top lines in the NHL.

    We’ll have to wait and see……

  5. garyroberts7 says:

    I’m going to the opener tonight in Toronto!!!!!!!!

    Wish both teams good luck….

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. toronto77 says:

    does anyone know the leafs line up?

  7. CaptainInsano says:

    Get Grahame for 3 million.

  8. CaptainInsano says:

    Educated guess:


    Tucker-Allison-O’Neill or Czerkawski

    Stajan-Steen-Czerkawski or O’Neill





    Not Dressed: Wilm

    Injured: Belak, Klee

  9. noty87 says:

    Vermette is not more offensive than Schaefer. Plain and simple.

    Proof: Jacques Martin had scratched Spezza in the playoffs last year in favour of Vermette because of his defensive-mindedness.

    Also, Schaefer is purely offensive, although haveing picked up a thing or two from Martin’s coaching style. He racked up the points with the Brandon Wheat Kings in junior, and rarely being forced to think defensively.

  10. noty87 says:

    what do you mean Heatley hasn’t been himself since the accident? what meaningful hockey has been played since his 25 points in 32 games in 03-04(which is still mighty respectable considering the cir*****stances)? I’ll tell you what meaningful hockey has been played: 2 World Championships, one which he owned life and won the MVP, and a World Cup. Despite being the only regular forward in Canada’s lineup to not score a goal, he was, nonetheless, on the most dominating team in the world. Greztky and co. would not simply put a guy on the team because of shear reputation, because: a)you can’t win championships with reputation, only skill. and b)what reputation can he possibly have in the NHL? he’s only 23. Anyways, he is back on top of his game, and i’m sure the preseason stats speak for themselves.

  11. wayne2 says:

    Your probably right about Schaefer in the juniors but Vermette was also an offensive player in junior

    as well so i guess they`re both offfensive players

    made defensively responsible by the ”Martin era”.

  12. wayne2 says:

    Colaiacovo was returned to ahl.

  13. garyroberts7 says:

    I agree, but he does have to replace Hossa. What I’m trying to say is I’d like to see a real leader like Alfredsson(even though I hate to say it) or Smolinski on that top line, because there is alot of pressure on the Sens this year to do well.

  14. Nemix says:

    Why the flick u put one of your teams highest scorers on the third line and put a bum like shafer on the second? move alfy to left then.. he would do it …be like starting kovalchuck on the 4th line

  15. SensfanVone says:

    Big sens win!! :)))))

  16. SensfanVone says:

    He played

  17. SensfanVone says:

    They moved alffy up with heatley and spezza last night and some good stuff happened Alffy two goals in 6 minutes Spezza 2 ass and Heatley an assist!!!

  18. garyroberts7 says:

    Leafs deserved to win that game though.

  19. zdeno_duchesne says:

    i agree. but there are question marks still

  20. SensfanVone says:

    You think leafs deserve to win every game, but for once i agree with you, sens got away with one they were sloppy!!

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