Rumours from Coast to Coast and Everywhere in Between

Here are some more rumours going around as we near the draft and the free agency season.

In Anaheim, the Ducks are looking to shop the 2nd overall pick and are looking at getting either another first rounder and a player or an established player that will make an impact. i could see them wanting an offensive minded blueliner or could this pick be packaged for Bertuzzi?

In Boston rumour has it that the Bruins are interested in signing John Leclair who was recently bought out by the Philadelphia Flyers. Joining him possibly would be his fellow LOD linemate Eric Lindros. It sounds reasonable that these two good friends would want to play together but would the B’s really be in the running?

In Today’s Toronto Star it was reported that Jason Allison is strongly considering a return home and playing for the Leafs. here is an exerpt from the article:

“To me, it makes a lot of sense,” Allison said. “I grew up here and I’ve been dreaming since I was 2 to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the past I might not have been interested and part of the reason for that is that I kind of like my privacy.”

Cant really argue against this as it did come right from the player’s mouth.

In California, it has been rumoured that all 3 teams there are looking to make a pitch for Paul Kariya. The Sharks seem to be the front runners and it makes sense if Kariya wants to play for a contender. It looks more and more likely that he will be staying out west and not coming east to Philly, Toronto or Montreal as rumoured. Of course the Canucks are another prime candidate.

In St Louis, the Blues have stated they will not buy out any players. This means that certain free agents wont be back due to their high price tag. I am referring to Chris Pronger who will have to be qualified at the maximum in order to return. if that happens the Blues would have 3 players making up more than half of their salary cap room. The Blues will look to get something in return for him and teams like Florida, LA, Ottawa and Philly have the means to make a trade. But it will not come cheap.

In Phoenix, it has been rumoured from Khabibulin, to Modano, to AMonte that any or all these players will come to Arizona. The team has a set roster with 21 guys under contract. Once they sign their restricted guys there wont be much room to work with. playing for Gretzky may intrigue lots of players but they made their changes last summer and are probably going to look first to see if those changes pan out before making some moves.

There have been Mike Modano rumours everywhere. He is linked to Minnesota as that is where his career started, it has been mentioned he would return to Dallas probably if guys like Hatcher and Zubov return as well, it has been said before that Philly is interested as he wants to win, knows what Hitch***** expects and Philly is a legit contender. It also has been mentioned that Ottawa is a destination as him and Spezza would be a top 1-2 punch at centre and could put the Sens over the top. Even after his poor 03-04 season, he is still a top player and in great demand.

And wouldnt this be great for hockey for Mark Messier to finish off his career back home in Edmonton. I hope both parties can make that happen. it would be a nice feel good story for the league.

And finally lets hope for speedy recoveries for both Pat Burns (Cancer) and Patrik Elias (Hep A) who are both suffering from serious illnesses.

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  1. Tweek says:

    I can see Kariya in the sharks uni or a canucks for that matter. I dont see why the B’s would want leclair, but whatever floats there boat.

  2. Timaa says:

    My only comment here, relative to this post, is that I’d do backflips if Pronger goes to the Flyers, and I can’t do backflips, but I’ll learn quick. Of course I would want Niedermayer to come here, as the rumors have stated, but Bobby Clarke has said we already have enough of the offensive minded defensemen, we need some grit on the blueline. Now, I’d love to see Foote in Philly, if we couldn’t get Pronger, but who I would be a bit dissapointed in would be Hatcher. I think the guy was great, but now it looks like he’s skating with a couple pairs of ankle weights on.

    Now, as for a general question/comment, that I’d like some feedback on, and I know this is a long way off, but what happens to trades and the trading deadline under this new financial world. I mean, teams that are near the cap limit can not just trade for whoever they want, unless they match the salaries. You can’t trade a couple of prospects for the rights to a superstar, the money just wouldn’t add up, and you’d be over the limit. I know these next 6 weeks are going to be crazy, with all the player movement, but what happens after that? This is, after all.

  3. theleaflunch says:

    First of all, I can’t believe that someone is going to be paying Neidermeyer upwards of 7.5+mil. It is not going to be Vancouver though, not if they intend of picking up the Naslund/Forsberg duo. Bertuzzi should pack up and go elsewhere, i like Anaheim for him.

    St.Louis has made an interesting choice, keeping TheSchmuck and Weight. Letting Pronger go will not be easy, Chris come to Toronto!

    Dallas should keep Modano obviously, he wants to stay. Zubov and Hatcher should resign too. Lord knows Hatcher is useless anywhere else.

    I want to see Messier back home in Edmonton, I’d actually pay to go see a game.

    Ferguson Jr. has a lot of work to do, dealing with Nolan. He wants rid of that contract and so do I. He needs the space to sign guys like O’neill and Allison.

    Sundin, Belfour will stay. I hope Roberts will be willing to stay for a lot less money, it shouldn’t be about money for him and a lot of teams would pay him big $$. Now all we need is a defenceman…?

    Hasek in Ottawa is a mistake. Hasek should have never come back from his “Retirement”.

    Pittsburgh really has it set though, Crosby Lemieux Kovalev..? Even talk of Recchi coming back. wtf?

    Boston is trying to keep Joe and Gonchar, they should sign Leclair and maybe lose Murray (to Edmonton?)

    Calgary will have things looking good once locking up Iggy and Kipper.

    Although I wish that I could be involved myself. Who knows whats going to take place, everyone is kinda feeling things out, it will go at one step at a time.


  4. TheCoach says:

    Unless Modano takes a hefty paycut, I cannot see him in Ottawa.

    Same thing with Pronger. I’d expect the Blues would ask for something along the lines of a Martin Havlat in a trade, and I can’t see Ottawa doing that. We already have two of the top defensemen in the league with Redden and Chara, and both need to be re-signed at the end of next year. Adding Pronger would not be possible. Especially since its rumored that he wants 7+ million.

    Frankly, don’t expect to see any big money signings in Ottawa. It just won’t happen. Muckler has said that he won’t touch the defense, and that he is looking for gritty 3rd liners. You might get a guy like Roberts or Holik signing here for unde 2 million, but no Pronger, Forsberg, Modano, etc.

    Or…I could be wrong.

  5. Timaa says:

    Wow, you’re really on the ball with things, Recchi signed with the Pens before the lockout, so that first line will look something more like Crosby-Lemieux-Recchi.

  6. Timaa says:

    One more thing to add to the above post. I know the buzz-word name around Philly right now, as far as the draft goes, is Bobby Ryan. So, what do you think the chances are that Clarkie can move us up to that 2nd spot to get him, and do you think it’d be worth it, or should he gamble by trying to get a bit lower pick, say Carolina, or below? Burke is no dummy, so he’ll get a fair deal. What about Patrick Sharp, Randy Jones, and our #20 pick, and possibly another pick and/or player? I’d love for Clarke to get this done, so then we’d have 3 up and coming rookies with all-star/superstar potential. Who would you rather have, Carter, Richards, and Ryan, or Crosby by himself?

  7. theleaflunch says:

    actually kovalev and recchi should be reversed. oops

  8. Timaa says:

    It’s cool man. I’m a Flyers fan, so it was hard to see Recchi go, but with new life in Pittsboyg, with Crosby vs. Carter/Richards, the rivarly of the Flyers and Pens should be fun again. The battle of the East vs. the West, Pennsylvania that is.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    teams like carolina or anaheim will want one of carter/richards/pitkanen if they are going to give up a top 3 draft pick. clarkie would just hang up the phone once those names are mentioned.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    and as a sens fan i dont think you’d cry about getting a couple of big time players. sounds funny but you should hope that you are wrong.

  11. Timaa says:

    Yeah, that’s just not going to happen, I know. That would be like trading a number 2-3 pick, for a number 2-3 pick, it doesn’t make any sense. There’s gotta’ be a way to get up there, and I think Clarkie will find a way.

  12. wayne2 says:

    I have to agree + i believe Modano wants to play

    for an american team.The sens in my mind should

    go for Aucoin and Gelinas after buying out Smolinski and DeVries.

  13. gwalleyn says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Hasek had played any games for judgement to be made on his comback in Ottawa. Why not wait until AFTER the Sens are in 6th in the division at the All-Star break to make your remarks.

  14. ShadysBackRJ says:

    The Leafs should make a pitch with Sundin for Anaheims draft pick, it would be a start to becoming a younger team.

  15. SirKnight says:

    Rookie of the year will be from Pennsylvania, more likely Carter than Sidney though…

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    I read in the Boston Herald that the B’s weren’t sure about LeClair because of his injuries. But it did say Amonte might be of interest.

  17. Bishop7979 says:

    There was an article in todays post gazette here in pittsburgh that had an interview with scott Niedermyers agent saying that Pittsburgh is one of the teams that he would be interested in playing for, given their cap room, the chance to play with mario, and their ability to improve quickly.

  18. Kamakaze says:

    I’m not batting down what you said or read, however, I wonder how a team apparently so strapped for cash that it nearly (or as I recall, did) file for bankruptcy, but now that there is a cap, they some how have magically gained some sort of resources. How does this work? As I recall, they couldn’t spend much more than $20 or so mil., and now that the cap is set somewhere in the $30 mil. range, they have this money to spend?

    I question if they even have the resources to sign Crosby at all… Let alone the $4-7 mil. to sign Niedermayer, and the money needed to keep Ricci(sp?) and the rumor of Kovalev… something doesn’t add up. Am I missing something?

  19. paul_dmc says:

    Sad thing is, Muckler said he wouldn’t buy out anyone…

    There are talks he might let Todd White go though so maybe he’ll consider bringing some UFA to Ottawa to replace him!

    I’d be careful doing that though… I’d consider giving some kid from the farm a chance before signing an aging NHLer.

    btw, is it me or the Sens don’t really have any 2nd center behind Spezza?

  20. grifz77 says:

    The only things I have seen about the Flames in this whirwind of rumors is regarding Niedermeyer (which applies to nearly every team) and Lindros.

    I hope that neither of these rumors are true. Not that Niedermeyer is not a QUALITY D-man but they have more urgent requirements. They are working hard with Leopold who is a great young guy and Lydman is another guy that can move the puck well from back there. Throw in Rhyger, Ference, Warrener and Dion Phaneuf….I’d rather see them sign a quality center to play with Iggy, or even a guy like Murray.

    Lindros? Please. They might as well sign a European. Nothing says “part-timer” like the word Lindros. If you are looking for disappointment, with lindros you will be satisfied. He doesn’t fit the Flames’ system. Not to mention the ego that he brings with him. He just won’t fit in that humble locker room they have at the Dome.

    Anyone hear of anything else for the Flames?

  21. flyersfan10897 says:

    there is no way the Flyers are giving up carter, richards, or pitkanen.

    I’m extremely optimistic the Flyers can work something out with the Ducks or any of the 2-5 teams to get Ryan. I could potentially see them giving up their first rounder, possibly their second as well, and either two prospects, maybe stefan ruzicka and randy jones, or something else.

    The Flyers today have reportedly signed Carter, Richards, Triston Grant, and Alexandre Picard. I’m fairly sure they have not previously signed Ruzicka, but they would be crazy not to, as well as Rejean Beauchemin, a good goalie prospect. Anyone have any news on this?

  22. flyersfan10897 says:

    To be honest, Recchi was my favorite Flyer of all time, but to see him return to Pittsburgh to play with Mario, and now Crosby, is just to exciting to feel bad. I definitely intend on getting tickets to the Flyers fourth game of the season when they host the Pens on October 14th, i just need my supplier to offer.

  23. Weidner says:

    Timaa – As far as the general manager comment / question from what I have read a team can have players on their roster at a point during the season where the listed annual total salary for players would be over the $39 million maximum – the catch is that for the season they can not spend more than that amount.

    For instance say “Team A” has a payroll of $35 million dollars and at the trade deadline they would want to add a player with a $5 million dollar contract. Initial thinking would be “They can’t do that because it would exceed the limit”, However if you prorate the contract for the amount of time that player would be with the team that year they would not be spending the full $5 million and thus would be under the cap limit.

    What will be interesting is what that team would have to do in the off-season in order for them to be under payroll for the next year. Since there isn’t going to be a buyout every year that team would have to know some of it’s contracts would be expiring or that they would be taking players to arbitration to get lower salaries. Sounds risky and comlplicated that way.

    PS – I wouldn’t worry about doing back flips. Count on seeing Desjardins, Johnsson, Pitkanen, Markov, Seidenberg and one addition on defense for the “right price”. I like your idea of Foote. He would be a nice addition. Look for them to try and convince Malakhov to come back for one more run at the cup. He doesn’t want to leave Russia, but the chance for a cup run and a few million dollars may change his mind.

    Clarke is not going to offer anyone the maximum $7.8 million contract. In order to do that a team must be at the maximum of $39 million. (Because no player may make more than 20% of the teams payroll.) So if a team only is spending $35 million the maximum a player could earn on that team would be $7 million, not $7.8 million. Can’t see too many teams offering someone the max.

    To look at it another way the Hurricanes are expected to have a team payroll of $25 million which means that the highest contract on that team would be $5 million.

  24. Maximus says:

    Why wouldn’t anyone want John Leclair. If he is healthy he is a great player and a good leader. He can get 25 to 30 goals cleaning up garbage around the crease and providing the leadership necessary to win.

  25. Maximus says:

    I think you right.

  26. Maximus says:

    Sundin is not going anywhere. I do not think that Anaheim would be able to afford both Sundin and Federov both at 6+ Million. Cannot have two players eating that much cap space

  27. Flyers_01 says:

    They qualified Pronger at 7+ mill which means they have 3 players taking up 20+ mill of the salary cap. Good luck fielding a team. They’d better hope to find a trading partner.

  28. Flyers_01 says:

    But did he say he’d play for league minimum? or is that a Leafs only deal? I’m sure he’s saying the right things about any team that he’s asked about. First team to offer cap max wins. I really hope he doesn’t get the cap max, he’s worth alot but that’s just an ego number for the players to shoot for.

  29. nordiques100 says:

    the flyers do not have their 2nd round pick as that now belongs to the rangers (i think it is still the lindros deal but it could be from the malakhov trade?)

    if carter, richards and pitkanen are not involved in any deal then any deal for a top 3 pick would have to include sharp, umberger, seidenberg and their 20th pick. there is no way the flyers will get away without giving up some of their top youngsters. they would probably take a veteran player in return as well as the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. jones isnt even among their top prospects. we’re talking about brian burke here, you are dealing with a relative hard liner who is not going to give the pick away.

  30. nordiques100 says:

    that will never happen….because there is no all star break this year, due to olympics LOL

    just kidding man, yeah give hasek a chance to reprove himself then slam him if he fails

  31. nordiques100 says:

    that is correct. but if they are keeping smolinski then he is your guy. problem for the sens is they have no guy who can win a faceoff. they will have spezza, smolinski, fisher and vermette up the middle but none are very good faceoff men.

  32. nordiques100 says:

    it was the lindros/leclair rumour to the flames that has been the only thing i heard of. probably looking at building a second line. i think calgary has to get iginla signed first before they can even think about doing anything else

    they are adding an impact player anyway with phaneuf. and langkow isnt too bad of a pickup either.

    one guy who would fit well is jeff friesen. here is a player who has played for sutter before, is from western canada and may be someone that the devils dont qualify. and he is relatively young and would fit into the flames budget, giving them another scoring winger. he could replace a guy like gelinas. that’s just my take

  33. nordiques100 says:

    he will probably get traded. they just didnt want to lose him for nothing.

    maybe anaheim will put together a package including the 2nd overall pick to get prongs. i mean burke was the guy who drafted pronger in the first place.

  34. Bishop7979 says:

    The team filed for bankruptcy years ago, before Mario bought the team. It was a result of the spending habits of the former owner Baldwin. The pens have only really paired down payroll over the last two seasons, they are infact only 3 years removed from a deep run in the playoffs, their 11th playoff appearence in a row.

    As far as everything they have done in the last two years, if you were at all informed, it was in an effort to get to this point, a point where they would be able to rebuild a team with a strong base of youth, something that they havent had in 10 years, and a mix of talented vets. The Pens have never been Ottawa or Buffalo, both of whom have claimed bankruptcy and difficulty paying players much more recently than the pens, and much like Ottawa and Buffalo the team is in the process of being sold to an owner more willing to plug money into the team.

    Its not that they couldnt spend nore than what they did last season, its that Craig Patrick has been saying for two years that the lockout and this type of CBA was coming and has been preparing for it. The team wasnt going to go out and waste money on a patchwork team like the rangers have, instead they played young guys and are ready to take the next step in the rebuilding process.

    Patrick, team pres sawyer and mario himself have all said that they will ice a team with a payroll in the mid 30 range, that they will sign players that will change the face of the team. And given that they only have 7 mil tied to signed players right now they have plenty of cap space to build a team with.

    And as far as crosby goes, have you seen the rookie contract system? the most they can make pre bonus is about 850k and i believe that the bonuses are very hard to atain and will only bump his contract up to the old rookie max of like 1.5 mil. And as far as Recchi, he is signed to a whole (sarcasm) 2.6 mil for the next two years.

    The pens wont have any trouble icing a team this season

  35. Flyers_01 says:

    You’d have to be pretty desperate to trade for him knowing that the blues can’t afford to keep him in the first place. Picks and cap max? I don’t think Pronger is worth it. Once the dust settles on the cap there will be more than one GM who looks like a total moron.

  36. nordiques100 says:

    you know there will be GMs out there that stupid. and you know the blues will ask for maximum value for him. they wont be like the pens when they moved Jagr for 3 suspect prospects. they will want a proven youngster in return for sure.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    new owners are on the way

  38. leafstopgun says:

    Are you on crack trade sundin the best player they have for a draft pick that may not pan out might as well bring jeff resse back to play goal

  39. WLFHCommishJava says:

    i don’t like the new allstar game/olympics format. i rather have the all star game than the olympics, i find the the olympics a waste of time.

  40. Tweek says:

    because he’s slow and in the new nhl I dont too many teams will be looking to add age, the bruins would be a good fit for him but there are not many other teams who would want him

  41. NemiNA says:

    Great Article man! I can’t see Pronger or Kariya in a flyers uniform.

  42. wayne2 says:

    Spezza should be number 2 center behind an good experience centerman for this year but since we

    dont have one thats worthy of the title then i guess

    it will be him for now.Dont get me wrong he is excellent but lets give him one full year to adjust.

    A player that i would like to see in Ottawa is Rob

    Niedermayer.I know the guy doesnt/didnt produce

    much but he is physical and fast,can play center or

    left wing and his decent on defensive skills.

  43. grifz77 says:

    That’s actually a really good point. I used to play against Friesen as a pup…what a skater.

    I would like to see them use Kobasew as bait. He’s too soft for the NHL. He’s getting better but he very soft.

    I like to Commodore trade though…they didn’t need him and they got an early pick.

    Clark is a good ham ‘n egger, so is Donovan. Those guys should stay for their grit and character.

    I hate to turn my back on a guy like Marty Gelinas after the memories he provided us during the Flames’ playoff run. I’ll never forget that game winner against Detroit.

    I think Gratton would be a good fit for Calgary as well.

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