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As we all still wait for Mats Sundin to make his decision here are some various rumours… reports that Vancouver has many back-up plans should Sundin not sign there. Nylander is one name that has come up (since the Caps already have two centers in Fedorov and Backstrom). Another name that has recently surfaced was Afinogenov (via Buffalo). That being said, Montreal and Washington are also into this. They may have a slight advantage, only because two of Max’s best friends, Ovechkin and Markov play for the Habs and Caps respectivly.

Another player who is waiting for the Mats Domino to fall is Brendan Shanahan. Originally rumoured to most probably re-sign with the Rangers (which will probably happen), The Habs and Canucks are also taking interest. Pretty hard decision for Shanny:

NYC- Exciting team that could make a good run in his final years.

MTL- Team that could also go far that he has considered playing for (remember, 2 years ago, Shanny was minutes away from signing with the Habs before the Rangers scooped him up)

VAN- Him and Linden go way back (Linden is retired though)

The Flyers have gone over the Cap limit of $56.7 mil. To eliminate some money, a rumoured name to be on the move was forward Mike Knuble, the 2OT hero last year vs. the Caps. The only team that seems interested are those new look Blue Jackets. Ironically, they’re run by Knuble’s former coach, Ken Hitch*****.

…And finally, the McCabe “trade or no trade” saga continues with speculation that the Leafs will move him before training camp. Yesw he has a no-trade clause, but Brian may have be forced to waive it. A name like Montreal pops up, but who knows???

Usually the month of August is rather quite ’round the league and teams are starting to get ready for the upcoming season, but I have a feeling that this year’s August will be the most exciting month of the offseason.


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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    McCabe to Montreal? No thanks.  While I'm sure he would put up stupid, all-star numbers on the Habs PP I think he would get eaten alive in Montreal on his first gaffe.  Specially when he then attempts to justify it or play it down to the media.  That might fly in TO, but it will mean the end of McCabe in MTL by the halfway mark of the season.
    All in all I would rather not see him in Montreal.  He's not what the Habs need.

  2. leafy says:

    I don't understand what people mean when they say, McCabe "will be forced" to waive his NTC.

    What does "will be forced" mean?  Will McCabe be made "an offer he can't refuse" like in The Godfather?  Is he going to wake up with a dead horse next to him?

    I don't get that.  Mind you, we're talking about, the "Mad Magazine" of trade rumors.

  3. pezzz says:

    he's not exactly what the Habs need, but MTL still needs a #4 d-man to play with Hamrlik. O'byrne is no option if you wanna make a serious cup contender, neither is Valentenko, Carle or Gorges.

    Pavel Kubina, Kim Johnsson, Brent Seabrook, Kevin Bieksa, Philippe Boucher, Mike Van Ryn, Kyle McLaren and Brian Pothier are good #4 (or even higher). And they would not cost a lot. Ben Maxwell and a 2nd round pick would be enough. With one of these d-men, the Habs would have a monstruous d-corp. Not Detroit's one, but still, the best in the East, and top 5 in the league.

  4. pezzz says:

    McCabe’s not exactly what the Habs need, but MTL still needs a #4 d-man to play with Hamrlik. O’byrne is no option if you wanna make a serious cup contender, neither is Valentenko, Carle or Gorges.

    Pavel Kubina, Kim Johnsson, Brent Seabrook, Kevin Bieksa, Philippe Boucher, Mike Van Ryn, Kyle McLaren and Brian Pothier are good #4 (or even higher for some of them). And they would not cost a lot. Ben Maxwell and a 2nd round pick would be enough. With one of these d-men, the Habs would have a monstruous d-corp. Not Detroit’s one, but still, the best in the East, and top 5 in the league.

  5. leafy says:

    Actually McCabe played very well last year, after he came back from his injury in February.  No bonehead errors.  And pretty good offense with his booming point shot.

    The problem with McCabe is that he's overpaid.  Otherwise, he could help Montreal.  Boy, they could have used McCabe in the playoffs vs Philly.  The Habs power play just couldn't get anything going for whatever reason.

  6. micky says:

    forced:imposed by force; involuntary; produced under strain; not spontaneous. 

    There are several ways the leafs can "force" McCabe to waive his no trade clause, or at the very least, considering other options:
    1) don't play him at all – simply, he is not good enough to play for this team – his pride will get the better of him.
    2) play him a lot – double and triple shiftting will and can result in increased on ice errors through various forms of fatigue, ultimatley resulting in fan dissapproval and player discomfort
    3) send him to the AHL – when he refuses, suspend him

    All 3 options, when executed properly, can be extremely effective….otherwise they should strongly consider calling on Joey "BigLips".

  7. leafy says:

    I dig, but it's not going to enhance Toronto's reputation as a franchise when they treat their long time veterans like garbage.  The last thing you want if you want to re-sign your key players, attract free agents, etc.

    And I disagree that he's not good enough to play for the Leafs. He's simply overpaid.  We're not talking about Andy Wozniewski here.

  8. UsedandAbused says:

    Hatcher will not start the season and will be on IR, which in itself will bring the Flyers below the Cap. I don't think they are going to trade Knuble unless they were to do a blockbuster deal for some defenseman.

  9. prospectiv says:

    Out of the names you mention, Seabrook is the most desirable followed by Boucher and Bieska.  The rest of the bunch have a too big cap impact (Kubina & Johnsson) or are just not worth it (Van Ryn, McLaren, Pothier).

    As playoffs/cup contenders, Chicago, Vancouver and Dallas would not be interested by a prospect + picks package.

  10. pezzz says:

    you're right about Chicago and Dallas not wanting prospects/pick, but I think Vancouver could ship Bieksa for some depth up front. Maxwell is close to be NHL ready and the Canucks don't have much down the center. I think Maxwell could drag some interest from the Nucks.

    I agree that if you wanna add some depth up front, Johnsson and Kubina are too pricey. 4 and 5 millions, that's too much with only 6.5 millions remaining in cap space.

    The guy I think could be a great fit is Mike Van Ryn. Solid top 4 player, great shot from the point, good skater, better than average defensively, he would be great with Hamrlik. He could play on the 1rst wave of PP (great point shot, even better than Streit's) and log up to 20 minutes/game. If he stays healthy, at 2.9 cap hit, he could be a great fit.

    and after that, with 3.5 remaining in cap space, we could shop for a good top 6 sniper, a guy like Mike Knuble would be perfect. gritty, 30 goal scorer, good leader, crushes the net, he would be perfect with Tanguay.

    Ben Maxwell and a 3rd round pick for Van Ryn
    Mathieu Carle and 2nd round pick for Knuble (Philly are looking for a young puck-mover)

    AK – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Tanguay – Koivu – Knuble
    Higgins – Chipchura – SK
    Latendresse – Lapierre – Kostopoulos/Bégin/Laraque

    Markov – Komisarek
    Hamrlik – Van Ryn
    Bouillon – Gorges


    if Price plays up to his potential and if Kovalev has another great season, this team could very well win the East, and compete a little bit against the Wings in the Cup Finals.

  11. habswinthecup-again says:

     Hatcher would have to be placed on LTI which he will not be, and even if he was Philly would still be over the Cap by about a million plus whatever the player that replaces him makes.

  12. habswinthecup-again says:

     "And finally, the McCabe "trade or no trade" saga continues with speculation that the Leafs will move him before training camp. Yesw he has a no-trade clause, but Brian may have be forced to waive it. A name like Montreal pops up, but who knows???"

       I thought all the absolutely retarded posts were done with last week, but this paragraph takes the freakin' cake.

  13. billypilgrim says:

    for Montreal:

    Mats – any day, take all the time you need.

    Shanahan – For reasonable money

    Afinogenov – unnecessary

    McCabe – Funny how everyone is saying he's overpaid, when Souray was offered close to the same money last summer. Great shot, not so great defense. Thank goodness he didn't sign in Montreal. I'd still take Souray over McCabe, no contest.

  14. TimTheBone says:

    You knwo i've had some beefs and arguements with you pretty much everytime i see your posts. But with all the Sundin bullshit and no one really having ANY clue as to what is going thru this guys head (Sundin), I actually agree with what you say here. Although i'm not sold on your your Van Ryn idea. I was never impressed with his play, I find he might be a little inconsistent for what your proposing. The knuble idea i like, he's always been a solid competitor and would be a perfect fit i would think. I'm thinking MAYBE someone worth a look Might be Darryl Sydor. He's a cup winner a great puck mover, has a great shot that would compliment the PP. fairly cheap at 2.5 mil, BUT because he's getting older he may have lost a littler something in his game from say his cup winning season in Dallas. Great leadership though along with his experience would be great for the dressing room. I suggest this because of Pittsburghs abundance of good D-men and being roughly 9K under the cap, they might be looking to move someone and dump some money. Just a thought, not that my thoughts mean much

  15. oilcountry88 says:

    Afinaganov would be GREAT in Dallas with Richards. They would have pretty good chemistry

  16. 29teamsrock says:


    First off, Montreal, SENDS the garbage to the Leaves, not the other way around. (Corson, Kilger, Tucker, Graberosky}
    Second, I would love to see this site's favorite player in a Habs jersey. But that would mean I would have to put up with all those shots of Mccbaby with the cup in a habs jersey.
  17. Bure96 says:

    "Maxwell is close to be NHL ready and the Canucks don't have much down the center."

    Are you kidding me? There loaded at center. They have Henrik Sedin, Pavol Demitra, Kyle Wellwood, Ryan Kesler, and Ryan Johnson. That's without Mats too. 

    Although were quite weak on the wings, so I would definately take a guy like Latendresse. Seriously, if you tell Latendresse is has too much upside for you guys to trade him, or something like that then you'll never get real top 4 defensmen through trade. He's on your guys 4th line, so obviosly he's available.

  18. Bure96 says:

    I don't think trading Bieksa to Montreal would make much sense though for the Canucks. Although they do have lots of depth upfront, I think pretty much on the top 3 lines is has more value then Bieksa, but there's a big drop off when you get to the 4th line.

    To Philadelphia: Kevin Bieksa, Cory Schnieder
    To Vancouver: Scott Hartnell, Joffrey Lupul

    A top prospect, and a future top pairing defensemen for two very solid 50 point players. Every player in the deal has huge upside, and Philly dumps a ton of cash in the trade.

    Then sign a guy like Karel Rachunek to become the #6 defender.

    Sedin – Sedin – Bernier
    Raymond – Demitra – Lupul
    Burrows – Kesler – Hartnell
    Pettinger – Johnson – Pyatt

    extras: Wellwood, Rypien, Krog

    Ohlund – Edler
    Salo – Mitchell
    Krajicek – Rachunek

    extras: Davidson, McIver


    This team would be absolutely loaded up front, and still be 5 million under the cap.

    The Sedins are good for 80 points each, Demitra should have a 60+ point year, and Mason Raymond could get 55 points this year. I think Raymond an awesome player. Such good hands, and is surprising very strong. Bernier could score 25+ goals, while Lupul is probably good for 60 points, and Hartnell will put up 50 points again. Kesler is developing into one of the finest 3rd line players in the game. He's a better 3rd liner then 2nd line player because he is so strong defensively, and can not only shut down top lines, but he can score against them too. Burrows is great too, and had a great year last season. The rest of the guys are all good players who can fill in on the 3rd line.

  19. kaiser76 says:

    The only reason Sundin would not sign in Vancouver would be the travel schedule.  Every one on this site that is from the east has no clue whats going on in the west.  There is more than just just the Leafs, Habs, and everyones favorite punching bag Mccabe. If Sundin goes to Vancouver they will be a serious contender in the West for the Cup.  they have the best goalie in the world, one of the best defensive corps in the league with a lot of depth there as well, and GM Mike Gillis has definately adressed the secondary scoring that plagued them last year. If Sundin signs you can have lineups that might look like this:

    Demitra, Sundin, Bernier
    Sedin, Sedin, Raymond (extremely fast, and produced when playing with twins)
    Burrows, Kesler, Pyatt ( one of the best for shutting down and getting players pissed off: just as Kovylchuk)
    Hordichuk, Wellwood, Pettinger (extemely good 4th line)

    Mitchell, Bieksa
    Ohlund, Salo
    Edler, Krajicek

    you still have Davidson, Baumgartner, and loads of youth in the minors for defense, and you have roll guys at the forward position like Cowan, Johnson, Shannon, Brown, where if you need to make a move with a draft pick, you can get a pretty good player in return. 

    This is one of the most complete line ups in Hockey, and one that should match up with any team.
    Good luck to all the canadian teams(even the leafs…which I now live in Toronto and cant wait till Feb 21st when they visit and I get to wear my Sundin Canuck jersey) It should be a great year for all

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the habs will do 1 of 2 things.

    either sit tight even though they have 6 mil of cap space (smart)

    or spend the 6 mil stupidly. (McCabe, Shanny…)

    Sundin aside, nothing will really make the habs that much better.

  21. canuckstocup says:

    I agree with your comments but regarding the lines, Gillis has already stated on Team 1040 that he got Bernier to play with the Sedins. I can't remember if it was Demitra's agent or Gillis that said Demitra wants to play on a line with a speedy playmaker and and a big forward, which at the time was discussed Raymond and Pyatt so I would think if the Canucks do sign Sundin the lines are:

    Demitra, Sundin, Raymond
    Sedin, Sedin, Bernier
    Burrows, Kesler, Pyatt
    Hordichuk, Wellwood, Pettinger

  22. flyersfan10897 says:

    Actually Rathje is also going to be on LTIR, so that is 7 million, if Hatcher is actually put there.  And the Flyers already have 8 defensemen counting against the cap, so even without those two, there are still six.

  23. pezzz says:

    What I meant is that the Nucks didn't have a lot of center with top 2 or good offensive potential. Henrik and Pavol, yes. although Demitra will probably play on the right wing of the Sedins. Wellwood, if he doesn't learn how to work his ass out, will never be more than a 4th liner. Kesler has offensive potential, but is more a 3rd liner shake-things-up guy. and Ryan Johnson is nothing more than a 3rd liner AT BEST. And chances you see Sundin in a Nucks uniform are equal to the other 6 teams he may sign with. so I will say once more, you depth down the middle is poor for offensive potential, and you could very well use Ben Maxwell. he's a potential top 2 center. I have also to remember you that Sedin and Wellwood are free agents after this season (UFA for Sedin) and that Kesler is after next year (UFA also). so you can very well use young depth down the middle with a guy like Maxwell. so no I'm not kidding you.

  24. UsedandAbused says:

    Well that is funny that you say it isn't going to happen, because according to everything I read and hear in Philly, Hatcher and Rathje will BOTH be put on LTR freeing a good amount of cap space. So again. What makes you so sure that it isn't going to happen? To me it makes much more sense to do that then to trade a 30 goal scorer.

  25. pezzz says:

    I think you're trade is not realistic.

    1rst, you absolutely have to add a draft pick going from the Nucks to the Flyers. maybe a 2nd round pick or even an 1rst round pick.

    Hartnell and Lupul are proven players, with 60 goals and 110 points potential (split in two), top 6 wingers, with grit and good leadership.

    Bieksa had one good season, and it still remains to be seen if he can put up the same numbers again. it's a high probability he will, but it remains to be seen. Schneider is a top goalie prospect, but he's still a project and has no NHL experience. Chances are he will be a strong starter some day, but he may as well be a flop.

    that's why you have to add a high pick, because you want to trade 2 proven players with high scoring potential, for 2 project players who may reveal themselves as one year wonder and prospect flop.

    + it's possible the Flyers trade one of the 2, but never both of them. They just signed Lupul to an extension, so I think they will keep him for at least 3 years. Hartnell might move, but I think the Flyers will also keep him as he had such a strong season ending and great playoffs. they will never trade both because they will be left with almost nothing on the wings. if Lupul and Hartnell leave, Gagné, Knuble, Upshall and Downie will have to fill the top 4 winger spots. and Upshall and Downie are no more than 3rd liners. so the Flyers will have lost a lot of depth up front, and even with a good puck-mover on the blueline, they will not be able to score goals. if you want both Lupul and Hartnell, you will have to send Pyatt or Raymond the other way.

  26. mojo19 says:

    Kilger and Tucker were only garbage on a garbage team. Kilger was wicked with Toronto, so was Darcy for a while.

  27. Bure96 says:

    Really he wouldn't crack our top 6 this year unless he plays wing.

    Our 1st line will be the twins, and Bernier. Then Demitra, and Raymond both are for sure going to be on the 2nd line. Most likely if we don't get Mats we'll trade for another legit top 6 forward. Taylor Pyatt and Kyle Wellwood could both play in the top 6 too. Maxwell could possibly play on the 3rd line, but he's more of offensive guy, Ryan Johnson is going to center the 4th line.

    I'll sure the Canucks would also rather see Michael Grabner, the 14th overall pick the year Maxwell was selected playing in the top 6, instead of Maxwell. Grabner has more upside for sure.

    The trade doesn't make sense for Vancouver though. The team has said they want to win now, so we should just forget the draft picks, unless it's a 1st rounder. Maxwell is pretty good prospect, but the Canucks could easily find another player who's already proven, and actually plays wing to trade Bieksa for. The Canucks are much weaker on the wings then they are at center. Unless the Canucks get an elite center (like Mats Sundin) it would make more sense to play Demitra at center.

  28. Bure96 says:

    The Flyers have to dump salary, and they need to improve there defense and goaltending.

    Schnieder is a project? He could make the Flyers roster this season, and split the games with Biron. He was incredible in the 2nd half of the last season.

    Let's look at it this way. A top prospect for a young winger who played well last year, but only played half of the season, and the year before that got 30 points in a full season. You can't say that wouldn't be a far deal.

    Then there's Bieksa for Hartnell. Hartnell had such great playoffs? He scored 3 goals in 17 games, and got 7 points. He's overpaid. Bieksa isn't proven, but when completely healthy has been very good.

    Maybe you could add Taylor Pyatt to the trade, but I think it's fair anyways.

  29. pezzz says:

    I agree that if the Canucks want to win NOW, the trade doesn't make sense. although, if they're a bit logical, they must know that they won't win now. So they could use Maxwell on the farm team, on the 1rst line of the Moose, to give him some usefull experience and then bring him up when Demitra retires (in 2 years). The Nucks don't have any top 2 centers on the farm team who could play in Vancouver next year if Sedin walks and then when Demitra retires.

  30. pezzz says:

    with Taylor Pyatt I think it's fair. without him, I think not. but you know, it's only my opinion, and it's as good as yours lol.

  31. pezzz says:

    wait, I made a mistake. they have Cody Hodgson and Patrick White down the center whom will probably be ready in 2 years. but if either one flops, or reveals himself as a 3rd liner, then they have no *plan B*. they really need another player on the farm team which can play top 2 center role, and I think Maxwell can be that guy.

  32. beckfan05 says:

    Rumor in NY is that the Rangers don't have anymore room under the cap for Shanahan.

    I still don't understand why they've invested $11,500,000 total per season to Redden and Rozsival for the next 4 seasons.

  33. prospectiv says:

    You forgot the fact that the Flyers have to make room for Giroux and Van Riemsdyk sometime soon.  Carter will also somehow play on the wing to get his fair share of ice time.

    The trade seems fair to me…

  34. Bure96 says:

    Yeah I guess. Besides if Pyatt wasn't dealt the other way then Kyle Wellwood would be sitting in the press box. It's been so long since the Canucks have had players who aren't career minor leaguers in there 4th line.

  35. gohabsgo17 says:

    Listen man, this is just rumors, none are true, none are my opinion.  Honestly, I would hate nothing more then to see McCabe with the Habs.  I am just posting what I hear and read!  Ease up on the criticizim!

    Go Habs Go!!!

  36. beatles24 says:

    About the #4 defenseman…………I'm not agree with you about Josh Gorges who prove that he can be this 4th defenseman, he was great. We're not in trouble with Francis Bouillon as the 5th defense.

    And you need to graduate kids like O'Byrne to make a better team in the years to come in the season. I think if O'byrne have problems, it's never too late to make a transaction in february or before to be a better team for the series.

    And I will sign Patrice Brisebois as a good 7th defenseman for the team in case of injuries and for experience…just look in the series last year and he will not want a lots of money.

  37. Rico420 says:

    This past season was a bad one for almost anyone in a Leafs jersey 3/4 of the people who are calling for his head were people who were rattling him as a true blue Norris Trophy candidate just a few years back.

    He's on the same level as Sheldon Souray – a good Powerplay guy, a guy who will always have an A on his sweater, is arguably the second best d-man in Toronto and unfortunately has every right to say he's staying – and if the Leafs want to tarnish their reputation anymore (if it is at all possible with the whole JFJ saga, Senator Palpatine Fletcher, the whole "wait and see for Brian Burke" approach – the not finding room for Gilmour on the coaching staff, the list goes on and on.

    The point is the Leafs can't "force" anything with Bryan McCabe the only thing they can "force" is for McCabe to find a new team by giving him some money patting him on his head and taking the cap hit until 2020.

    And the question I have is this – Cliff Fletcher is a great hockey mind – does the whole Jeff Finger signing not look like the board is still running the show?

  38. Bure96 says:

    Considering Brain Campbell is 6x the player Wade Redden is, isn't it strange that he will only make 0.6 million more then Redden this year. Brian Campbell finished 4th in Norris trophy voting last year, and hhe hasn't even enter his prime yet! He's no doubt one of the top 5 best defenders in the NHL.

    I love what the Hawks have done this summer, but tell me if you think this sounds a bit too weird. Chicago has TWO goalies that make more then Martin Broduer! And neither of them are even in the top 10 best goalies in the league.

  39. HABSSTAR says:

    I wouldn't mind seeing McLaren in MTL.  I do think one of the younger guys can fill in until the trade deadline though.

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