Panthers News and Trade Updates

The Palm Beach Post reports that the Panthers are considering many different options prior to the trade deadline. It is speculated that the Panthers will hold on to Big Bad Bertuzzi so that they can hang on to the right to negotiate with him until July the 1st.

Other players that the Panters may be looking to deal include Gary Roberts, Martin Gelinas ( who would be a great fit for many teams) and Ed Belfour.

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The Todd Bertuzzi situating is a tough one to be in for the Panthers. They gave up an all-star world class goalie to acquire him and he has been injured, missing action for most of the year. What do they do? Do they deal him for players to ensure that they get something back for him or do they wait and try to re-sign him to an extension. Personally, it is HTR’s opinion that he will be in Florida once again next year. Florida has allowed him to escape from the media scrutiny of the Moore incident and it would be a total class move for him to give something back to the Panthers.

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  1. muckies says:

    I think the Panthers get a 1st round choice from Vancouver if they do not re-sign Bertuzzi, unless a team offers that much for him at the deadline, he'll be in Florida and sign somehwere else.

    Bertuzzi has no loyalty to the Panthers, he was Keenan's guy. Bertuzzi isn't a Martin type of player. I think Martin would rather spend his money on a player like Drury, Brewer, Zetterberg or Rivet. Good team guys. Rebuild from the net out.

    The last thing the Panthers need is an injury prone loser like Bertuzii. they need somebosy that can seel tickets, provide leadership and help them win. Bertuzzi doesn't help in any of theose categories.  


    Bertuzzi was a big draw in Vancouver… I think more people have Bertuzzi jerseys than any other player. And one injury, although quite serious, does not make him injury prone.

    Personally I think they should trade him, then see if they can resign him in the summer if they want him. But to say he can't sell tickets or help them win is folly

  3. muckies says:

    Bertuzzi in Vancouver was a completly different animal than what he is now. He was maybe one of the top 5 players in the NHL before Steve Moore.  Now nobody is a Bertuzzi fan, nobody is buying his jersey or going to the rink to see him play.

    I liked Bertuzii beofre the Moore deal, now I hate him

  4. Raaper says:

    Totaly agree with you muckies. I don't think any one will give up too much for him. Sorry Florida I think you are stuck with him

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