Possible Solution For Leafs

After the signings of Pavel Kubina and Hal Gill the

Leafs are in quite a pickle, here is my solution:

Player Salary:

0.8 Steen

0.8 Ponikarovsky

0.9 Kilger

6.8 Sundin

0.5 Pohl

1.6 Tucker

1.5 O’Neill

5.8 McCabe

5.0 Kubina

4.3 Kaberle

2.1 Gill

0.7 Belak

0.7 Kronwall

1.5 Raycroft

0.6 Aubin

0.6 Tellqvist

Total of 34.2 million dollars

9.8 million dollars left

Okay so the Leafs need 1 more defenseman and 7

more forwards, here is who I think they should re-sign:

Ian White: 2-year/500,000 per year

Brendan Bell: 2-year/500,000 per year

Jay Harrison:2-year/500,000 per year

Jason Allison:2-year/1.5 million per year

Eric Lindros:1-year/500,000 per year

Matt Stajan:2-year/650,000 per year

Kyle Wellwood:2-year/650,000 per year

That would leave the Leafs with 5.8 million for 3 forwards, here is who they sign from the free agents:

Eric Daze:1-year/2.5 million per-year

Serge Aubin:2-year/1 million per-year

Dean McCammond:1-year/1.5 million per year

That will leave the Leafs with about 0.6 million dollars in cap space, here is the team:





Extras:Suglobov, O’Neill




Extras:Harrison, Bell


__Aubin (J.S)__

Tellqvist can be used as trade bait while Belak may

get thrown into the deal as a salary dump.