Should Rangers trade Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi?

The case to trade them

Gritty Callahan and Girardi were both symbolic of Tortorella’s style of play. Girardi seems to be having less impact under coach Alain Vigneault.  Trading captain Callahan further symbolizes the move in another direction under Vigneault.

The Rangers are still in the hunt to finish third in the Metropolitan, but it might be possible for them to stay in that hunt and still trade these guys. With many teams fighting salary cap issues, the Rangers might be able to get a veteran and a prospect and/or draft pick in return for each of those players.  You could trade one for veteran help and the other for draft picks and prospects.

There is a league-wide romance with both of those players because of their intangibles. Both seem to be more valuable in the playoffs. If the Rangers just let it play out, they could leave New York. They would be among the hottest free agents. They would both get big offers.

The Rangers would  have more salary cap room if they leave next summer, but no extra prospect or draft pick. Girardi’s situation under Vigneault might simply be a square peg-round hole situation.

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  1. LN91 says:

    Callahan…No. If he was available, the entire NHL should line-up to get him. He’s Dustin Brown like.

    Girardi, yes. I think they can handle that loss easier. In fact, I think the Leafs should go after him.

    • Trade the entire team. This is a pathetic display of heart/passion.

      I love Callahan, but his playing style is going to massively reduce his career length. His both is too fragile to play the style is plays. He’s got a ton of heart, and might even produce better on a better team, but at this point I wouldn’t be against trading him. He’s just injured too frequent, and I only see it getting worse. With that said, I’d be asking for a huge return, regardless of him being a UFA.

      • By the way, these guys didn’t just play for Torts. Claiming them to be “Symbolic of Tortorella’s style of play.” is flat out wrong. While I agree that Tom Renney was also a Defense first coach, it was not exactly a shot-blocking style that Torts implemented.

        • mapleleafsfan says:

          I agree, Callahan is a beast who any coach would love to have. He’s a pretty talented guy who works the hardest on his team every night. He’s like a skilled Prust in that energy he brings. He is exactly the kind of player I want on the leafs, and the last sort of player you move. Perfect example of a captain who leads by example.

          I’m at a loss for how the Rangers are so bad, but a rebuild wouldn’t take too long IMO. Solid core guys in Stepan, McDonough, Kreider, Callahan and Lund. Plenty of valuable pieces to move for younger players if thats the route they go.

          That said, with how brutal the east is, it’s way too early to determine who makes it. Only a couple of teams are locks so far.

      • LN91 says:

        The entire East is brutal…Not just NYR.

        Montreal is a top-4 talent in the East, yet they like many others get curb-stomped by teams in the West.

        • leafmeister says:

          Seriously. The Leafs have been playing like garbage for a month and a half and they are still in the playoffs.

          The western playoffs are gonna be a dog fight this year. STL is my pick to come out of it.

          • mapleleafsfan says:

            I disagree. They are a damn good team, and will be contenders for years to come, but they aren’t nearly the best IMO. Steen is playing way over his head, and he’s their best forward by a mile so far. When he comes down to earth, their forwards lack game breakers. They have incredible depth, but lack that game changer up front IMO. Their only all-stars are Pietrangelo and Bouwmeester (with his play so far this year). Those two are beasting, but neither are offensive enough to carry a team. They are a similar build to Boston, but don’t have anyone who has an impact like Chara/Lucic/Bergeron and their goalies are average.

            I think the west is Chicagos to lose, and will be for years. Kane is the best forward in the Western conference right now, Toews is the most all rounded center, their defence are great, and Crawford has proven he can get it done.

            If your goalies aren’t stellar, you need forwards who can completely steal games, and I don’t think St Louis has that yet.

            • mojo19 says:

              I wouldn’t say Steen has been the Blues best player “by a mile so far”. He’s been great, don’t get me wrong, but he only has a few more points than Backes (having played 2 more games as well) and then Oshie is only a couple more points back. Both those guys have been right there with Steen. Lots of horses on St.Louis.

              If I had to rank it I would put my picks to come out of the West as:

              1. Chicago
              2. St.Louis
              3. San Jose
              4. Los Angelas

        • mapleleafsfan says:

          The East blows, there’s no arguing it. The only teams that could cut it in the west are Boston, maybe pittsburg and tampa bay. Tampa actually has an impressive Western record. They’ve smoked LA, beat chicago twice, beat winnipeg, beat st louis, smoked anaheim, beat nashville. Their western record is 8-3-2. The rest of the East just gets rocked.

          Man did Winnipeg ever get shafted.

          • reinjosh says:

            The Leafs Western record isn’t actually that bad considering. They’ve played more games against Western teams than any other East team, (Montreal and Florida have 16 to the Leafs 17) and they have a winning record at 9-7-1.

            Tampa is the only team in the East to have a winning record against the Central divison. They ahve the most wins against the division with 5. The next two are Toronto and the Capitals.

            Toronto has actually been surprisingly good against the West compared to the majority of the East.

            • mapleleafsfan says:

              Wow didn’t realize we were doing that well against them. That’s better than our overall record lol. If the leafs could play with some consistency we’d be fine. It’s blowing games to plug teams like buffalo, colombus and florida that’s killing us.

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