Paul Maurice not the next Leafs coach?

Well, I’ll keep this short and to the point, for those who may not yet know…

Upon Pat Quinn’s firing from the Toronto Maple Leafs, it was John Ferguson Jr.’s idea to name Paul Maurice as the new coach immediately. But, Larry Tanenbaum did not agree, and has told JFJ to interview coaches to be here long term. The reasoning for this seems to be as simple as Tanenbaum feels that JFJ will not be the GM of the Leafs by the time next season starts, and wants a coach behind the bench that will be able to work with whoever is the General Manager at this time. Of course, Marc Crawford’s name has been mentioned as the next coach of the Leafs, but there’s also another name who has been brought up, and he has been to the Air Canada Center more than once in the last few weeks, undergoing interviews. That man? Former Toronto Maple Leafs coach, Pat Burns!

When Burns was contacted by the media to comment, he issued the following statement.

“When I heard that the coaching job in Toronto was available I decided that I should through my name into the hat. I feel much better now and have recovered nicely from my illness (Cancer and treatments). I have been deciding whether I should return to hockey which is my one true love. When I saw that the Leafs job was up for grabs I came to the decision that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get back in the game.”

So, now it appears that the board of directors for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment are torn between three very relaible coaches, and might spend the better part of this summer, trying to choose the best coach for this team.

Needless to say, it should be an interesting summer….

9 Responses to Paul Maurice not the next Leafs coach?

  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Source? And by next season, do you mean 06-07?

  2. 92-93 says:

    yeah – most of what you’ve said goes contrary to most of what i have been reading across a wide variety of media sources.

    it seems that right now, JFJ will be GM of the Leafs for next season but a lame duck one. the problem is him trying to get a contract extention beyond next year.

    as for maurice, he WILL BE the next head coach. this ‘process’ and ‘search’ is simply non-existant. many within MLSE have said that JFJ hasn’t approached anyone and there will be a meeting between Maurice and JFJ this week.

    its a matter of time.

    i actually would much rather have Maurice than Crawford … by a country mile.

    but if what you say is correct about Burns, that is awesome news. i hope he does come back and coach the Leafs and i hope he coaches in the NHL period. but that would definitely mean that Maurice would no longer be within the Leafs organization as another team will probably hire him in the summer.

  3. koolcory77 says:

    u r full of it

  4. PaulK123 says:

    First things first, JFJ will be GM for atleast one more season to see what he can do with lots of

    cap-space. Pat Burns will not be the head coach because he has heart problems from stress, how

    come no one is mentioning Claude Julien or Brent

    Sutter, they are pretty good coaches!

  5. skidragoon says:

    No source? Slow day in NHL Land with out the Leafs playoff presence

  6. bustaheims says:

    Worst. Fake. Quote. Ever.

    I mean, honestly, if Burns really did release a statement to the media, we’d at least find some mention of it over at TSN or Sportsnet. Seriously. You can be 98% certain the Maurice will be the next coach of the Leafs, but don’t be surprised if nothing is announced until after the playoffs . . . that’s just how things tend to work.

  7. Aetherial says:

    I hope Burns is able to return and coach in the NHL. He was my favorite of the Leaf coaches.

    But, he will not be the Leaf coach next season.

    Maurice will be.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    show a link, if what you are saying is true then its good news. Pat Burns is a great coach, and so is Crawford for that matter. I’d like paul maurice to return as marlies coach, but i know if we dont get him as coach of the leafs another team will. expect an announcement after the playoffs, but before the entry draft.

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    If this is true, I’d like to see JFJ canned and give Burns a crack at being the teams GM with Maurice as the head coach

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