Pathers Need a Fighter (Who can Play)

Gary Rothstein/Icon SMI

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Florida Panthers are shopping for fighter who can also play hockey.

Apparently because the Panthers do not presently have anyone on their team who can take care of the fighting aspect of the game the present Panthers are having to take care of things themselves and are getting hurt while doing so. In order to make sure that a fighter does the fighting the Pantehrs are looking at a number of different options that may include Jody Shelly of the Blue Jackets or Anthony Stewart.

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12 Responses to Pathers Need a Fighter (Who can Play)

  1. leaffaninva says:

    I think Belak owns a stick and some skates

  2. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    "The panthers are shopping for a fighter than can also play hockey".

    I think 28 other teams are in the same boat.

  3. senators101 says:

    Whose the 1 outcast?

  4. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I'm pretty sure you cheer for them.

  5. Rysto says:

    Jacques Martin has never cared for having a goon on his team before.  What makes people think that he's gone and changed his mind now?

  6. pennell_723 says:

    actaully think all the east  candian teams r well off wit fighters that can play……
    toronto tucker
    sens neil
    montreal komiserick

  7. habskovalev27 says:

    uh…montreal…nobody…komisarek is not a fighter…he fights because he defends other players…

  8. Archion113 says:

    hahahaha… stop it… thats too funny…

    Neil and Tucker? bahahaha….

    Neil just turtles now when a player over the age of 12 tries to start a fight with him.  Tucker is always in the box for hooking players, so he has no time to fight.  Besides the fact that Tucker is a big asset to the Maple Leafs power play, you don't want him trying to fight.

  9. papichulo71 says:

    Well there's two level of fighters – heavyweights and middleweights.

    I don't think that a heavyweight would fit into Florida's plans.  Guys like Allen shouldn't be counted on to stick up for their teammates all the time.

    I would aim for a middleweight like the Ducks' Travis Moen if anything.

  10. chanman says:

    Peter Worrell anyone?

      About as much talent as a door hinge but that dude would kick anyones butt

  11. flamingsenator says:

    hahahaha u should add edmontons stortini to that list just for kicks

  12. Wings19 says:

    Komiserak isnt a fighter and Tucker is a chicken shit. When Neil came after him he said hes not a fighter hes a goal scorer.

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