Possible Solution For Leafs

After the signings of Pavel Kubina and Hal Gill the

Leafs are in quite a pickle, here is my solution:

Player Salary:

0.8 Steen

0.8 Ponikarovsky

0.9 Kilger

6.8 Sundin

0.5 Pohl

1.6 Tucker

1.5 O’Neill

5.8 McCabe

5.0 Kubina

4.3 Kaberle

2.1 Gill

0.7 Belak

0.7 Kronwall

1.5 Raycroft

0.6 Aubin

0.6 Tellqvist

Total of 34.2 million dollars

9.8 million dollars left

Okay so the Leafs need 1 more defenseman and 7

more forwards, here is who I think they should re-sign:

Ian White: 2-year/500,000 per year

Brendan Bell: 2-year/500,000 per year

Jay Harrison:2-year/500,000 per year

Jason Allison:2-year/1.5 million per year

Eric Lindros:1-year/500,000 per year

Matt Stajan:2-year/650,000 per year

Kyle Wellwood:2-year/650,000 per year

That would leave the Leafs with 5.8 million for 3 forwards, here is who they sign from the free agents:

Eric Daze:1-year/2.5 million per-year

Serge Aubin:2-year/1 million per-year

Dean McCammond:1-year/1.5 million per year

That will leave the Leafs with about 0.6 million dollars in cap space, here is the team:





Extras:Suglobov, O’Neill




Extras:Harrison, Bell


__Aubin (J.S)__

Tellqvist can be used as trade bait while Belak may

get thrown into the deal as a salary dump.

9 Responses to Possible Solution For Leafs

  1. phat_cat says:

    Wellwood and Pohl are both centers who will not play the wing! They will be the 3,4 center men…..Also you are missing Antropov…he has a contract and isnt on your list!

  2. lukeleim says:

    My completely unrealistic offseason transactions.

    Darcy Tucker, Hal Gill & Carlo Colaiacovo to the Florida Panthers for Gary Roberts & Jay Bouwmeester.

    Alexei Ponikarovsky, Mikael Tellqvist, Andy Wozniewski & John Pohl to the Calgary Flames for Chuck Kobasew & the Flames’ 2nd-round pick of 2007.

    Jeff O’Neill to the Carolina Hurricanes for the Hurricanes’ 5th-round pick of 2007.

    Nik Antropov & Karel Pilar to the Nashville Predators for Jordin Tootoo & the Predators’ 3rd-round pick in 2008.

    UFA – Sergei Samsonov & Anson Carter

    Sergei Samsonov – Mats Sundin – Chuck Kobasew

    Gary Roberts – Kyle Wellwood – Anson Carter

    Alexander Steen – Matt Stajan – Aleksander Suglobov

    Chad Kilger – Eric Lindros – Jordin Tootoo


    Nikolai Kulemin – Jiri Tlusty – Ben Ondrus

    Jeremy Williams

    Robbie Earl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Jay Bouwmeester – Pavel Kubina

    Staffan Kronwall – Ian White


    Jay Harrison – Wade Belak

    Phil Oreskovic – Brendan Bell

    Andrew Raycroft

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin


    J.F Racine

    Justin Pogge

    Todd Ford

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he doesn’t have a contract he hasn’t resigned yet

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Daze at 2.5 may be pushing it

  5. wingedim says:

    Interesting solution, however, Lindros won’t sign for under a mil and you are over paying Daze. Keep both around a mil and you MIGHT be able to get both guys. Doubtful, but possible.

  6. Nevyn says:

    This ‘solution’ missed some contracts/arbitration and also doesnt account for the cap hits of the Domi and Belfour buyouts. It also assumes a lot of people agreeing to sign for not a lot. I could see lindros taking a mil or less, but I think we don’t want to pay Allison what he can get. Bottom line is that we maybe bring in Roberts and/or maybe one more free agent (Carter?), and the rest will just be signing our restricteds and prospects.

    I think the bigger problem is what we do in a couple years if this team IS playing well. If the cap keeps going up we’ll be fine, but if it plateaus or regresses, we’ll have 18 mil tied up in 4 defensemen, and by then we’ll have issues with a new contract for Raycroft if he works out (or a FA if he doesn’t … although it would probably just be Pogge time), and newer contracts for our young forwards.

  7. scout says:

    Boumeester will cost you more than that.

    And if Keenan wanted Gill he would have made an effort to sign him.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    if keenan wanted gill hell would freeze over

  9. Torleafy says:

    One question for everyone… Did Steen, Stajan, and Wellwood not just earn their spots on the team last season??? Why are you guys only giving our youth the same amount of ice time they received last season???? We only need a winger to play with Sundin (possibly Carter)… keep Big Easy, rid Allison (he’s just too damn slow… and give our young guys the ice time they deserve. Buffalo, Carolina, Edmonton, and Anahiem all let thier kids play and all had success!

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