Reimer should follow Cammalleri’s lead

James Reimer needs a cup of what Mike Cammalleri is drinking.

You can imagine what went through Cammalleri’s mind after the trade deadline. He’s a scorer, he thinks a contender can use him. Goals are hard to get in the playoffs; everyone clamps down.

He doesn’t go anywhere.

You can argue the market was clogged because Matt Moulson and Thomas Vanek stayed put until the last seconds. You can argue Calgary wanted too much. You can argue the player didn’t do enough beforehand.

What you can’t argue is how Cammalleri reacted. He is in full “up yours” mode. One scoreless game since the deadline, nine goals and 15 points overall. It’s not just about the next contract. He wants every GM who gets kayoed from the playoffs because his team can’t score to think, “I could’ve had that guy.”

Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But, if focused properly, it is also one of the Seven Greatest Motivators. Cammalleri is doing it right.

Reimer must follow his lead.

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