Reviewing the Situation || Updated (2/25)

Hello hockey fans. Our time has come! The Trade Deadline is three full days away and what are we exactly looking at now? Have things changed? Find out!What is happening right now? Point your finger at Don Waddell of the Atlanta Thrashers to have pressed the panic button and raised the prices on defensemen. Alexei Zhitnik for solid prospect Braydon Coburn? Are you kidding me? ALEXEI ZHITNIK for a top prospect in the organization? Don Waddell, you flunked flank, so get the flunk out of here.

Sheldon Souray puts GM Bob Gainey in the driver’s sit?

Absolutely not. Yes, the price for defensemen has gone up, but Sheldon Souray will be nothing more than a rental player. Zhitnik is still under contract, so his price is more valuable. So no, Habs fans, you ar enot going to get Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry. You may get Matt Carle for sure, however.

Struggling Rangers; buyers or sellers? I would sell after a ridiculous loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, but there is NOTHING to sell. The Rangers will not sell Martin Straka, Michael Nylander, and-or Jaromir Jagr. Too big of an immediate change, and expect to see an uprise in the City if that happens. Maybe Michael Nylander can be traded, mmmmmmmaaaaaaaybe. Tough to tell. Expect the Rangers to buy since Brendan Shanahan is most likely out for the rest of the season. Ridiculous? Yes, but…it’s the Rangers.

The Carolina Hurricanes will not go after the American power forwards, Bill Guerin and Keith Tkachuk. Anson Carter was it.

The Buffalo Sabres may actually get in between the Georges Laraque to Pittsburgh rumor as they are in need of a fighter, but more than a fighter, they need a hard hitter, who can score, and has playoff experience. After the troubles with the Senators, the Sabres must become Ottawa’s nightmare. What is Ottawa’s nightmare come playoff time? GARY ROBERTS.

What’s going on in gorgeous weather South Florida? The Panthers are just pondering right now, especially when it comes down to Eddie Belfour. He’s been hot, and Alex Auld is also out for the season, most likely, (wow, talk about bad luck in the Luongo trade). So who are the Panthers going to start in goal if Eddie Belfour is traded? Craig Anderson may be given a chance, but quite unlikely. It’s either going to be a three-way deal with the Panthers, Eddie Belfour stays and re-signs, or the Martin Biron rumor may actually happen. Chris Gratton may also be shopped. Teams are looking for size, strength, grit, with some offensive upside; and, as Trademan said, Gratton appears to be a deadliner.

Brian Burke just set himself up for a trade bound to happen within the last three days prior to the deadline. He has acquired a 1st round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning. Most likely this is a trade for either Keith Tkachuk, Bill Guerin, Ryan Smyth (still no contract after a week?), Jason Blake, or todd Bertuzzi. Why Jason Blake if the Isle’s are looking to buy? The Isle’s may want to part ways with a grumpy Jason Blake, therefore possibly acquiring a 1st rounder and trading youth assets of their own for Bill Guerin/Keith Tkachuk. Why Todd Bertuzzi? Maybe Burke wants to keep youth and has added more youth assets for the future to trade one of a bit lesser value for Todd Bertuzzi.

The Maple Leafs may add the muscle up front. They are not wealthy in youth and cannot afford to give up too much away; therefore it’s doubtful that they will outbid other teams. Gary Roberts seems like a good fit, a great fit. Zednik, or maybe Zubrus could be cheaper to get.

The San Jose Sharks look too shaky defensively; absolute buyers some time soon.

The Calgary Flames may be a little nervous with their recent struggles. Another move has been ordered for shipment.

Update: 2/25

The Atlanta Thrashers placed all of their chips in for Keith Tkachuk, so now what? Well, people may look at a Western team to place their chips in for Bill Guerin now, such as the Anaheim Ducks. Will they? I think they will, but it will be an Eastern team to match or outbid the Ducks. The Thrashers just shook the teams still in the race. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, and the New York Islanders will bite. Do not rule out the Pittsburgh Penguins as well.

Still nothing new on the Ryan Smyth contract talks with the Edmonton Oilers. If the Oilers really want this guy back, they should have offered him a contract that would be very close to Smyth’s demand. If Ryan Smyth really wants to stay, he would have accepted an offer. Does GM Kevin Lowe risk of losing Ryan Smyth for nothing? Yes. He may pull the same trick that the St. Louis Blues have pulled. Trade Smyth and give him what he wants on July 1st. Buyers? The Anaheim Ducks, if they lose out on the Guerin sweepstakes. The New York Islanders, if they also lose the Guerin sweepstake. The Toronto Maple Leafs, likewise. The New York Rangers may pull a deal with the Oilers, but highly doubtful that Smyth would not re-sign with the Rangers as they would satisfy his contract demand.

Good call by member Uncleben stating the possibilityof Danius Zubrus to the Rangers as a possibility. Slats may want to go big and get Smyth, or just subtle and get he likes of Zubrus, Richard Zednik, Petr Sykora, Jozef Stumpel, or, as he likes to gamble with players, he’ll go for Todd Bertuzzi if he just wants a wild card shot.

22 Responses to Reviewing the Situation || Updated (2/25)

  1. Damiencore says:

    Good call on the rangers situation, they have too many valuable players on that team to give up…and not many prospects they would want to part with. So they are kind of stuck in a bind.

    I doubt the isles will give up blake…basically to who and for what. Bertuzzi ? No way, Bertuzzi stays in florida gurantee. Belfour I could see going to a playoff bound team, for the experience an such, and his value for some reason I could see being high, especially to a team with youth, Sabres…I could see it for biron, wouldn't be bad for either team at all.

    Sharks do need some D…I agree . Hatcher maybe ? Just throwing that out there, I don't know why any team would want him actually .

    Roberts back to toronto…no, no way, wouldn't make sense…to me at least…hes too old for an already aging team, they can get muscle else where, cheaper and younger too.

    I agree with the hurricanes part..they got their forward and carter was it. Expect a minor deal to happen. They are in a rangers situation. They don't have much to give up or they could give up for anything of value in return .

    Gratton I could see going to toronto though…but its gratton…thats not a big deal.

    Anyway just my thoughts…

  2. TheStryker says:

    If Souray is dealt to the west coast (San Jose/Anaheim) Wilson or Burke will offer him a contract, and since he wants to be on the west coast im sure he will sign, for maybe less than market value since he wants to be close to his daughter. Tkachuk and Guerin would be rentals, if they are worth a 1st pick and a pospect why isin't Souray ???
    All I know is that Gainey has to move both Souray and Rivet cause the Habs desperatly need size. Against the Islanders this weekend their 2nd line consited of Samsonov(5'8") Pleckanec(5'10") Kostisyn(5'11") who the hell on that line goes in the corners ?????

    BOB make a move

  3. Pony says:

    Toronto an aging team? Do you even know their average age?

  4. Komic-J says:

    The Habs need to sell, and keep on building. They have a good core of young players, and a couple more prospects in the juniors. Bob Gainey already told the medias he won't trade any young guys for a rental player…and I really hope he won't. That's right, even Perezhogin !

    Trading Perezhogin would make no sense anyway…he has no value on the market right now, and he's cheap. It's not like he's Samsonov or Kovalev.

    So trade the upcoming UFA's, with the exception of Andrei Markov, and focus on 2008-2009. I don't care if we're not in the playoffs this season…I want a team that will once again be in the Top-3 for a couple of years !

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    While the Maple Leafs may not be THAT deep in prospects, but they do have a solid group, and one thing that's needed: a surplus at a certain position. Past White and Colaiacovo, just about no Leaf defensive prospects will get much of a chance to play in the blue and white, barring injury, so Bell, Harrison, Wozniewsky, and Kronwall could all be traded. We also have a highly rated Swedish defenseman, I forget his name, but there was an article on him in the Leafs section.

    The Maple Leafs won't make any deals till 2:00 on Tuesday when the price has dropped a lot.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thrashers get Tkachuk! lmao!

    Now the Thrashers have Hossa, Tkachuk, Shitnik, wow, can't wait to see them disappear in the playoffs!

  7. Uncleben says:

    I recently heard the Rangers are looking at Dainius Zubrus to help fill up Shanny's roster spot.

    The trade would go like this:

    Dainius Zubrus
    Jason Krog and some draft pick

    In Other news- STL and ATL have agreed on a Tkachuk deal, they are juts waiting to see if Tkachuk wants it and waives his ntc. If he does waive his clause, STL would get alot of picks and one roster player

  8. beckfan05 says:

    If im Sather i'd trade as many as these underahceivers as possible!

    Trade Ward
    Trade Roszival
    Trade Malik
    Trade Kasparitis
    Trade Nylander
    Trade Weeks
    Trade Cullen

    And go back to the original plan…………………….youth.

  9. NHLman says:

    Where did you here the Zubrus rumor? I think Washington wants to resign him.

  10. BieksaForMVP says:

    Bysides maybe Nylander, and Weeks who the hell would want those guys salaries?

  11. BieksaForMVP says:

    If anyone wanted Harrison they would have took him off waivers…

  12. BieksaForMVP says:

    and if they wanted Krog they would have took him off waivers.

  13. Aetherial says:

    Nylander an underachiever?

  14. ranger_fan says:

    I completely disagree with the Rangers. Yes they do have talent.  But they aren't going anywhere! They are not playing with any urgency and the blow of losing Shanahan has taken whatever chance they had down the drain. Have you seen them play? Its a disgrace.

  15. ranger_fan says:

    Do you just look at the stat book? His points are the result of playing between Jags and Straka. He has become a huge liability to this team. Former Leaf Jarkko Immonen could do a better job as a second line center.

  16. ranger_fan says:

    Ward very well may be traded
    Rozival should attrack a mid level pick or prospect
    Malik leaving would be a huge sigh of relief
    Darius isn't going anywhere with that contract
    Nylander should net us a great return
    We[a]kes is hurt and a backup goalie rental at best
    Cullen is a good third line center, and unless teams want to overpay for him – I'd keep him.

    Good list but I would add Blair Betts and Karel Rachunek

  17. beckfan05 says:

    Definitly not Betts. Hes a perfect 4th line center. Even a good 3rd line center if needed too.

    I forgot Rachunek. Get rid of him too. He's a peice of garbage.

  18. DoubleDown says:

    what happens if the thrashers and sens meet in the playoffs? who would fold faster??

  19. nyrhockey094 says:

    Disappear, Stick to your laughs, the Thrashers are going some where. You forgot Kovalchuk, who by the way could dismantle your laughs by himself.

    Hossa, Kovalchuk, Zhitnik, and Tkachuk. They are heading to the playoffs my friends, and they will be a force to be reckoned with. While your leafs fold in the final weeks, and maybe squeek out an 8th round see which will give them a early first round exit.

  20. nyrhockey094 says:

    Rosival? hes what still 27? Why trade him, hes been great for us all season.

    I would trade Nylander, Straka, Malik, Ward, Weekes, and yes, I would trade Jagr for the right price.

  21. beckfan05 says:

    Yeah, real good. He neglects to shoot whenever he gets a chance to pass instead.

  22. Damiencore says:

    Wait a second…why would the canadiens trade souray ????? Isn't he their best defenseman….wouldn't it make sense to resign him and keep him long term ?

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