Problems in New York – Is a trade in the works to shake things up?

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  1. razer1818 says:

    To Toronto
    Brad Richards $6,666,667
    Anton Stralman $1,700,000
    Dominic Moore $1,000,000
    Total ………$9,366,667

    To NYR
    Nazem Kadri $2,900,000
    J.M Liles $3,875,000
    Nik Kuleman $2,800,000
    2014 2nd Rd
    Total …….. $9,575,000

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      Man, what is going on with the Rangers? I haven’t watched them yet this year but this is ridiculous. At the WORST they should be a fringe playoff team. They have a solid top 6, good D and the best goalie in the league.

      Is it lack of effort or something? Are the pads affecting Lund that much?

      • I’m not sure I blame hte pads. Most goals are deflections, bad turnovers, cross ice/crease passes, and a couple he should have easily stopped from far out – could have been screened, I suppose.

        The problem is they’re lost in this new system. They changed to man coverage. So, now there’s confusion down low, 2 defensemen behind the net. Just poor coverage all around from the forwards and the D. They had a great game against the Kings and then fell apart. Tonight, they went back to a more simple style that they’re used to. Tonight was pretty much a Torts style ith AV standing on the bench chewing gum. I think Boyle and Pyatt are given too much time on the Ice. However, Richards has been pretty good. Definitely our best player through 6 games.

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