Rangers Small Moves are NOT Enough!

According to TSN.ca/nhl

The Wild sent Pascal Dupuis to the Rangers in exchange for Adam Hall.

Well that’s it the Rangers season is turning around now…..and they should win the cup… yeah that’ll happen now.

The Avery move was good, already going to be a fan favorite as long as stupid penalties don’t happen.

But the Rangers need something to change and Dupuis isn’t it.
Small moves are fine as long as big moves are on the way. Either a fire sale or a big time player (Forsberg <-- spelt correctly) needs to happen. By the deadline we will know where we are as a team, but if this season which could be turned around with one or 2 big moves turns out to be a wash and the Rangers sit in the same spot with the same team and the same amount of points out, then the Rangers need to let 5 or 6 players go with a deal at the deadline. Sather passed on a deal to send Marc Staal to LA for a big package of Conroy, Avory, and Norstom which was a smart move on his part to pass on the deal. So I’m in no way saying a deal like that needed to be made. But something, Samsonov for half price off waivers, anything to show that the Rangers want someone who can play with Shanahan.

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  1. thegoalie1976 says:

    If the Rangers (like the leafs, Avs, and Oilers) don't go on a hot streak RIGHT NOW, they won't make the playoffs. What are the chances that Shannahan would be dealt at the deadline (if they are still 4-8 points out).

    WOW, would he be the best rental player or what??????

    The Rangers could really set up their future with a trade like that.

    This is assuming shannahan is a UFA, I think he is?????

  2. fatsat says:

    At least they are making moves.  Gainey is sleeping and will wait until there is nothing leftt to pick from…

  3. wingerxxx says:

    I'm very happy Sather passed on Samsonov.  I know some Rangers fans wanted Slats to pick him up on waivers…but if you have seen the guy play this year, you'll know why I am a happy Rangers fan, that he is not on the team.

    The problem is, the Rangers aren't sure yet whether they will be buyers or sellers.  I think that they are going to wait til a little closer to the deadline to make their move.  Because at this point, they really have to.  I mean, think about it.  If the Rangers do pick it up and advance on the last playoff spot, then they will be in good position to pull off a big time trade.  If not, it's ok.  Because the Rangers do have a few veterans that could get good packages in return (Shanahan, Nylander). 

    That proposed Staal deal would have been suicidal for the Rangers.  Yes, Conroy would have been nice, but Norstrom is looking like he is slowing down. 

  4. JoeyNYR says:

    Of course Dupuis is not the answer to the Stanley Cup…but don't you get it…like the others have said before me, the Rangers do not know if they are buyers or sellers. If they become sellers, why lose prospects and young potential 1st and 2nd liners on a big name like Forsberg. Why? These little moves are to try to get a few extra goals and in turn a few extra wins, which will make us buyers, which will then require the move that you speak of. Think of it…Ward and Hall were basically useless offensively. Avery looks good, but people think that one good game means he'll be amazing…i hope…if Dupuis can score a few, than maybe that could mean some wins. We shall see….

  5. Sands says:

    i agree about the Staal deal. No way you can deal this guy

  6. Sands says:

    This is from Spectorstraderumors.com

    according to Renaud Lavoie from RDS.ca, GM Jacques Martin would have already made up his mind to trade him since he'll be a UFA next summer.

    Mr.Lavoie also said that the Rangers took the lead this week into the negotiation to aquire Bertuzzi. Detroit would also be interested.


    Now this is something I wanted to hear.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Jesus Sands give it a rest. You are complaining every 4 days about the Rangers inability to pull off a blockbuster. The truth of the matter is no one that has been mentioned – from Forsberg to Nagy will get moved for another two weeks plus because there are not enough desperate teams in the mix. Every seller in the trade deadline is selling from a stregnth. There is little pressure to unload these guys while there is a lot of pressure on the buyers to get that piece of the puzzle. If you get Mr. Forsberg, which he said he wants to go to a contender (Rangers are not right now) you will be overpaying dearly and to a division rival. Smart? Probably not. He seems content on resigning with the Flyers or taking time off after this year.

    No big move will come unless the Rangers part with youth. Most people on the block will be unrestricted free agents, so there is no guarantee. Lets continue with a youth movement, and forget Samsonov. He hasn't been placed on re-entry waivers anyways, and the last thing we need is a puckhog european who is struggling and doesn't elect to shoot as much as he should.

    Dupuis is an excellent player to be on the third line next to Cullen.

    So staying on with this particular rant, the Avery move was questionable. Glad Ward is gone, but Cliche showed promise. Its only a matter of time when Sean will take stupid penalties. Change something is what they have been trying to do. Get rid of players like Ward and Hall were a great start. But a firesale will not happen and unless this big time player isn't as fragile as glass and doesn't cost Sathers unused left testicle(couldnt resist), I'm not for it. This team needs more than just one player.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    May be Brenden wants to stay in NY another year. He signed a one year contract to play in NY, and Slats and he need to talk before thats even considered.

  9. mcpeach2 says:

    I agree.  This is a small move but what did you want the rangers to do? They are not giving up youngsters…and no one wants their veterans as of now.  Im glad they got rid of Hall.  Watched him do nothing all year.  Dupuis is versatile and works hard every shift.  I would like to take Shanny off the PK so he can focus on more on scoring, and this move might make it happen.  I hear they are splitting up the lines and its about time.



    Doesnt say anything about the 4th line but in the future it looks like

    Dupuis-Betts-Prucha (i dont think he's hurt)

    With Hollweg and Orr for toughness when needed.

    I would rather see…..


    Oh well, we'll see what happens, next post we try to fix the defense….then PP….then PK…..then Mess as GM mess.  Good times!

  10. ranger_fan says:

    Anyone know if Weight has another year or not? If he does, I do believe many teams would pass on him because its a hefty contract. But if we could move Kasparitis and or Malik we could possibly take on that contract. I doubt it would cost as much as Carolina paid last season. And assuming Weekes isn't resigned, thats another 1.9 gone from next years total.

  11. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    I dont understand why the author makes it a point to spell Forsberg correctly but then mispells Avery (Avory) later in the article. Moron

  12. NHLman says:

    I like this move since Hall has been pitiful for the Rangers. Hopefully Dupuis can step up and prove his worth.

  13. kamullia says:

    I am convinced that Hall needs a good playmaking center in order for him to be most effective. Hall in a line with Crosby or some good setup up man like Thornton, I am convinced would just explode offensively. But then again, most people would explode offensively with Crosby in a line. Dupuis is an energy plug, but in my opinion too many times he spends all his effort in being an energy guy, instead of concentrating in helping out offensively, hence his inconsistent productivity.

    In the end I do not think that this trade will benefit in any major way either team. I view it as more of a “Let’s exchange these players since they are not being any good to either of us, and let’s see what happens,” and most of those type of trades ever come to fruition. This is why I typically frown when I see a center for a center or the trades for players in the same positions, because it is usually just a last ditch effort looking for a miracle solution. Most effective trades are players exchanged that do not play the same positions.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    They're actually fairly different players.  Dupuis is a full time LW, while Hall is best on RW.  Dupuis isn't as physical as Hall, but he has a little more scoring touch and can kill penalties.  Hall is basically a power forward project.  And he was just out of place on the Rangers.  Wasn't playing at a high level. 

  15. Tuner44 says:

    Samsanov was not half price being on waivers.  He would be half price on re-entry waivers if they actually sent him down which they didn't.

  16. thegoalie1976 says:

    What if Edmonton traded UFA Petr Sykora to NYR for a pick and prospect. He played well there last time, and would give Shanny a talented player for the bad 2nd line.

    Edmonton won't make the playoffs anyway, and this way could get something for him, before they lose him in the summer for nothing.

  17. thegoalie1976 says:

    Even better if he is traded and them comes back (ala Doug Weight)

  18. ranger_fan says:

    He was only effective in the shootout!

  19. kamullia says:

    You are correct and I know the differences between the two. But when I refer to same position in trades, I use it loosely for wingers, without specifying sides. And this trade is a winger for another winger, even if they are of different sizes, abilities, and styles (which I also pointed out). The point is both the Rangers and Wild are just exchanging players who have not been effective this season, in the hopes that they will spark up by a change of team, and 8 times out of 10 they do not work.

    Specifically, I never felt Hall would work with the Rangers without the proper center (an error on Sather’s part), and unless Lemair puts him with a good center, Hall will give the same results in Minnesota. Dupuis might have a better chance with the Rangers to make an impact, but unlike Hall who I believe is very dependent of his linemates, Dupuis has always been somewhat of a life of his own. And unless the coach convinces him of something no other coach has convinced him of yet, Dupuis will be a player with a lot of energy, and yet not very effective as he has always been, although he goes through his 5-game streak every year where he looks wonderful.

  20. nyrhockey094 says:

    Because Forsberg would cost this team any future first or second liners??? Im sure he could have been gotten for Marc Andre Cliche, Matt Cullen and 1st.

  21. nyrhockey094 says:

    I dont know why people think it will take the entire bank acct. to land a Injured Veteran with a huge salary whos not sure of whether he even wants to be traded or not. Ward was a decent player. Cliche maybe showed promise, but Avery will work out better in the long run. Avery now brings a dual element to this team along with Hollweg of the Rangers no longer being run over by ANY team. Colton Orr Sean Avery and Ryan Hollweg on the same team in one game simply destroy the opposition physically, and as we saw tonight maybe on the score sheet with Orrs goal (kidding about the scoring element).

    Heres what I dont get, im hearing from every Ranger fan, continue with a youth movement, but tell me any Foward prospects of the Rangers that have the potential to be first liners? MAYBE Korpikoski at best. Dawes, Callahan, Immonen, all destined to be future second/third liners. The Rangers real strength lies in their defensive prospects. Sauer, Baranka, Sanguenetti, Staal. With Tyutin Pock and Giarardi IMO makes for hands down the best core of youth on defensein the game. However Defense doesnt score goals, offense does. So Maybe it would benefit the Rangers to stop Drafting Over rated goaltenders in Alvaro Montoya and Not stack our defense as high as mount everest and pick up a few offensive prospects in the draft.

  22. nyrhockey094 says:

    Sykora isnt worth a Pick and a Prospect unless you want a 4th round pick along with fore coming bust of a player in Hugh Jessiman. Still, Sykora was great with us however I dont want him back if it means us giving up what little we have.

  23. puckhead94 says:

    To be quite honest, I'm not really on the bandwagon to being Sykora back here. I mean, yeah, he was alright, and I'd make that trade 10 times out of 10 to bring him in last year, but that complete disappearance against New Jersey really sours me on seriously wanting him back in blue.

  24. Visco says:

    Ya they didn't pick up anyone huge or make a big trade.  But to be honest I'm a leafs fan and I would have loved to see Avery on the Leafs.  A lot of fans have some bone to pick with Avery because of his past but this guy draws penalties, plays agressive and can put the puck in the net if given the right ice time and players to play with.  Him and Shanny will click together and Shanny will be a great mentor for him.  I think this move will benefit the Rangers.

  25. trueblue says:

    I think Sather is doing an excellent job right now. He is playing his cards the best way he can right now. He got Avery! The was a big trade believe it or not. The team really was missing an energy player like Essa Tikkanen. Yes he takes a lot of penalties, but he also draws just as many. People hate to play against him. Ward was underproductive this year. After last years performance it really looked like he would blossom and he didn't. Trading prospect Cliche hurt but was necessary to land the young Avery.

    I see the Dupuis deal as conservative. Both Dupuis and Hall are having subpar years, especially Dupuis. Obviously both GM's are hoping the stir will create a resurgence in both players. Fortunately for us Ranger's fans Dupuis has much more upside offensively than Hall.

    I don't see Sather making any more moves till the deadline. Things are starting to come together. Certain players are coming on like Hossa. And he got rid of dead weight in Hall and Ward and added contributors. Daniel Girardi the young defenseman from Hartford looks like a veteran out there.

    Slats has two weeks to see how things go. I don't believe they are going to be sellers folks. Don't expect a major trade for a big name foward either.
    This guy is gonna stick to his guns and not deal away any of the youth expected to lead tomorrow's team.

    I see Slats possibly picking up another d-man on the left side. You might see young Tomas Pock get shipped out with an expendable, like Krog, or better yet maybe Weekes. They need a player like Kasparitus used to be.

    Can't wait to see what happens! Wish the big name they would get was Jovanovski (no trade clause) from Phoenix! Only if they could get him!

    Waht do you think?
    Pock, Rachunek, Immonen, and Jessiman (give up on him) for Jovanovski (who waives his no-trade clause)!

    There's your big trade, but expect something smaller. Maybe Garnett Exelby!

  26. JoeyNYR says:

    First of all, as of last week we weren't sure if he would even play. He has gone several games and played well…but what makes you think Philly would take a 3 milion dollar 3rd line center? There are many teams with eyes on Forsberg who have better chances at the cup than NYR and would be willing to get an edge on the other very competitive teams. Philly is going to try to rape us for Forsberg, and if not, there are plenty of teams who want him like I said, and honestly, is that worth him maybe not resigning? Now if we starting throwing in words like conditional…then it's less of a risk for us. Either way, I don't see Cullen as a player they would want. Although, if we stack them with young picks n prospects, It might make sense to balance out the cap. But the point is…if you were Philly, what would you ask for??? I would ask for Staal, the Rangers are all over him, and as a divisional rival, you want to hit em where it hurts.

    The only other scenario I see is Foppa wanting to come here…but I doubt he'd come here when he can go win a cup with the Ducks, Red Wings, or Predators.

  27. JoeyNYR says:

    They are different, but Hall didn't add all that much on the physical side this season.

  28. JoeyNYR says:

    Hossa is so underrated…I know that when most players play with Jagr they look good, but he as the ability to move and protect the puck along the boards like Jagr does. These two will be a lethal combo. I like the lines being split up, and don't agree with cullen playing wing on the scoring line because he just cannot make a good tape to tape pass.


    I love Ortmeyer on the third line, but I guess Dupuis is a better scorer (not going to look up actual stats now). This depends though, bc Ortie has been great since his return. 

  29. JoeyNYR says:

    Hossa is so underrated…I know that when most players play with Jagr they look good, but he as the ability to move and protect the puck along the boards like Jagr does. These two will be a lethal combo. I like the lines being split up, and don't agree with cullen playing wing on the scoring line because he just cannot make a good tape to tape pass.


    I love Ortmeyer on the third line, but I guess Dupuis is a better scorer (not going to look up actual stats now). This depends though, bc Ortie has been great since his return. 

  30. nyrhockey094 says:

    Philly doesnt have the balls to ask for Staal. How can you think they are going to want to rape us for a Player whos Old, Hurt, High salary, and really un ceartain of his future. Now if he was playing to full capacity, they they would easily want to rape us, they have no bargaining power. Cullen is a second line Centre, not a third liner. Cullen, Jessiman and a 1st is not enough? Jessiman is a decent prospect and a first rounder. If not Cullen, then just do Jessiman and a first. That a first round pick and a good prospect. Thats rape enough for a old hurting player whos got a 5+ mil salary attached with him.

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