Peter Forsberg to Montreal?

The Team 990 in Montreal is citing a “reliable source” from the Dallas airport that Montreal are the front-runners in the Peter Forsberg sweepstakes, followed by Detroit, Anaheim, San Jose and Colorado. Reportedly, Montreal is offering an unnamed mid-level player and a 1st round draft pick.

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  1. Les-Habitants says:

    That's offering a lot.  Forsberg is still playing in a lot of pain and giving up a first round draft pick for an injured rental player is something that I think borders on foolish.

  2. habsman1970 says:

    GEEZ NO!!!!   Seriously, this guy has more issues going on with him than the entire Philly organization…!!!  He is out almost every other game, can't seem to find 'just the right skate', and seems to get injured if someone simply skates by him to fast. 
    For the Habs to take on F-berg (while losing a mid player and top draft pick) it would send us in the wrong direction… With so many bargaining chips taking up the blue-line lets tap into them so we can get a SOLID center for the second line…

    We have enough bench warmers, don't think we need to add another.  

  3. teezer6969 says:

    first this would make no sense for one sure foresberg is one of the greatest players out there but montreal has no cap space for him and bob aint that cracked to give upp a first rounder  plus a forward for him how about a d-man like boullion and a 2nd rounder and throw in a player that will never make the montreal line up like j.ferland and g.murry..ok if u give a 1st rounder and players u better get j.pitkannan also incase foresberg gets injured or takes off like that u didnt trade all that for a rental player

  4. Labrosse says:

    "ok if u give a 1st rounder and players u better get j.pitkannan"

    one of the most idiot comments ever read on this site.

    first the flyers will miss the playoff and probably get the first pick. when you're in this position and the deadline come youre goal is to trade your veterans(players like forsberg) who will became UFA at the end of the year for picks prospects or young player(pitkanen)

    second we are talking the 20th overal pick in the best case scenario(montreal first rounder) and this is not even close to be worthing a guy like pitkanen oyu would have to give a lot more for a guy like him espacially when philly is going to look to the future cause they'll miss the playoff

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    have to agree with you on this on, pitkannan ain't going anywhere for the flyers.

    He is a young, highly skilled puck-moving defenseman: exactly what the flyers need more off, perhaps more then anything else and that's saying something. 

  6. Les-Habitants says:

    if only he was healthy, then I'd say it is worth it…but for a contender.  The only way this would make sense is if:
    a) Gainey thought he could realistically re-sign Forsberg prior to July 1
    b) Gainey thought that this year, the Habs are a serious contender for the cup.

    The Habs are making the playoffs, I hope that has at least been settled by now.  But if the reason isn't a) or b), then it doesn't make sense

  7. KDP1316669 says:

    I have said all along that its going to take at least a 1st rounder or a good prospect to get Forsberg, and because so many teams are interested his value goes up.  Now I agree 100% that this is the biggest gamble any team can make, because IF and its a big IF forsberg could stay healthy than I think that would be enough for Montreal to make a serious run.  I am a habs fan and I have mixed feelings about any trade for Forsberg just because the risk is so great.

  8. blarneylad says:

    not just the risk but the fact that we'd only get him for the rest of this season before he bails

  9. blarneylad says:

    montreal is a serious contender. and gainey knows it

  10. trakman says:

    TOO OLD…  He is damaged goods – I would rater go with what we have than go the route of the rental players.  Look at Toronto.  they did this same thing for years and depleted their farm system badly.

    In Bob I trust,  I know he will not be stupid and move of the best moves Gainey makes are the dumb moves he didn't make that unexperienced GMS would do..

    Journal de Montreal can do all the polls in the world to try to force a trade – give it a break guys..

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Forsberg's over rated.

  12. alex_nrv says:

    awww man! Learn to freakin' spell NHL players' names!!!

    G. Murray ALREADY played with Montreal "(and throw in a player that will never make the montreal line up like j.ferland and g.murry)"… They can't play all players in the organisation, so they need to bench some of them! Besides, Murray ISN'T even with the Bulldogs! He's on the team… And you can't get anything for nothing…
    Bouillon, 2nd round pick, 1st round pick.. and Ferland/Murray (why would they need them anyway)
    for Forsberg and Pitkanen…
    sounds… NONSENSE!

  13. habsalltheway says:

    If the habs are to go after Forseberg they should ask for Pitkanen also so they have something in return in case Forseberg retires or walks. I’d offer Aebischer, Markov, Rivet, Plecanek, Samsonov & a conditional pick for Forseberg, Pitkanen, S. Kapanen & M. Grenier. Grenier use as an extra forward for muscle on the 4’th line when needed. Then we have Pitkanen to replace Markov and use Streit or Cote to replace Rivet & then this also allows us to sign Souray long term. Then if Zherdev is available offer Perezhogin, Ryder & Ninnimaa for Zherdev & Modin. Then The Habs look like this:

    Huet, Danis

    Komisarek, Pitkanen
    Cote, Souray
    Dandenault, Bouillon

    Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev
    Forseberg, Zherdev, Modin
    Bonk, Johnson, Kapanen
    Begin, Latendresse, Streit (Lapierre to fill in for Begin) Grenier as replacement for Streit when needed. Send Downey to minors.

  14. passionch says:

    Forsberg needs to get rid of this injury-prone reputation if he wants his value to go back to what he's worth.  Until then, I don't want Montreal to take the risk of getting Forsberg even if he is a great player. 

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