Red Wings Scout following HABS road-trip

According to, Detroit Red Wings scout Bob McCammon has been attending and will continue to attend the Montreal Canadiens western road-trip this week.The reason? McCammon and the Wings are scouting out Patrice Brisebois’ performance at the urging of the Red Wing’s Consultant, Scotty Bowman.

So far, McCammon has said that he likes what he sees except the fact that Brisebois is not very physical. He likes Brisebois’ offensive talents, especially on the power-play. (He does possess an accurate and hard shot from the point).

The question is who can the Canadiens get for him if they are interested? Last week it was suggested that Andre Savard is asking for Mathieu Dandenault and to pay for half of Brisebois’ salary for next year.

In my opinion I think the Habs could end up packaging another player like Doug Gilmour along with Brisebois. Gilmour stated last week that this could be his last season. In a way this could have been Gilmour’s way of asking Montreal management to ship him to a contender if their chances keep slipping and maybe he already has.

Having said that, IF Brisebois AND Gilmour were traded to the Wings who can they get for them? Here is my speculated trade should this happen.

To Detroit:

Patrice Brisebois

Doug Gilmour

$2 million for Brisebois’s salary

To Montreal:

Mathieu Dandenault

Maxim Kuznetsov

2nd round pick

Kuznetsov is a hulking mass of humanity. He’s 25, 6’5″ and 235-245 lbs. He’s not gifted offensively but can play a very physical game which is what the Habs are looking for.

If you think this trade is lopsided, you’re wrong, Gilmour for Kuznetsov and a 2nd round pick is a fair deal on it’s own. Gilmour can really turn up the volume in the playoffs and is a proven warrior in that department. Brisebois, with half his salary paid, for Dandenault is also fair straight up.