Out of his League

Today on www.hockeybuzz.com Eklund has posted an article about the Devils salary situation. He says he’s spent a day searching for rumors and has discovered a rumor that Mogilny’s salary won’t count against the cap. Funny, I heard all that yesterday on TSN or Sportsnet when it was reported that Moginly had seen a second doctor and there was no possibility he could return to the NHL. Eklund then goes on to state 5 other NJ rumors:

“1. Malakhov and a Good Draft Pick will go to either the Blues or Hawks for a minor league guy. Mogilny and a Good Draft Pick will go to the team who doesn’t take Malakhov for a minor leaguer”

– won’t happen because Mogilny won’t play

“2. Both Malakhov and Mogilny and a first and third round pick, would go to the Caps for a minor leaguer”

– again the Mogilny thing, but also theres no way the Capitals will take on 6-7 million in cap room for two players (COMMON IT”S WASHINGTON, their 2nd,3rd, and 4th lines are only about 8 million.)

“3. Malakhov + a pick gets moved out west, and Gionta gets moved to either LA, Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto. Gionta would have a say in where he goes. 4. Malakhov + pick gets moved out west, and Gomez gets moved to Calgary for a prospect and a pick”

– one, I honestly can’t see any team picking up Malakhov’s salary; two NIETHER Ottawa or Montreal can afford Gionta (probly 3.5-4 million) and won’t be willing to move some of their newly aquired players; three I can’t see Calgary going after Gomez, yes they could get him under the cap if they lose someone like Langkow but I don’t see Suter leaving his team with no wiggle room.

“5. NJ throws in the towel and just forfeits the season”

– this “rumor” doesn’t even deserve a respose

Now if Gary Bettman decides to waive Mogilny’s salary, he’ll just have to do it for every other player over 35 who signs a long term deal and gets injured, leading to the team wanting salary relief. Plus this move will anger other GM’s because you’re supposed to be careful who you sign to long term deals. So really Gary Bettman what are you going to do anger 1 GM, or 29? Then again with Bettman you never know.

Now I really wanted to believe this Eklund guy had some serious credability, but post after post I was dissapointed. The only rumors of his I’ve seen come true are ones that have been posted AFTER TSN has already reported them. To sum things up, the chances of Eklund’s predictions coming true are about as likely as Gary Bettman doing something good for the NHL. What do I recommend? Only read his “rumors” if you have nothing better to do. If that. Hockeybuzz, is in my opion a good site; some writers have talent and REAL sources. Eklund is simply out of his league.

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  1. gg_idiot says:

    These don’t sound like rumours, these just sound like stupid ideas he’s come up with. Why would he move Malakhov out west but then possibly trade Gionta to Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal? How could Toronto even fit Gionta on their salary cap?

    Man I’ve never read this Eklund guy but he seems not so much smarter like

  2. Air33 says:

    Fantasy question: Would you trade Nagy for Sykora and Nylander?

  3. Snipes says:

    I would have to agree with you that these are absolutely rediculous and no body will trade for either malakhov or mogilny becuz neither will play…but i also have to inform you that mogilnys salary has a good chance of being dropped because if a player suffers a long term injury (in the NHL, which is what they have to prove, that it wasnt from the AHL last season) that players salary is allowed to be dropped from the team, the whole controversy about the over 35 clause is about Malakhov not Mogilny so make sure you get that straight

  4. Lint07 says:

    I’ve been monitoring Eklund since the start and wanted to know if he really had good sources or not so I was keeping an eye on his posts.

    Sorry for all the haters, but I’ve seen several breaking news from him and his staff that were posted before everywhere else (and that includes TSN).

    on top of my head, anything related to the Blues was always 100% right (Mike Sillinger being traded to Nashville, every single signing of St. Louis this summer, etc. were always posted on Hockeybuzz first, sometimes even 24 hours before anywhere else).

    The Chris Pronger deal has been posted on HockeyBuzz before any other site. I know it for a fact because I was refreshing every site to update HTR and they got the scoop about 1 hour before TSN.

    And those are just those I quickly remember.

    I find it funny how every Eklund haters are nowhere to be found every time he gets a story right.

    btw, I have no idea who he is. I am just pointing some facts out.

  5. CaptainInsano says:

    Eklund “made a name for himself as a gay porn actor.”

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrik_Eklund

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Whenever I can, I rip Eklund.

    There are so many contradicting rumours on that site, its unbelievable. Yes, he has come up with some really good once, but he has mentioned 80% of the players in a rumour at some point or another. His success rate is extremely low.

    If you have a lot of free time, that is great. But just like Leaf rumours, I do not take them seriously because the odds are incredibly low.

    I can make a few predictions on trades too, and believe it or not I could probably nail a couple before anyone else saw them coming.

  7. PensinWpg says:

    Eklund simply reports “rumours” that have come his way and his rating system ie. E2, E3 etc merely shows how many sources this same or a similar rumour has come from. E2 meaning it has 2 sources etc…

    His site is merely entertainment and acts as a forum for others to post on his and the other writers columns. The only readers that ever have a problem with what he posts are those that have a bias against what he reports.

    If you don’t agree with a rumour, 1st look up the definition of the word, 2nd realize these rumours don’t solely come from him, 3rd post a comment on that rumour, or ignore it and move on. Lastly, realize he provides material that is meant to stir reaction and discussion. If everything was cut and dry, reported after the fact etc, then rumour sites and speculation on sports and everything else would be non-existent and taboo. Many people like “What if’s” and enjoy discussing hockey and possible upcoming moves, trades, happenings.

  8. BurnabyJoe says:

    PensinWpg: I completely agree with what you said, to a degree. I understand he is there to stir the pot and purely entertainment purposes. But there are two things I have a problem with. One, that site has good writers with rumors (that end up being right) and by Eklund being there he takes away from these guys. Two the guy seems so full of himself and he never gets anything right. The things he calls rumors are more than likely just made up by him; a ten year old could make better predictions. I would be happy if I just saw him get something right, BEFORE another site.


    P.S. I’m not an Eklund hater, I just don’t believe he’s worth putting on a pedestal like a ton of people have done (including himself) as credable.

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    Nagy if healthy will get 90 points easily this year. so without a question the answer is no

  10. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t believe that any of those three deals will go through for one minute. I wouldn’t trade a thing for Mogilny right now, given his health.

    For those of you wondering what is going on with Vladimir Malakhov (and one reason why I am not buying any of this), read this interview:


  11. gg_idiot says:

    1000 monkeys on a typewriter….

  12. gg_idiot says:

    You’re everywhere!

  13. gg_idiot says:

    The fact is it isn’t a rumour if he just made it up and typed it there and pretended there were sources. He obviously typed that above crap cause he had nothing else to write.

    Btw; I hear Toronto is trading Lake Ontario for Malkin. Reliable rumour. Lots of sources.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Their Blues coverage is awesome. They have Andy Strickland blogging for them, and that guy is excellent in his coverage. They’re also very good on a few other teams, including Buffalo.

    Hockeybuzz and Eklund will always be notorious, because he posts rumors (E1 or whatever) that are definitely a longshot. I think that they know that some of their rumors are longshots, but they get posted anyway. But by and large, I think they do a good job.

  15. sean2006 says:

    Gotta agree with PensInWpg. The thing about rumors are, they dont all come true…

    I used to listen to Dan Russell in Vancouver spout off about trade tips and leaks. Heck, Al Strachan has made a career out of wild speculation on HNIC.

    Rumours. Enjoy them for what they are.

  16. BruMagnus says:

    Eklund is a FRAUD!!! Go to http://www.hockeysinsider.com/forums/index.php?showforum=125 and read posts by Code. He is the new deal.

  17. GoalJudge says:

    Hey I’m not an Eklund fan, but read he is right in this case.

    Mogilny’s salary is likely not to hit the cap because it should fall under the longterm injury category as the injury he has sustained since he was a leaf.

    The Devil’s will be getting out of Mogilny’s salary.

    However, they are screwed for Malakhov’s.

    As for Eklund’s rumours, he is a Strachan type guy.

    And the only thing I think Strachan has going for him was that he got the inside dish on the Pronger situation before anyone else. Other than that he is a tit.

    Bottom line is Lamerello is in a pickle, and he needs to dump Malakhov.

    Nobody wants an injured Vet these days so he is screwed.

    The other side of this equation is that if he does not manage to get out of Malakhov’s situation He likely will lose one or both of Brylin and Gionta.

    (Personally, I would have signed Gionta before Gomez.)

    The proposition of Brylin and especially Gionta becoming available, has other teams Drooling, which is why I think that other teams have held off on major moves waiting for this situation to sort itself out.

    Moves happen year round so I wouldn’t be surprised to see NJ lose big, and other teams pick at them like vultures.

    New Era looks great.

  18. nova_scotia123 says:

    I think Jersey will have to bite the bullet. They should have done a better physical on Mogilny before they signed him to a long term contract. They made a mistake and should not be pardoned. If they are, this will have alot of GM’s up in arms. If they can prove it goes back to his days in Toronto then they should fire their doctors because they told big Lou it is alright to sign him. Evry mistake has its consequences.

  19. Marky2Fresh says:

    What about this one “NJ throws in the towel and just forfeits the season”

  20. Aetherial says:

    Gionta is not going anywhere, period.

    Bettman doing anything good for the league?

    Hmmm, how about the salary cap.

    Sorry, but even as a Leafs fan, I FAR prefer the relatively even playing field that the cap offers. If the Leafs ever do win a cup in my lifetime it won’t be tainted by whispers that they just bid higher for it than all the other teams.

  21. barahir says:

    sykora is in Edmonton and Nylander NYR

  22. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    I woundn’t trade Lake Ontario for a sack of pucks. lol

  23. NjDEVSFN says:

    the Devils have to APPLY for LongTerm IR status, not just place him there.

    what is the NHL gonna do say that Mogilny is NOT injured when he cant play because he failed the Devils physical?

    since Mogilny cannot play because he failed the Devils physical the NHL has no choice.

  24. Braidan says:

    Alex Mogilny Birthday: Feb 18, 1969

    Signed to long term contract: Aug 16, 2005

    Age at signing: 36

    Age after which teams are stuck with salary if player quits/retires/injury: 35

    Mogilny salary applied to cap: all of it

    Watching Lou sweat to get under the cap: Priceless

  25. Downtown says:

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss these ideas boys and girls.

    A team like St. Louis or Washington will not spend anywhere near the cap this year. That being the case, why not take on Mogilny or Malakov’s salary for a first and third round pick?

    Chances are, Jersey pays the salary for you anyway — it just gets carried on your cap space. So what? Think Columbus is going to spend $44 million this year? St. Louis? Washington?

    If I were a GM of a financially self-limiting team, I’d offer to take the dynamic duo of Lou’s hands.

  26. wingedim says:

    The fact that you knew where to look for this scares me….

  27. wingedim says:

    What isn’t that a viable possibility?? LMAO

  28. wingedim says:

    The irony of all these bash posts here is that almost everyone of you are regular commentors on Hockeybuzz. That and a lot of you ask Ek for updates on what he’s heard regarding ‘your’ team.

  29. NjDEVSFN says:

    an injured players salary “counts” against the cap

    however, a team that places a player on LTIR can add salary NO GREATER than the value of that player

    in essence the Devils cap becomes $47.5M

  30. gg_idiot says:

    TSN just confirmed it

  31. gg_idiot says:

    Um, Lake Superior?

  32. gg_idiot says:


  33. buds8 says:

    I believe it was a FANSTASY league question you banana!

  34. wingerxxx says:

    Teams will look at what happened with both of those players last year…and it's not like New Jersey is a bad team.  Neither of those players are what they used to be.  Mogilny is a huge injury risk, and it doesn't seem like Malakhov is interested in returning to the league.  I would rather keep the 1st and 3rd round picks. 

  35. Kamakaze says:

    But that’s not the point. The point is that while you would have to pay a certain amount of money to “HAVE” the player on your roster (which might actually be null if the Devil’s send cash their way…), you would really just be paying a couple mil. for a draft pick and maybe prospect…

    Obviously no one will want to have those players on their team for roster spots, but don’t you think spending a little money in exchange for a 1st or 2nd rounder?

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