Ovechkin made to wait for medical treatment

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The Washington Post is reporting that star forward Alex Ovechkin was made to wait before receiving medical treatment from the Penguins medical staff during last nights game.

Apparently Ovechkin was cut by a skate during the third period of the game and had to be treated by the Penguins medical staff. Although he rushed right away to the Penguins locker room he had to wait for treatment while one of the Pens was attended to. As a result Ovechkin was forced to miss the balance of the game. Interesting if you are a Penguins fan or manager that is trying to find any edge possible to collect the valuable extra points necessary to get into the playoffs. Although it is very unlikely that the medical trainers deliberately delayed his treatment it is reported that the Capitals may investigate what took place as they are unhappy about the situation.


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  1. leniwm1 says:

    i hope the medical staff wont stoop as low. Remeber Michael Renberg? Cut his finer = infected = cut it off. Imagine that happening to Ovie cuz the Pens wanted an edge. Doesnt look good for NHL

  2. wingsfan13 says:

    why doesn't washington have their own medical staff that they bring along?

  3. Pronger44 says:

    With the team Pittsburgh has, why would they even need to do that…

  4. gronk says:

    That's just stupid.  They're the worst team in the East and it's just another stupid conspiracy theory.  Give me a break.

  5. mtlman2005 says:

    To answer to the second comment, teams don't usually bring their medical staff because they know the other team has one. Maybe the chief doctor will come along but thats it. And it makes sense: saves money!

    As for the 3 and 4th comment, Pittsburgh won in OT. I'm not saying that, had Ovechkin been there Washington would have won for sure, but you never know. And seeing how close the East is this year, one point can be huge. Ok, we are talking about Washington who is already pretty far behind, but for Pittsburgh one point can make or break their season!
    I'm not saying that this how story is true, but it make u think!

  6. ferron says:

      What happened to Renberg? I never knew where he went, he just kind of vanished, what exactly happened to him and when?

  7. Veggetto19 says:

    he cut his finger on a skate lace pulling it tight and got infected so bad they nearly had to remove his hand they did not remove anything  not evan a finger.

  8. mtlman2005 says:

    What's that?? Ovechkin 4 goals and 1 assist tonight vs Ottawa??!! Does it really sound that far fetched that Pittsburgh would want to keep him off the ice?!

  9. gronk says:

    Well, this can go both ways. What if another “source” claims that Ovechkin didn’t seek help because he wanted a little break? Then Ovechkin looks bad. This is a dumb issue.

  10. ferron says:

      Thanks for answering.

  11. tacitus says:

    i dont think Doctors count against the cap so this is just a bad way to save money….. If i own a team i bring a doctor on every road game its just protecting your investment and not relying on the opposing team. Granted i highly doubt Ovie was made to wait purposely but fact is, spend a lil and protect your investments or be cheap and wait for the home player to be attended to first. If i am GM id find another way to save money and bring team doctors on the road.

  12. intelligentscorpio says:

    This is totally unacceptable for Washington to claim about the delay in providing medical help for Ovechkin. The staff may be attending to some other player at the time. This is a joke that Washington wants to bring about, since they lost the game.

  13. intelligentscorpio says:

    I agree

  14. intelligentscorpio says:

    We do not know all the details, as such we should find the correct information before blaming the other team's medical staff.

  15. Pronger44 says:

    Gee your so smart. If everyone went by what you say then their wouldn’t be any problems in the world, right.

  16. tacitus says:

    i dont know, i think its just a move every team in the league should make. In a game that fast and hard hitting why not have your own team doctor escort you on trips? And ya i am smarter then you when it comes to hockey anyways

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