Rangers aim for sniper in free agency

The question in light of Rangers general manager Glen Sather’s declaration yesterday that the Blueshirts intend to be “as aggressive as possible” in the free agent market essentially can be distilled to this:

Do the Blueshirts necessarily believe Devils captain Zach Parise meant what he said on his team’s breakup day — less than 48 hours after losing in the Cup finals to the Kings — when the impending free agent three times renounced interest in crossing the Hudson, once using the words, “No way”?

Stymied thus far in his attempts to acquire the offensive force the Rangers likely need in order to take the next step following their so-near-and-yet-so-far 2011-12, Sather indicated his team would dive into the free agent pool that isn’t all that deep.

“The closer to the top you are, you have to be a little more aggressive if you want to get better,” the GM said. “If you trade, you have to give away assets, but in free agency you’re just giving away money and [taking] the chance the cap might shrink.

“I think we’re going to try to be as aggressive as possible in the free agent market.”

The Blueshirts appear to have approximately $20 million available in summer cap space, some of which would be devoted to re-signing restricted free agent Michael Del Zotto and impending unrestricted free agent goaltender Martin Biron.

Parise is the lone elite forward coming up on unrestricted free agency, and the Devils have vowed to attempt to sign him before the market opens on July 1. The Penguins, who cleared cap space by dealing Jordan Staal and Zbynek Michalek, are expected to make a strong bid, as are the Red Wings, Wild and several other clubs.

Alexander Semin is perhaps the most skilled sniper on the market but it’s difficult to imagine the Rangers engaging in the type of long-term deal the impending Capitals free agent is believed to be seeking.

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  1. blaze says:


    Not the spot for this but I wanted to people to actually see it. We gave up a real beauty in Schenn. Damn. Everyone says oh he was just a 6th D man last season. Ya well that 6th Dman with little ice time lead all NHL defenseman in hits again!!

    Since Schenn came into the league has gone one good year, one bad, one good one bad. I disagree completely he was a bust or his development ruined or whatever. He’s 22 he absolutely would’ve had a great year in TO next season. In Philly he will be loved.

    He didn’t need a fresh start or any of that garbage but like Burke said you gotta give talent to get talent so I’m still cool with it. As for the slow as molasses? Very overblown, slow acceleration sure but his foot speed is pretty good. The majority of his ‘foot speed’ issues came from decision making, which would’ve came sooner if not rotated from right to left side and bounced around partners.

    Check him out in this clip angling off Malkin with ease. That game was when I knew he was a keeper. Pretty sure he did that same hit 3 games in a row, on Malkin, and Dvorak and Smyth maybe? A little foggy on that one.

    Anyways it’s done no more bitching about it I have high hopes for JVR, just hate to see Schenn get shit talked.

    • Gambo says:

      Blaze I’m completely with you man, Schenn was only 22 years old. As a defensive D man he still had like 7 years until he hit his prime.

      It was really sad to see everyone praise him his first year to everyone calling him a bust this year. He is going to be a solid player for the Flyers for many many years and it sucks to see him go. At the same time I think JVR will take this trade as a fresh start and also be very solid for the blue and white.

      And like you said, he isn’t the fastest skater going up the ice, but he was very underrated for his skating ability. Schenn wasn’t a great skater going forwards, but he was a strong backwards skater, which was overlooked because no one ever notices that.

      Again, it’s tough to see him go because I know that he would have been a player the leafs would have leaned hard on during the playoffs down the road.

    • reinjosh says:

      Agreed. People are blowing this off as an easy loss but Schenn was still pretty physical intimidating even in his worst years. I’m not sure he would have ever hit his top end in Toronto, so the move to Philly is probably a good thing for him but it’s going to hurt to lose him. We lost arguably our most physical player.

      I’m sad to see him go but you gotta give to get. JVR has potential in his own right and we have to hope he hits it.

      But I agree, he’s wasn’t just a 6th dman. He’s not getting enough credit. Philly’s going to love him.

    • Schneidfeld says:

      100% agree. No joy in seeing Luke go. Defensemen often take longer to develop than forwards, and I think he’ll end up being a top notch shutdown guy in the future. Such is life as a Leafs fan though, every prospect is hyped to the max early, and then turned on far too soon. I know all the emotions from fans come from passion (and frustration), but it really is hard to listen to at times, and it’s hard to see young guys deemed write offs before they have a chance. At least Burke kept things classy, as Luke deserves, nothing but praise for him as a send off. Can’t keep’em all, and you can’t get assets for free.

  2. blaze says:


    Yep theres Dvorak

    Can’t find Smyth but it was the same 3 games straight.

    • mojo19 says:

      Like I said, Schenn had his moments. He’d have some games where he’d really shine, but then he would just struggle with consistency.

      And again, because he isn’t the strongest skater and because he doesn’t have any kind of slap shot, and no moves with the puck, he will never be more than a #4-5 dman. And he might be a really good one, but ideally you want your top 3 guys to be able to put up some kind of offence. Think

      Schenn could be a 3 the same way Brooks Orpik is a 3, but Pittsburgh is looking to add an offensive dman, didn’t work with Letang and Martin (only 28 pts) as the offensive guys, then Michalek and Orpik who couldn’t put up numbers at all. As much as adding Neal was huge for Pittsburgh they do miss Goligoski and what he brought to the table by joining the rush, skating it out, finding open space, etc.

      • blaze says:

        Oh I agree you’re absolutely right. Still I thought Schenn was the perfect number 4. Figuired him and Gardiner could be a defensive pair for the next decade.

        Oh well need to move forward. Im iffy about how many offesive Dmen we have now though. And assume we land Shultz I know everyone wants to pair him with Gardiner but is what is that pair going to look like defensively? Clearing the crease? How many rookie mistakes? Curious to see how Gardiner responds to his fantastic rookie season.

        • reinjosh says:

          This is my concern too. Offensive dman are great and they are very valuable but you can’t go with Phaneuf and then have all non-physical defenders with the rest of the top 6. We’re going to get steam-rolled like that.

          Schultz would be a sweet add. I’d love to see him and Gardiner paired together. It worked in the NCAA so it could (I stress could) work here but it would be very hard to do so. You don’t need to do much crease clearing when your dominating the other team through simple puck control.

          However having Liles and Gunnarsson and Franson, all non-physical dman as the other 3 guys isn’t going to work (I’m assuming Komisarek is either the 7th man or demoted, since I’ve given up hope he ever returns to his old self).

          Something has to give. I have to think this means a move is in the makings still. There has to be a plan to bring in a physical intimidating dman to play behind Phaneuf. Even if we don’t get Schultz. Especially if we do.

          The way I see it, it’s very unlikely that Franson or Gunnarsson will both be on the team next year. I expect one of them to be moved.

          • Shoelesshobo says:

            I still think something gets worked out bringing in a guy like Clutterbuck to shore up the physical presence. He may not be a big man but he does hit A LOT I could see something working out around Gunnar/Franson for Clutterbuck. Ideally I would love to bring in a guy like Stewart and move out MacA to say SanJose for draft picks but I don’t know if they would bite.

          • nordiques100 says:

            The development of Holzer really changed things, not just the drafting of Reilly and Finn.

            Holzer was a horse with the Marlies, and their tough, stay at home presence. He doesnt put people through the boards, but, he does take the body, will take a hit to make a play and has great size.

            I think with Komisarek too, a very similar player to Schenn, signed for 2 more years, We have someone, albeit older, who is capable of filling in the same role as Schenn and providing the same traits and abilities.

            I think he will be better next season. I think Carlyle as coach will be better for him. I think that is similar to the more defense first coaches he had in Montreal where he was successful.

            barring injury, he should be a regular in the lineup and could easily provide what Schenn was doing the last 2 years.

            I dont think the “lack of” physical presence on D is that prevalent. I think its sufficient. There’s 3 guys right there with these two and Dion.

            I think its up front wehre we need the grit, the muscle the toughness. If we don’t have that, if they arent team tough, its going to make it very difficult irregardless who the leafs have, or don’t have on defence.

            • reinjosh says:

              Good points. I am almost completely writing Komisarek off. Maybe he does come back to form.

              What’s evident is this team needs some muscle and toughness pretty badly. It lost its biggest piece in that with Schenn and since JVR isn’t exactly the most vicious player, we need more on forward just as much as defense.

              • nordiques100 says:

                as an entire team, the leafs need to get harder to play against. its too easy most night.

                Its not just the D though, its the whole team.

                I think if we had more battlers, and bangers we’d spend more time in their zone and best case scenario, less time in ours.

                i think filling those bottom 6 roles with those types, its integral.

                we need to get back to when we were just not pleasant with Gary, Tie, Darcy, Shayne, Yushkie, Elvis Markov, and others.

                • mojo19 says:

                  Those “and others” include Travis Green, Tom Fitzgerald, Bryan Marchment, McCabe, Kris King, McAllister, and of course the late great Wade Belak, among others.

              • Schneidfeld says:

                Komisarek really is a weird one. I’d love to see him prove us all wrong & have a comeback season! Maybe a new coach & linemates will be the kickstart he needs to hit the reset button & get his game back. By all accounts I’ve read, he’s dedicated, competetive, works his ass off in the off season, it seems like a real mystery why he’s fallen from his prior form. One can hope anyways, IF he’s not moved before the season starts.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Didn’t Parise already say he wouldn’t sign with the Rangers? I can’t see him going back on his word…

  4. TimTheBone says:

    I dunno there’s been a lot of talk among leaf fans as if schultz is as good as a done deal… Or at the least Toronto is the top team likely to sign him… Now while its possible indeed, rumors I hear is that he’s unhappy with anahiems management of him and he wants to the “the man” as Johnson is in Columbus…. I’m not so sure Toronto gives him that opportunity with guys like phaneuf, gardiner, gunner, Liles, rielly upcoming, holzer….

    It’s definitely possible he comes to the leafs, but he may even find himself playing for the marlies sometimes with the log jam on the blueline with nhl ready/regulars….

    While the leafs are certainly in the conversation, I do not believe them to be front runners…

    If indeed schultz wants to be “the man” and play on a Canadian team, if those are he biggest motivations, clearly Edmonton becomes the biggest player.

    Ottawa = out , Karlsson, Cowen, Gonchar, Phillips
    Winnipeg = out, Byfuglien, Bogosian, Enstrom, Hainsey, Stuart
    Vancouver = out, Bieksa, Edler, Hamhuis, Ballard, Tanev, Gragnani

    Calgary could be an option with only Bouwmeester, Giordano, Butler, Babchuk…. However I believe unlikely..

    Montreal could definitely upgrade their defense with Schultz and I’m sure Bergevin will throw feelers out to him but I don’t believe he will sign with the habs based on our depth.. Gorges, Subban, Markov, Kaberle, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Ellis…. Too much competition for him have the opportunity he wants…

    Here’s the tricky part.. Toronto is in a similar situation I believe that Montreal is in as far as the negotiations with schultz goes… Toronto has similar if not stronger depth on defense, less unkowns in future contracts than Montreal on the current group… But the inside track for Toronto is schultz’s buddy gardiner… Familiarity is big when deciding a new location for work or anything… Strange situation for Toronto as far as I’m concerned…

    So for me… Most likely destinations for schultz (in Canada)

    1. Edmonton
    2. (Tied) Toronto – Calgary
    3. Montreal

    Only four possibly likely areas for him in Canada…

    Calgary is tied with Toronto based on the depth difference compared to the “in” Burke has with gardiner…

    • reinjosh says:

      Andy Strickland essentially narrowed down the rumoured locations saying he believes that its a three horse race between Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.

      Toronto provides him with his best friend and the GM/Coach that drafted him.
      Vancouver provides him with the closest city to his home town and arguably the best shot at a cup as the team stands now.
      Edmonton provides him with the best option at being the man, and with a potentially dominant offensive team.

      • TimTheBone says:

        Vancouver surprises me a bit but the “close to hometown” thing is always attractive… Also if he wants to play in Canada and win a cup … Vancouver is the closest right now… Calgary to me gives him opportunity he wants but just doesn’t seem likely….

        Like I said I’m sure bergevin will contact schultz and feel it out but i doubt there’s anything there….

        I feel like Edmonton is gonna win the schultx race

        • reinjosh says:

          Oh I would fully expect Bergevin to contact him. It would be stupid not too. Just from what Strickland says, it appears its those three Canadian teams. He could just be speculating or even wrong.

          To be perfectly honest, I think I agree with you. Them or Vancouver. Vancouver could give him a really interesting opportunity. They need a player like him since losing Ehrhoff.

  5. Schneidfeld says:

    Loving that nobody really cares about the original Rangers post lol! Eff the NYR.

    • Eff you! EFF YOU! I came into this thread shocked to see all the comments about the topic title, but it’s not. It’s not. EFF YOU! 🙁

      You guys should take a shot on Pa Parenteau

      • reinjosh says:

        Where does he fit though? With JVR, Lupul and Kessel we have three wingers in the long term top 6. That leaves one wing spot and two center spots.

        Grabo has the one center spot locked up.

        That leaves Kulemin/MacArthur/Kadri/Frattin left to fight for the last top 6 wing spot and Connolly/Bozak/Colborne to fight for the other center spot.

        I jsut don’t see a spot for PA.

        And I do apologize for not posting about the Rangers. I’d be down to talk abotu them though. Just post soemthing on them in a LEafs spot, teach us where to post haha.

        • TimTheBone says:

          Well to me as a habs fan…. The book is still out on Kadri as a top six guy regularly in the nhl… After camp we’ll see how he performs…. Frattin to me isn’t a top six guy…. I find hes the absolute PERFECT third line winger… Lots of energy good skater throws his weight around and can but some pucks away… He’s not going to score 30goals… He’s a great secondary scorer on an energy line with skilled upside… Frattin MacArthur connolly to me right now looks decent… As a third line… Connolly is the guy needed to be moved out somehow

        • Nah, I didn’t really care that the talk was about the Leafs. I just wanted to type Eff a lot.

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think Parise will sign in Minn. they have a few things in their court and laugh all you want Suter may follow. As for the Leafs, LOVË the Rielly pick, I did say that pre draft as well….lol….PA would be ok, no objections and to keep it a NYR thread, Prust is exactly what we need in leafsnation

    • reinjosh says:

      To keep it a Rangers thread but still include teh LEafs right? Haha

      I would love prust. I’ve been a fan since he was a Flame. He is perfect for us.

      • dumbassdoorman says:

        Exactly, lol, and agree with Prust, infectous might be a good way to describe how he plays? Congrats to all the HOF inductees and YES Sundin is deserving

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