Possible Sundin Trades

Everybody knows that Mats Sundin can’t be traded without waiving his no trade clause 1st therefore he won’t just go anywhere, he’ll only go to a team that have a ligitament chance of winning the stanley cup. Last year the demand was really high for young prospects and draft picks that trend will continue again this year and there is nobody better at this years deadline then Mats Sundin, if the leafs do trade Sundin they must get at least a prospect and a 1st round draft pick. Here are some trades that will benefit both teams including Sundin and some other leafs

To Detriot- Mats Sundin
To Toronto- Brendan Smith, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

To Pittsburg- Mats Sundin, Pavel Kubina
To Toronto- Jordan Staal, Kris Letang, 1st round pick

To Calgary- Mats Sundin, Darcy Tucker
To Toronto- Matthew Lombardi, Matt Pelech, 1st round pick

To Vancouver- Mats Sundin
To Toronto- Ryan Kesler, Luc Bourdon, 1st round pick

To San Jose- Mats Sundin, Hal Gill
To Toronto- Logan Couture, Devin Setoguchi, 1st round pick

To Philadelphia- Mats Sundin
To Toronto- Jeff Carter, 1st round pick

To Anaheim- Mats Sundin
To Toronto- Bobby Ryan, Edmonton 1st round pick

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  1. joyn6160 says:


    To Ottawa: Mats Sundin
    To Toronto: Patrick Eves, Antoine Vermette, 1st round pick


    Mats Sundin signs 2 year deal with Toronto

    but yes i do see 1 of these happening

  2. arigold says:

    Anaheim has to be considered front runners because of the quality of the number one pick in the deal.  Even without Bobby Ryan, i take a second rounder in his place and the deal is still good.  Plus, this makes sense because adding Mats clearly puts them a cut above everyone else in the West.

    Pittsburgh deal just won't happen, and if it does, it won't look like that.  Even I think that's too much to give.  Plus I don't think anyone really wants Kubina.  Teams with a hurting defece core might bite the bullet and acquire him at the deadline, but the Leafs won't get much in return.  Pens aren't trading Staal anyways.

    Vancouver will have to pull the trigger on more than one deal to become a true contender.  Just acquiring Mats won't do it, so if they can't swing more than one deal, they'll probably just go ahead with what they have.

    Calgary is a possibility, but their pick won't be that high, and unless they include a player like Boyd, they won't have what it takes to stand up to the other offers. 

    Philly will get Forsberg, and won't need to make a deal.

    San Jose's main concern is unloading Marleau.  If they succeed in doing so by the deadline, they'll be happy.  I just don't see them making that much of a splash.

    Detroits always a possibility, but because their 1st rounder would be so low, they will have to part with more than B. Smith.  A much better player would have to come the other way.

  3. CanadianRedneck says:

    To Vancouver : Sundin

    To Toronto : Kesker, Bourdon, Mike Brown (hell yeahhhh !)

    I sincerely can't see any other team that can fit so well with Sundin.
    Sundin can't go to the ducks, it would be a mistake, there too many "big names" it's never good, and i don' know if they have enough salary cap

    The leafs need to play with their young gun, and need to bring some new blood, very talented.

    P.S : Don't Let Belak ! He's the man !

  4. the_next_agent says:

    Sundin would never waive his no-trade clause to go to the Sens, he loves the Leafs to much to do that.  I think he is going the Ducks.  That trade would make the Ducks that much better and if they can also pick up Blake, they would be better than the Wings.  Don't look at the standings now because the Ducks had been without Selanne and Niedermayer for the entire season, look for them to have the best record in the West and quite possibly, the League.  As for the Leafs they finally get a Power Forward in the system and that pick is a sure thing as a top 3 pick and the Leafs may beat out the Kings for the first pick.

  5. Norman280 says:

    Wellwood Sundin Tlusty
    Kulemin Stajan Steen
    Earl Devereaux Tucker
    Newbury Kilger Moore

    Kaberle McCabe
    Colaiacovo White
    Stralman Kronwall


  6. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    "To Detriot- Mats Sundin
              To Toronto- Brendan Smith, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick"
    Detroit's 1st round pick will basically be a 2nd round pick because they'll probably finish first.  and also their 2nd pick is basically a 3rd rounder… I don't know how good Brendan Smith is or how much potential he has, but Detroit would have to offer a lot more.

    I like the idea of getting Edmonton's pick from Anaheim. and Someones comment above said that there are "too many stars" on that team, and, if Sundin wanted to win a Cup, why wouldn't he want to go to the Stanley Cup Champs,?  So How about: Sundin to Ducks for Bobby Ryan, 1st round Pick(edm.'s) and Todd Bertuzzi(to balance the salary Cap)

  7. joyn6160 says:

    yah and another missed playoffs, or 8th spot….Newbury is terrible…where is Blake? Kubina? we traded them? for who? lol

  8. clgman says:

    no, to Vancouver: Sundin 

         to Toronto: Ryan Kesler, Alex Edler, Cry Schneider and First round pick IF canucks make it to conference final (wich they probably wont.) The Hockey News Page 22/23 Vol. 61 No. 18 Feb 12 issue. Read em' and weap.
  9. leafs17 says:

    ya you're right about the detroit deal  maybe if u add a player like Valteri Fillpula in da mix i like smith a 1st round pick and a toronto boy thats what the leafs need players from toronto like coliacovo n stajan that are alwayz proud to put on the blue and white and play there hearts out for their city

  10. steve-o08 says:

    I dont know where to begin with this list, First of your not going to get Logan coture second of all. Toronto doesnt need defense they have ample young talented defensemen in the marlies if its one thing toronto can draft right its defense.

    Second of all Sundin will not play in the US because of his investments back home (Covered on hockey night in canada) the best possible trade is in Vancouver

  11. BJnels89 says:

    that anaheim deal sounds good but what is bertuzzi's salary? they'd probably still be over the cap if they took sundin.

  12. BJnels89 says:

    How about this?

    To Dallas:
    -Mats Sundin

    To Toronto:
    -Jussi Jokinen
    -Toby Petersen (In AHL right now)
    -2008 1st round draft pick

  13. BJnels89 says:


    To Minnesota:
    -Mats Sundin

    To Toronto:
    -Mikko Koivu
    -Benoit Pouliot
    -2008 1st round draft pick

  14. tisiot says:

    i really think that the ducks trade is a realistic possibility but i hate to say it but brian burke is usually a little conservative on deadline day, so as much as i would like to see an elite prospect like ryan and a fairly high edmonton draft pick come to TO, i just dont think that the ducks will make that big of a splash on the deadline. As for the people saying that some team wont have the cap room, please check your info. A players salary by this time of the year only sets a team back a fraction of what it was at the beginning of the year. EXAMPLE – say a team picked up a player on the deadline that was on a $2million contract for the year, because most of the season has passed, this player has been paid most of his contract already, and he should only hit the salary cap at ABOUT $500,000 by the deadline. Thats why teams can make a lot of noise on deadline day. Teams like detroit and anaheim DO have the cap room to pick up multiple big names at the deadline, especially detoit who have something like $5.2 mil of cap space and could pick up rent-a-players contracts worth about $15-$20 million. i know, rediculous, but its true.

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