Rangers Small Moves are NOT Enough!

According to TSN.ca/nhl

The Wild sent Pascal Dupuis to the Rangers in exchange for Adam Hall.

Well that’s it the Rangers season is turning around now…..and they should win the cup… yeah that’ll happen now.

The Avery move was good, already going to be a fan favorite as long as stupid penalties don’t happen.

But the Rangers need something to change and Dupuis isn’t it.
Small moves are fine as long as big moves are on the way. Either a fire sale or a big time player (Forsberg <-- spelt correctly) needs to happen. By the deadline we will know where we are as a team, but if this season which could be turned around with one or 2 big moves turns out to be a wash and the Rangers sit in the same spot with the same team and the same amount of points out, then the Rangers need to let 5 or 6 players go with a deal at the deadline. Sather passed on a deal to send Marc Staal to LA for a big package of Conroy, Avory, and Norstom which was a smart move on his part to pass on the deal. So I’m in no way saying a deal like that needed to be made. But something, Samsonov for half price off waivers, anything to show that the Rangers want someone who can play with Shanahan.