Rangers make offer to Shanny

According to Sports Radio 66 WFAN in New York City, the New York Rangers have made an offer to Brendan Shanahan. While listening to the 20-20 updates, Jerry Recco stated that the Rangers are currently waiting to hear a response from Shanahan on whether or not he’ll take their deal.

Terms of the deal were not announced, and the interesting factor here is not only monetary value but also the need the Rangers could possibly fill with this signing. The majority of Ranger fans believe that signing an older player like Brendan Shanahan will limited the development of some of the players that are currently playing in Hartford such as Nigel Dawes(just to name a few).

If the years aren’t too long, and the money is just right, I have no problem seeing Maloney/Sather/Renney making this come to fruition. It is well do*****ented the Rangers had problems scoring after their first line last year, and adding Shanny will bring leadership as well as another goal scoring presence on the 2nd line.