Potential Goaltending Controversy?

Now that Mr. Aebischer is stepping up and starting more often than Cristobal, who will be our playoff goaltender?
Is it possible David Aebischer can rise to the occasion to steal away Huet’s job as #1 goalie come playoff time? Cristobal Huet better step it up!

David Aebischer has not been bad at all this season, but lately, he seems as though he can take over the number one job. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Huet fan and I do believe that if the playoffs started now, Cristobal would get the job. The concern is that if Aebischer keeps up this “role” that he is on now, a controversy will potentially occur.

Huet’s save percentage is decreasing heavily while his goals against average is increasing. He also is in a losing slump. Aebischer has pretty good numbers to boast of late.

Come on, Cristobal! We believe in you.