Owen Nolan Sweepstakes Heating Up!!!

According to www.hockeybuzz.com, the Owen Nolan sweepstakes are heating up. The often injured winger hasn’t played so far this season, however his presence could of be of huge help to some teams. Accordingly, the teams most interested in his services include San Jose, Ottawa and Montreal.From www.hockeybuzz.com rumor mill:

Word is that Owen Nolan has been cleared to play and my inbox is full of Nolan rumors in the past few hours.. Here is a run down, with the amount of emails from proven sources that somehow refer to Owen.

San Jose (3)

Ottawa (3)

Montreal (3)

Calgary (2)

Boston (2)

La Kings (2)

Buffalo (1)

Minnesota (1)

Phoenix (1)


At this point it is too hard to project a favorite in the sweepstakes, but I am just now starting to return calls and emails…I will be back with more info, on Hockeybuzz.com, your Owen Nolan Sweepstakes Headquarters.


49 Responses to Owen Nolan Sweepstakes Heating Up!!!

  1. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    lol i dont put too much faith in hockeybuzz 🙂 but he will end up in SJ

  2. nyrules11 says:

    Boston? one last shot to make a playoff push before unloading some players?

  3. PaulK123 says:

    I know he’d want to go to Ottawa, but I am a Leafs

    fan and please Owen don’t go to the Sens, please!

    He’d probably end up on San Jose as this eam is on the rise.

  4. Viller02 says:

    He would definately plug some holes on the Flyers but at the price hes gonna ask and his injury history, I dont think hes worth it.

  5. habs79 says:

    I’d say Montreal they need size, plus he is a righ-handed shot something else they need.

  6. Neely4Life says:

    Id like to see him on the third line here in Ottawa for the right price, but my guess is he’ll end up in San Jose.

  7. Tweek says:

    Im thinking Buffalo, L.A, or Calgary. I cant really see him going anywhere else. Of all the teams he would best fit Buffalo who need a veteran foward who has been to the dance and contribute with hits and some offense. Nolan is not nearly as good as he once was but he’s still a decent pick-up.

  8. captainjoefish says:

    i do not see boston getting nolan and i think they are not even going to be close to making the playoffs but it would be nice if they did get nolan as long as he does not turn out to be a zhamnov!

  9. zdeno_duchesne says:

    absolutely not ottawa..

    his salary is too much, and john muckler will not trade with a team in his division

  10. Viller02 says:

    Trade? He’s a free agent.

  11. rojoke says:

    Nolan is unrestricted. He’s still waiting to see how much the Leafs still owe him on his contract, but there’s not trade to be made.

  12. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    riiiiiiiiight i wonder what ottawa will trade to the unrestricted free agent team?

  13. TheWho says:

    As a habs fan, I really don’t want this guy on my team, and I’m getting annoyed from all these god damn rumours about the habs too, were turning into the leafs *rolls eyes*.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    A number of those teams don’t even need him. Especially Ottawa. Whoever lands him, they are welcome to him. The only teams with any business looking at him are teams absolutely starved for offensive depth on the wing.

  15. doanerfan says:

    Settle down kids, he is going to Phoenix.

  16. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Gainey just made a smart move by firing Julien and getting Carbaneau as an assistant, let’s hope he doesn’t do something retarded and sign Nolan.

  17. Flyer_Dman says:

    To combine a previous article about Clarke testing the market and this one I would have to say that Nolan coming to Philly would make sense.

    We have the cap room with the Primeau, Desjardins, Esche, and Pitkanen injuries giving us a nice little cushion under the cap. And he would be a nice veteran leader to fill in the void that Primeau has left behind. However, I wasn’t all that impressed with his play while he was a Leaf, and now with an entire year and a half off doing nothing I can’t assume he would be much better. If a team takes this guy in hopes that he will revive an entire team I think they will be sorely mistaken. If he is signed without high expectations and fills a gap on a second line, he will do poorly but probably earn his pay during the playoffs. Nolan would do well as a second or third liner but I don’t see him being much of an impact player no matter where he goes.

  18. habsoverserver says:

    gainey still scares me but i hope he knows how bad he is at assessing talent and will avoid nolan. tough for him though to stay away from any player with size.

  19. wingerxxx says:

    A year and a half off for a power forward is very bad. It’s going to take him a while to play into game shape, and Nolan is no spring chicken. He is a questionable captain and leader. I’m not even sure he would be that great in Philly. I think the last part of your comment hit it on the nose.

  20. lukeleim says:

    i couldnt see nolan go for any more than 1.2 million, he’s a bandaid, but im sure at that price almost every team will show interest, even the likes of washington (could see some chemistry between ovechkin) or Minnesota would also be a great fit, but im going to go with buffalo pickin this guy up.

  21. nova_scotia123 says:

    I have to agree with you. I think he could help in a limited role. Maybe some power play time with Gagne and Forsberg. But he would spend most of his time on the 3rd and 4th line. But like you say 1.5 years off is not going to help any players timing and game shape let alone a power forward. But this could be a last option pick up.

  22. Sharkie says:

    Owen Nolan, I believe, would like to make his way back to San Jose. Not only does the guy still own a bar in SJ, but he truly was a fan favorite when he was there. I would certainly love to see him back in teal. He was at the tank not more than a week ago, I am sure to discuss with Dougie Wilson the prospects of returning.

    We’ll see how it shakes out but I think both the Sharks and Nolan could benefit from his return.

  23. riki25 says:

    Ok! First of all, to all you people that say they don’t want Nolan because he’ll cost too much and risks more injuries… YOu’re wrong.

    Nolan is healthier than he’s ever been… completely re-habed AND because of his past health issues, he is NOT going to ask too much money… Sort of like when Lindros signed with the leafs for 1.5 M. Look for him to ask between 1.5 and 1.8 M

    Second Nolan isn’t getting younger and would definately want to play for a cup this year… A SERIOUS contender like Ottawa or CAlgary. I’m putting San Jose as a possible destination here because his kids go to school there and he also owns a small business there… But I still think he wants a team with a better chance at the cup.

    Third, he’s REALLY pissed off at the Leafs organisation… What better way to get back at them by proving himself and joining their number 1 enemy: The Ottawa Senators.

    So here’s a breakdown percentile of where he’s ending up…

    75% chance of Ottawa.

    20% chance of San Jose.

    5% chance of Calgary.

  24. Nothingman says:

    So Ottawa’s gonna give up the idea of getting a quality center which they need, like Doug Weight, just so they can get a damaged-goods old winger in Nolan JUST BECAUSE he used to play for the Leafs?

    San Jose and Calgary are much better fits. Much better. And your percentages had no basis in reality except that you thought they looked about right. They’re not.

  25. Hollywood666 says:

    I think San Jose or Calgary are the best bets. Sutter loves stealing players he has a history with, but I think he’ll end up back in SJ.

  26. wingerxxx says:

    Ottawa needs a good center much, much more than they need a guy with injury problems, and who has missed a year and a half of hockey. That is not good for a power forward. The Senators would be out of their minds to sign him. Even healthy, Nolan’s best days are behind him. If you take his history into account, he’s not going to sign for a bargain price. This isn’t Eric Lindros going to Toronto here. He will go to whoever wants to take a gamble on him. The teams that are doing well right now…not a whole lot of them have problems on the wing. San Jose, maybe. Calgary really doesn’t need him either.

  27. Tweek says:

    you are hilarious! the same comment was only made two previous times, good to know you were there to address it a third!

  28. Lint07 says:

    Anybody seen the Ovechkin goal?


    Hot Damn, this kid is something!

  29. habsoverserver says:

    That goal was pretty much the Calder winner. I see Crosby diving for penalties and Ovechkin diving for goals.

  30. neilios says:

    Is Nolan outta his wheelchair yet???I would like to see him in a Canucks uniform he would be a nice fit on the 1st line with Nassy and Bert since Bert’s been playing C lots Nolan is a gritty player he would be a good fit for the playoffs,and you guys say he wants to play for a contender so I think he would wanna play for the Canucks or Senators then cause the Flames aint going nowhere this year in the playoffs just a big fluke couple years ago.

  31. SelanneFanatic says:

    i think Lou should go after this guy. he would definitly fit in with the devils defensive system that it once was. i dont have the slightest clue if it would ever happen but i think that the devils would be a real good fit for owen

  32. riki25 says:

    Ottawa NEEDS a center?? Spezza, Smolinski, Fisher and Eaves are doinbg the job…

    Maybe Nolan isnt’ the player he used to be but he has heart… which is the ONE thing that has been lacking on the team(except for Alfredsson maybe) throughout their playoff career…

    Heres’ how the lines could look like!





    And if they DO get a center, I hope they get Marc Savard!!

  33. Hollywood666 says:

    Why would he play for the Canucks?

    When he said he wants to play for a contender, he meant a STANLEY CUP contender, not regular season.

  34. Pucked says:

    I was asking Neil Young (he sits near me) that question last night at the Tampa Bay game, he wants Nolan back. Nolan was a bit of a cancer in the locker room towards the end, but perhaps his time away will cure that? Sharks have a good chemistry now, so I am not sure I would tamper with that.

  35. boomer824 says:

    I think he’ll go to who ever is willing to pay him the most money.

  36. DevilzAdvokit13 says:

    Personally, I think that he wouldn’t go to boston because boston is on clearing house and they are getting rid of all the high priced players for next year. Before next year comes about, I expect to see Murray out of Boston and also some others. Owen Nolan is a high priced player, and as of now, i doubt he would go to boston unless they want him for the beggining of rebuilding.

  37. DevilzAdvokit13 says:

    what happened to Alfredsson?

  38. DevilzAdvokit13 says:

    My bad I didn’t see Alfie…

  39. wingerxxx says:

    I get to watch him live at every Caps home game 🙂 Definitely the Calder winner over Crosby at this point.

  40. PaulK123 says:

    He won’t be going anywhere without Leafs Permision! Owen Nolan is still part of the Toronto Maple Leafs and will not be signing with a team but

    most likely traded. Remember, the contract dispute?

  41. WeedIan says:

    Whoever aquires him will get a player who sucks. He’s just a whiner, he won’t get any money from the leafs since he injured himself at home.

    He’s just plain crap ever since he left SJ even at the end of the SJ period he was sucking.

  42. WeedIan says:

    Whoever aquires him will get a player who sucks. He’s just a whiner, he won’t get any money from the leafs since he injured himself at home.

    He’s just plain crap ever since he left SJ even at the end of the SJ period he was sucking.

  43. habfan1160 says:

    That goal was sick. As of right now, he should win the Calder. It seems that most of his points are coming during 5-5 play rather than 5-4, which is were Crosby is getting a majority of his points.

    Is there some way that the Habs can drug the Caps front office in order to pry Oveckhkin away?

  44. pensfanalltheway6687 says:

    Sadly enough, even as a Penguins fan, I have to agree. He is doing it all and I cannot believe what he is doing for his team. At least Crosby has some help but they suck. Speaking of great goals, and Sportscenter was just putting some on as I was typing this, but did anyone see Jussi Jokinen’s goal on Saturday in the shoot out against the b’s on NBC? How about Nikolai Zherdev’s coast-to-coast goal? Also maybe the most unlikely player to do this but Marek Malik’s between the legs goal?

  45. kicksave856 says:

    yeah, that’s sensational. i just think this kid is showing me so much more than crosby is (without even mentioning all crosby’s whining). ovechkin is just better so far.

  46. Lint07 says:

    I’d give the Caps 15 Habs player of their choice right away just for this kid…

  47. joechoda says:

    why would Atlanta get rid of Savard??

    and who would Ottawa possibly give up?!?

  48. Labrosse says:

    whynot in montreal? alot of habs fans says they don’t want him but why? don’t say he’s salary is too high he don’t have a salary! even if he’s not the great power foward goal scorer he was, he can still help team like montreal who need size and righ handed talent(only ryder)

    I say give him 750K for the rest of the season and put him on the second line with ribiero and katsystin/plecanec

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