Predators the quietest success in the league

While we have many topics about the usual suspects and the Ovechkin/Crosby debate rages on, the Nashville Predators are quietly being one the biggest success stories in the league this season.The team features an attack pretty well rounded, though in all honesty we all know that Kariya and Sullivan are the main focus on that attack. Beyond those two though the Preds do have a balanced attack, starting with Marek Zidlicky and Kimmo Timonen, though neither is considered a Norris trophy candidate, both have a decent amount of points and have a solid +/- rating.

The forwards beyond the top two are also balanced Hartnell, Perreault, Erat and Legwand all seem to show that they are team players and distribute the puck nicely.

in net, the Preds have Montreal discard, Tomas Vokoun, though i say discard as if it’s a bad thing, it was a very nice pick-up by the preds since Vokoun was likely to not get a chance to play between the pipes in Montreal. His record of 10-2-0 and GAA of 2.47 is very remarkable given the fact that scoring has gone up this year.

I think the Preds are a team that is now looking to move up the standings and make a big dent in the playoffs, they should be interesting in the post season.

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  1. captainjoefish says:

    i do think this is the preds year to at least go deep into the playoffs. vokoun is a very underrated goalie and steve sullivan is sometimes forgotten about but is a great speedy forward. this team is a major threat and with many young talent in suter and hamhuis they look like they are true competitors. they have a great veteran in walker and lets not forget about speedy paul kariya who is just dominating.

  2. Neely4Life says:

    This team is NOT a surprise! They had a good series against Detroi tin 04, and made the league take notice. This should hav ebeen expected, and any one that really pays attention to the NHL would know this team has all the pieces to be a solid, solid team in the up coming years, and eventually very soon, make a run for the cup. I just hope they get moved up to Canada for it!

  3. SaltyNougat says:

    What is their attendance like? You’d like to think that the local media and populace are taking notice of their successful little team.

    Also, David Legwand is the poster child for the argument that the 1998 draft was one of the worst ones for forwards in recent history. Guys like Rico Fata, Nik Antropov, Manny Malhotra, Jeff Hereema, Michael Heinrich all went early first round and have been very big disappointments to all the teams that picked them.

  4. Gnashpred says:

    One of the best things for the Preds has been the dismal play of the Titans. The signing of Kariya gave enough of a wow factor to get a higer average attendance than the previous season so far. The upper sections have been generally well populated. The lower bowl sections have large empty gaps that should be corporate sales.

    The Predators problem is not with the individual fans – there are quite a lot of loyal hockey fans in this town. GM brought over a thousand workers down with the Saturn plant and there is a growing (Welcome Nissan) automotive industry here (Hence the “Pred-Wings” and large amounts of Detroit jerseys when the Wings visit.) The problem has been with corporate support. The Titans stole the thunder from the Predators when they moved to Nashville in the iterim between the awarding of the franchise and the start of play. When they opened the Coloseum and made an immediate superbowl run they had all of the media an corporate attention while the Preds were struggling to build a franchise.

    The team leadership has had patience (it is wearng thin with Legwand) in building a quality franchise through careful drafting and trades. They do not generally make the big splash trade like some other expansion teams have of late to try to turn things around. There is a financial conservatism and belief in a system.

    The owner has hired a corporate sales specialist to work on bringing corporate dollars back to the Predators. With the Titans in rebuilding mode there is an increase in Preds interest. The team is experiencing the fruits of their labors. unfortunately the lockout, while a saving grace, has been a negative for the league. OLN is only Broadcasting one Predators game this season. The Comcast webcasts also include only one game. The team needs more national talk – that is going to only come with a deep playoff run – which is very achievable.

  5. PSU_Penguin says:

    Robert Dome, MR. I don’t have to try, himself. Last Heard he was on Calgary’s minor league team, anybody know where he is now?

  6. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i knew they would do this good. heck i picked them to win there division over detroit.

  7. Neely4Life says:

    yup, me too

  8. distance7 says:

    Nashville is solid just about everywhere, and take into consideration they’re playing this well without Scott Walker, and Greg Johnson has missed the last 3 or 4 games. And Markov has had injury problems…and Sullivan has missed a few…that leads us to Mr. Vokoun. Anyone who doubts how awesome he is anymore seriously needs to learn something about hockey, because I’m starting to think he’s the best goalie in the world right now.

    /end bias

    Seriously. Vokoun is top 3, for sure…there is no doubt in my mind anymore.

  9. monley89 says:

    lol its so funny, cuz I remember back in July I was going to write a huge post on how the predators are a team to look out for, lol and look where they are now 🙂

  10. distance7 says:

    The odd part about the Flames/Preds game last night was that the lower bowl was completely full, and the upper had most of the empties. Apparently it was some corporate half price night, I think with Toyota? It was pretty odd to see. Pretty good for me since I enjoy being in the lower bowl more when it’s packed like that.

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