Peca looking exceptional

Two assists and a few big hits was all it took for me to love Mike Peca. Of course it is still not known whether the peca we got is the 8 goal peca who played for the oilers last season or the peca who scored 6 goals, got 34 hits and blocked 24 shots in 24 playoff games. I personally think we got the playoff peca because he is comeing off of a terrific post season and because he is playing in his hometown where he will presumeably play with a great deal of heart trying to get his favourite team to the playoffs.

A few months ago on the Sportsnet website they posted an article ( saying how he is best used on a line with young players who can learn defensive skills from him so I say the leafs put him on a line with Matt Stajan as he has added on an extra 20 pounds and is probably fully able to play the wing. Or perhaps Ponikarovsky.

I would like to see him with Tucker but if it’s for the benefit of the team I wouldn’t mind him with the youngsters. In the article they suggest Ben Ondrus but we’ll see.

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  1. leaflova says:

    i know i was talking to people and they were really impressed with his play and can’t wait for the regular season!!

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